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Top 10 Most Common Health Issues You Should Know About

Top 10 most common health issues

With the ever-increasing Population and pollution in the country, India has yet to overcome the issues of malnutrition and communicable diseases. Due to changing lifestyles and environment factors, non-communicable diseases that are not caused by any infection are rising and creating a burden in the country.

Recently NCDs have contributed to the health laws not only in India but also globally increased. In India, the health concerns and compasses a broad spectrum of issues which reflects the countries diverse population, socioeconomic disparities and complex healthcare landscape.

Factors affecting the Health issues

India being the densely populated country in the world has maximum number of patients suffering from chronic health issues. The various factors such as lifestyle diseases pathogens or pollutions are affecting our metabolism that is causing these medical issues. The few factors which are contributing to these health issues are:

Consumption of processed food, excessive use of tobacco and alcohol , sedentary lifestyle, stress, population , pollution, expensive medical healthcare and lack of facilities.

In this article, we will deal with the top 10 medical issues which country is facing today.

01. Obesity

Obesity is the excessive fat in the human body. Visceral obesity is considered to be the serious health threat. In India, today young kids as well as adults is equally suffering with physical health issues like high BMI ,body fat etc. With the lack of physical activity, lack of outdoor games and more interest towards the junk foods and its consumption and sitting all day in the comfort of highly facilitated Rooms made the people more obese.

02. Cardiovascular disease

The cardiovascular diseases are mostly common health problems and the top factor responsible for increasing the mortality rate in India. Eat includes the disease of the condition which affects our heart and resulting to attacks or blockage in blood vessels.

Most common health issue causing cardiovascular disease among the population is block is in arteries. Except the genetic heart disorders mostly situations related to heart diseases can be cured with a healthy lifestyle and change in the diet.

03. Cancer

India’s most common disease which accounts for enhanced mortality rates within the age groups of 30 to 69 years. The most common form of cancer in India is basically oral, breast, lung ,stomach and cervical that can be treated if early diagnosed and it can also be prevented by maintaining our healthy lifestyle. However the late diagnosis results to the severe treatment which is the major cause for the cancer deaths.

04. Chronic Respiratory Diseases

In this highly populated era, where use of biomass fuel as well as smoking and poor lively conditions are responsible for enhancement of respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that is (C O P D), pneumonia, and bronchitis. It is causing the death among children as well as elders living in such polluted air, drinking polluted water and inadequate sanitation.

 05. Diabetes

India is now becoming the highest cases of diabetes in the world. It is identified by high blood sugar levels. In India Today the biggest health rate which leads to many other medical problems like heart disease ,chronic kidney disease, vision problem etc. are just because of increase sugar levels in the blood.

This acts as a silent lealer due to lack of symptoms at the earliest stages is now resulting to a great health conference among young children’s as well as the adults due to poor life style and unhealthy eating habits.

06. Hypertension

In India the most common health issues are hypertension and high blood pressure. This hypertension leads to heart attack and brain stroke. The physical in activity and unhealthy lifestyle leads to the  hypertension and the brain stroke which can affect the brain function and leads to disability.

07. Chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is a slow process of a kidney failure over time. It is caused by so many diseases such as hypertension obesity diabetes etc .which leads to the kidney failure. These symptoms include swelling in ankles , fatigue loss of appetite and skin issues which not occurs in early stages.

08. Reproductive health issues

Reproductive health issues are arising in women day by day. Everyone in a 5 women is now facing the reproductive health issues in India. With this ever changing lifestyle and pressure to maintain the work life balance as well as the walk life pressure and the household activities managed by the women leads to the rise in the cases of reproductive health issues, hormonal imbalance ,infertility, malnutrition, PCOD, PCOS and menstrual issues.

09. Mental health issues.

Due to the social cultural environment and lack of factors related to the mental healthcare leads to the mental health issues. The various mental health issues that has been significantly noticed among the people are the schizophrenia ,OCD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and substance abuse have increased.

By not receiving the health care issues among the community, it is a need to enhance the community participation creating awareness among the people and integrating with primary healthcare facilities which can reduce the stigma and bridge gap in the accessibility.

10. Community health problems

Inspite of the non communicable diseases there are still so many health care issues that the community is facing nowadays. Neonatal disorders malnutrition infectious diseases like diarrhoea tuberculosis measles etc. and poor infrastructure are common community health issues that are still prevalent in the rural areas in India and also in financially weaker sections of the society.

To address this common community health issues the government has implemented so many health care programs to overcome the situations but still they are the long way to go.

Thus identifying the major public health care issues challenges is critical for effective and sustainable health delivery. We are living in this over populated, over polluted area and lack of awareness among the people. For achieving the greater or universal health care targets we must have to prioritizing much more and funding collaborations and cooperation will enhance healthcare.

We have to embrace the global efforts to overcome the challenge of public health emergency. As we all know that the health issues will very with the enrichment of education geography and income. We also have to enhance with the advancement of technology our health care facilities as well as much more awareness among the people related to the common healthcare issues.

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