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Tips to Keep Yourself Mentally Fit in this Time of Pandemic

Tips to Keep Yourself Mentally Fit in this Time of Pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak has become a nightmare for everyone, factors like fear and anxiety, a lack of social intersection, and the most important financial issue and economic recession can lead to mental health challenges. There are a lot of news is coming up that people are having mental issue during the pandemic.

As you know that good mental health refers to psychosocial wellbeing, it means creating positivity vibe can give relaxation. Mental fitness is a protection layer that includes factors like emotional safety that helps us to deal with and cope up with several situations and issue.

So, today I am going to share 5 tips which help you to become mentally fit in this pandemic.

Eat healthily

New research indicates that healthier dietary patterns can reduce risk the thing like depression and anxiety. Consuming healthy things on time is one of the best practices to keep not just mentality fit, but also the whole body. In order to make improvement of mental health, we all have to take some specific nutrients and vitamins like Vitamins B, omega 3, iron, Zinc, Magnesium, and prebiotic & probiotic.

When consuming such kind of foods, “essentially many of them become the basis for the brain chemical, the neurotransmitter, serotonin transmitter (one of the main transmitters of the brain)” Dr. Tara Narula discuss to “CBS this morning” “in addition, the fruit and vegetable that you eat can give you antioxidant these kinds these kind anti-inflammatories it could boost your immune system.” The statement shows that replacing unhealthy 4 pm snacks with healthy ones would be a great idea.

Regular workout

I know during the lockdown, it is hard to go to the gym and Join Yoga Class. But there are a lot of workouts you can do with zero equipment or with available stuff at home like moving body, lifting heavy stuff (it available at home), push up, cardio workout, and many others. The exercise you will do at least 30 min. Workout allows your body to use oxygen and also improve blood circulation.

Both of these things have a direct impact on your brain. According to, Workout enhances your brain’s production of endorphins – makes you feel good. A lot of people have noticed that after doing a workout, their mood had improved immediately. In the quarantine period of time, you can do Yoga as well.

Stay away from fake news and get information only reliable sources

A lot of fake new are rambling all over on social media, which can convert your thought into frustration. During this pandemic, it would be better if you limit your exposure to the news and to customize your social media feeds. As you know that our brain is a problem solver, but if your brain is already feeling fearful, it hard to get out of the situation. So Stay away from social media and fake news so that you won’t get panic.

To get the right information, you can use some legitimate and reliable websites like for the latest update of this pandemic, you can choose WHO, and CDC or the country’s health website.

“It is helpful to adopt a more analytical approach as you follow news reports about the coronavirus. You will also want to verify information that you receive from family, friends, or social media,” says the American Psychological Association (APA). Moreover, “consume only what you need to know, what’s most relevant to you and particularly what is happening or anticipated in your own community,” said the National Alliance on mental illness.

Stay connected with your family and friends

Quarantine life can create a lot of negative thoughts when you are doing nothing. In such kind of condition, it would be great if you stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues.

APA (American Psychological Association) states “Maintaining social networks can foster a sense of normality and provide valuable outlets for sharing feelings and relieving stress.” People are being instructed to maintain social distance. It doesn’t mean you cannot cheat over the phone and have fun with video calling.

The more important thing, when you are connecting with your family or friend over the phone, do not too much talk about coronaviruses, it may create negativity not only around you but also them. Also, if you have kids, you should to them, have fun with them. I’m sure you are going to love the time.

Have a Routine

Routine requires for everyone, especially for kids. But When schools are closed and a lot of people are working from home or being instructed to stay at home, it feels like all bets are off. However, it would be much better for every individual’s mental health to try to keep going with routing, as much as possible.

Deborah Serani (professor of psychology at Adelphi University) said “Studies in resiliency during traumatic events encourage keeping a routine to your day. This means eating meals at regular times, sleeping, waking, and excessing at set times, and maintain social contact. Unstructured time can create boredom, spikes in anxiety, or depression, which can lead to unhealthy patterns of coping.”

Another reason to keep going with routine, Actually, it will cut “decision fatigue,” the overwhelm and exhaustion that can come from a lot of options. So, when you wake up in the morning, it is better to make schedules which can clarify How many tasks do you have to do today. try to stick with schedule (if it doesn’t work out—don’t beat yourself up. Take a break from work for a day). By doing this, it can free up some mental bandwidth during this pandemic.

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