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World of online banking

Explore The World of online banking

As we have already entered into the digital world, it is the best time transform all our financial access to online banking. Online banking became very popular over the few years because of its convenience to use and easy access. In this article we will discuss about the online banking its advantages and disadvantages how it works and so many important things related to it.

Online Banking

Online banking also known as Internet banking E-Banking or net banking is a facility that is provided by banks and financial institutions which allows their customer to use their banking services over the internet. To get each and every small services now customers are not needed to go to your banks branch office.

If you like to use the internet banking services you must have registered customer ID and password to login to your internet banking account. With the evolution of advancement in technology, the online banking as also some aspects given below.


With the advancement in technology, now a days online banking can be easily accessible through a smartphone, tablets, it is available on wide range of devices, as earlier it was only done through desktop or computers.

User-friendly interface

Online banking interface platform has now provided for the users of all technical levels can easily manage their accounts with navigation and intuitive menus, made it much more user friendly.

Enhance security

Now after opening of your band account the bank provides you the various ways to protect your account while online transactions. First the bank security system provides you to create a strong password, activate to method authentication for multi factor authentication, encryption and fraud detection systems for their customers and also and your customers, not to use the public Wi-Fi facilities to avoid from online frauds.

Mobile apps

For checking your account balance, pay bills, transfer money it is much more convenient from the smartphones as most of the banks are offering mobile apps for the easy access of banking services.

 Additional features

Online banking includes features such as investment management, account customization, real time alert, loan applications, providing detailed financial management, experience to their customers loan applications, providing detailed financial management experience to their customers.

In spite of all these the online banking and shares you to check account statement online, online open a fixed deposit account, utility bill such as water, electricity bill etc, make merchant payments, transfer funds, order for a cheque book, by general insurance and recharge prepaid mobile.

Benefits of internet banking or online banking


Online banking made the transaction process much easier from anywhere in the world with proper internet connection. Or every individual weather it will get travelers for the business person from anywhere you can easily access your financial management through e banking without visiting bank.


We can easily complete our transactions wherever we are either it would be pay utility bills, recurring deposit account installment and other online banking. Online banking has provided their customers 24/7 access to their accounts without physically visiting to the bank.

Cost saving

Many banks offer their customers the lower fees and higher interest rates. Online banking has now reduced the use of papers, checks and postings that leads to savings money.

Real time transaction

At just one click we can make our investments, pay bills and transfer money easily. Online banking has provided the real time balance checking and immediate transaction process.


Online banking to protect customers data and transaction used various features like to way authentication method, biometric verification which reduces the chance of online fraud.


Online banking has provided there users to customize their accounts, receives personalized alerts, do automatic payments, and enhance financial management.

Environmental impact

Besides of all these benefits, a great impact of online banking helps in environment ecosystem. While choosing and online bank and opting for these electronic statements we are helping the environment to save paper and reduce our carbon footprint. The online banking moreover has significantly reduced the need for Bank branches this also results in reducing the costs and utilization of resources.

So, in spite of all this benefits there are few disadvantages of internet banking also as its essential need is the requirement of internet, in spite of transaction security network the transactions are susceptible to the hackers, also it is quite difficult for the beginners to access the internet banking, also your chosen password compiled with the rules of the stated banks to avoid password theft.

So lastly, the world of online banking is very fast and, in this today’s, digital Era, it is very fundamental for economical growth as it enhances the rate of employment, also the interest rates, international trade balance and inflation rate.

Online banking has played very vital role in the encouragement and enhancement of economic activity. With the advancement in technology nowadays, it is very essential for more innovations in the world of online banking for the convenience of the customers. With the easy access through internet of our financial management and the transactions facilities anytime with enhance security system online banking is future of the digital age.

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