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Exploring Rail Giants: Top 10 Railway Networks

By: Geetanjali

Exploring Rail Giants: Top 10 Railway Networks

Railways are considered the backbone of an economy, from cargo  to passenger trains. It would be impossible for an economy to sustain even a single day without a well connected rail network. Railways are an efficient, environment friendly (compared to other mode of transportation), cost effective and safe mode of transportation.

Railways stands at number one position as the most desired mode of transportation because it is reliable, reduces time of journey due to short routes and no traffic like it is on roads and highways,modernised safety features for both passengers and cargo.

Furthermore, railways are a popular choice due to its cost effectiveness (one can travel long distances in less time by spending less money as compared to airways) among people, especially among poor and middle class people who comprise 80% of the world’s population. Railways promote trade and economic development by facilitating trade between regions and nations.

India has the largest railway network in the world after Russia, China, and the U.S.A.. India stands on fourth number with a total of approximately 68,426Km as of 2023, it includes both electrified and non-electrified railway tracks. Let’s take a look at the 10 largest railway networks in the World.

Top 10 Largest Railway Networks in The World copy (1)
Top 10 Railway Networks in the World
S.No  Country Total Length of Railway Line % of Railway line electrified  Total Number of stations
1. U.S.A 260,000 Km 0.84% 1884
2. China 159,000 Km 66.67% 5,500
3. Russia 105,000 Km 51.48% 353
4. India 68,426 Km 93.83% 7349
5. Canada 49,422 Km 0.20% 410
6. Germany 40,625 Km 55.38% 5,400
7. Argentina 36,966 Km 0.51% ——
8. Australia 33,168 Km 10.23% 639
9. Brazil 29,817 Km 30.27% 629
10. France 29,273 Km 53.59% 3054 ( as of 2009)


01. Which country has the largest railway network in the world 2024?

Ans: The United States of America (U.S.A) has the largest rail network of approximately 260,000 Km.

02. Which country has the highest density of railway network in the world?

Ans: As per the recent data, Czech Republic has the highest density of railway network.

03. Which are the three largest railway systems in the world?

Ans: The U.S has the largest railway system followed by China, Russia and India.

04. Which is the highest railway station in the world?

Ans: Tanggula railway station located at the height of 5,068 Km above sea level in the Qingzang railways of China.

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