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KRIAZ Safe Solutions LLP

KRIAZ Safe Solutions LLP


KRIAZ, successful international entrepreneurship, is known for providing quality products and timely delivery of solutions to its clients.

The company works closely with customers to understand their business needs and requirements so that they can provide them with products/ solutions that meet their expectations. Its expanding clientele and incessant project completions are proof of its growing success.


The main focus of KRIAZ is the indigenization of Russian products used in Indian Defense (DRDO, PXE, HAL, and NAVY) and catering to their client’s requirements. This means focusing on designing products as per the existing application, thereby fully understanding the process and its limitations.

The major concern of technology import is of quality and rugged features which are the need for the business. Based on the requirements and problem areas of the customers, they proceed with discussions with the decision-makers and respective stakeholders to commence pilot projects and finally execute the project.

In the initial dashboard phase, they work out the costing and technical integration and feasibility of the project.

One of their biggest strengths is their project portfolio selection and prioritization and their determination to see projects that they have undertaken through to completion. When it comes to a project, be it one of the existing or projects that have been dropped by big renowned industries, they go back to the drawing board and study them and start understanding the bottlenecks and roadblocks, which are associated with it.

Once again they talk to the end-user (customer) and start working on it, with their assurance to support technical assistance and necessary details. The more challenges they encounter in any project, the more determined they are to see it to successful completion.

They are more customer-centric and their focus is mainly on addressing customer needs and development that they are aiming for and seeking from KRIAZ, in achieving their desired goals. They always consider customer and technology to be the driving forces. As they operate in a niche market, they face a thin line of competition in India.  However, having said that, they face competition not only locally from India but also from tough global competitors like Russia, Israel.


Projects cannot be executed single-handedly. They need dedicated teams who can understand a project’s delivery responsibilities, in terms of execution and service delivery. KRIAZ is fortunate to have effective and high performing teams in place. They have clear business structures and processes in place to assist their workforce and aid their understanding of their roles and responsibilities. They always ensure the efforts of the teams are valued and appropriately recognized and rewarded and also that there is healthy competition amongst the teams.

Their most remarkable asset has always been their team and their vision to achieve their goals and complete projects which are very challenging. They allow their team to follow the given practice “Opportunity to Dream and Freedom to Fail”, which gives their colleagues to put their ideas upfront and share with us.

This is followed by a group discussion where they brainstorm and take into account fruitful and feasible ideas that are relevant to their project. They have managers who are Six SigmaBlack Belt certified which helps them cut through to their objectives with minimal noise and fuss.

Research is the backbone of their company: they have engineers who have worked in the top three companies of the world (3M, Honeywell, and British Petroleum) who devote their efforts and time consistently into R&D.


The initial days were pretty tough, as breaking the ice in the industry was not that easy or what they had anticipated. They were the new entrants to the industry and there was hardly any response to their offerings.

They did not allow this temporary setback to deter them but instead, they continued meeting with their prospective clients and strived to understand their problems are as and business needs. Slowly and steadily over time, they were given small projects and they made sure that they lived up to their expectations. Since then they haven’t looked back and have been progressing well, moving from one area of strength to another.

The key learning that they took from their struggling days is that one should not give up hope. They consistently and diligently kept following up with their customers for more than 15 months to get a break as they were very optimistic that they would one day get their much needed and well-deserved opening within the industry.


KRIAZ has been focusing and addressing production issues; upon identifying the key areas, they discuss the same with project managers and based on their review and acceptance they work on pilot projects. They aim to provide outcomes that would improve their business processes and provide efficiency in terms of improved and enhanced production cycles and also offer cost savings benefits and risk minimization.

Some of their clients are:

  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (Sukhoi Engine Division)
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (Helicopter Division)
  • Defense Research & Development Organization (ITR)
  • Proof & Experiment Establishment.
  • UB Group
  • Parle Agro
  • GMR

They work with mostly defense projects, wherein working with such confidential data makes such projects very information-sensitive. They take the utmost care to ensure that they put the right security measures in place and do not divulge or reveal any information about the technology utilized.

Reliability, assurance & timely service to the customers are what make them stand above their peers. They always benchmark their turnaround time & strive to improve.


From day one, since they started their company, they have been focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as AI plays a vital role in their automation process. AI is growing by leaps and bounds and the underlying development in this area is at staggering and phenomenal speeds.

They already can witness the future heading towards AI in recent times and thus they foresee a significant boom in its usage within various industries. They will continue to focus on AI and reap its benefits for the advancement and future growth of their company.


  1. Winner of 2018 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) awards
  2. Leading Emerging Indian Company of the year award 2019
  3. Brand of the year- World Signature Awards 2019
  4. Bhubaneswar Brand of the year Award 2019
  5. International Product & Service Award 2019.

As their platform is based on AI, they anticipate and envision brilliant prospects across all domains.  Given the increasing pace of technological change, they are constantly working to increase their competitive advantage through careful analysis of social, technological and economic trends and aiming to be pioneers of innovation and change.

They are also planning to expand their team and offices next to customer sites to increase their ability to manage and expedite project delivery. They are also planning to diversify their project portfolio by looking into other areas like E-Waste Management.

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