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Struggles of women with their bodies are incessant that diminish their confidence and self-worth. The acceptance and love for their bodies cease to exist when they look at their bodies into the mirror not in the right shape. CURVE IT RIGHT came into existence to bring back the confidence of women by providing the right shapewear for their beautiful bodies. Paschi Sharma is the creator of this great organization; she is the Founder and CEO of the Company.

Living in England she started using shapers at the age of 18 and understood how amazing they were to maintain the body shape. Later after coming to India in 2015, Paschi noticed that there was no brand or company that offered performance shapewear for women in India. Pondering on the subject, she began her research on the same and realized how most countries except India offered the best quality shapers and how we were still new to the concept of shapewear as there was a gap in the market for the same.

So, she decided to manufacture a product that works on Indian bodies. She created a beginner garment for creating awareness of body contouring garments. Going into the depths of Research, the entrepreneur found that there was also no supply of quality garments for post-op in India. This inspired her to manufacture waist trainers that are safe and of premium quality.

As society is getting overly body conscious, they’re here to bring them to the journey of being fit and feeling confident in their bodies. Body contouring requires consistency and discipline to experience real results.

Consciously thinking about the women’s fitness, Paschi states, “We believe in encouraging women to consistently work on taking care of themselves and exercising for a better quality of life. This in-turn inculcates discipline and healthy eating habits along with using our products. We thrive off our client’s experiences and the way our product performs. Customer feedback has helped us serve our customers better and stay updated with their needs and improved our customer after-sale services.”

“We don’t use push strategy at all, we let the customer be at ease when they come to enquire,” says Paschi

By delivering quality services & products that perform their claim, Curve It Right wins the faith of their valuable customers. They are dealing with a body product that is very talked-about but most people yet prefer keeping their transformation journey or progress private. Hence, their customer executives build trust by communicating clearly with the customers about their concerns and recommend the product accordingly. This one -on -one personal touch to the consultation helps in building the unbreakable faith.

Paschi Sharma adds, “We don’t use push strategy at all, we let the customer be at ease when they come to enquire. We just aid them in this journey of having a fit mind-body-soul.”


Market Research is vital to all businesses that are looking to manufacture and establish their brand/product in a niche market. Research helps to reduce risk when making a big investment and creating a new product or offering a new service.

It is important to detox your mind and takes a time-out to relax. Time management and stress management are two important factors that all new entrepreneurs need to consistently learn to balance.

Accepting the highs and lows of the business will help you to be persistent as a person. Meditation and staying fit are quintessential for keeping you mentally and physically fit. Staying patient helps to develop good decision-making skills.

Pre-plan your financial budget in an optimal way to align with your brand vision for the coming three-five-ten years. Always pre-plan an impactful marketing strategy and keep yourself updated to the branding norms and the existing trends.

It is also very important to stay updated with the changing government norms and regulations which will help you stay ahead in your financial planning and budgeting.


Happy and content team members provide amazing results. Thereby, the first priority of the Company is to look after the needs of the workforce. Curve It Right also ensures the positive working environment in the Company. The following are the strides by CURVE IT RIGHT for ensuring the environment in favor of the employees.

  • By having a very transparent working culture
  • Training them to excel in their respective fields.
  • Pushing their potential to make them experience what they’re capable of.
  • By appreciating and rewarding achievements be it small or big.
  • Encouraging them to stay fit physically and mentally.
  • Training them to maintain a good work ethic.
  • Making consistency a core value of their lives.


Most of the website communication is set up with autoresponders that get triggered with actions like subscribe, buy or signups.

Their logistics partner is connected via an api so all customer addresses are auto-updated at the logistics partner.  The api also provides tracking for the package which is sent to the customer on dispatch.

Other social plugins also help display the latest content on the website.

Big Data allows them to tweak their marketing efforts. Through analytics, the entire customer journey is mapped so they know exactly where the customer has landed on their website from and how long it took them to make the sale decision.

They also work with a lot of influencers. Coupon codes are provided to them for discounts to their followers. The data on coupons also allows them to map the performance of the influencer activity. In return helping them to decide what content and discount worked for them.

Adwords also allows the algorithm to evolve and automatically sets the bid price for targeted keywords. This allows for optimized performance of campaigns and does not require constant monitoring by a human.


  • The industry pioneers to bringing premium quality garments that perform.
  • Educating the audience on how quality shapewear performs.
  • Collaborating with some of the most honest and creatively inclined influencers in India.
  • Gaining a loyal customer base with some amazing product reviews.

They envision Curve it Right to be a global leader to bring about change in people’s lives through branding that focuses on encouraging fitness as a way of life and developing accessories to support that lifestyle change.

In the near future, Curve it Right will be established as a brand that’s known for bringing premium body products to India.

Their team is making efforts to make sure that they bring about new and improved product designs in the near future.

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