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ZIM Laboratories Limited

ZIM Laboratories Limited: Redefining Pharmaceutical Innovation while focusing on patient continence and treatment adherence.

The Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Company-2024

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, quality, and innovation in medicine, ZIM Laboratories Limited (ZIM or The Company) has emerged as one of the upcoming therapy-agnostic pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Established in 1989, the company is evolving into an innovative pharmaceutical conglomerate, specializing in providing both Finished and Pre-Finished Formulations, accompanied by proprietary manufacturing processes that ensure non-infringing production, supply, and manufacturing of innovative generic Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products in oral solid dosage form.

Headquartered in Nagpur, Maharashtra, the firm is co-promoted by Dr. Anwar S. Daud, Chairman, and Managing Director along with CA Zulfiquar Kamal, Director of Finance. Under their combined expertise and leadership, ZIM continues to redefine the pharmaceutical landscape, driving positive change and strive to improve patient outcomes worldwide.

ZIM is driven by a vision to enhance accessibility to quality healthcare through drug delivery solutions that prioritize patient convenience and treatment adherence. Leveraging innovative drug delivery technologies and proprietary manufacturing processes, ZIM aims to make a meaningful impact in the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries. This strategic emphasis on innovation enables ZIM to address evolving healthcare needs effectively while ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficacy in its products.


ZIM is dedicated to ensuring universal access to high-quality healthcare while fulfilling its obligations to shareholders, investors, and employees. Its product portfolio encompasses:

  • Pellets with different release patterns:

Multi-particulates offer better control over the release profiles of drug molecules and are therefore preferred for the design of modified release dosage forms, which include Extended Release (ER), Immediate Release (IR), Sustained Release (SR), Prolonged Release (PR), Controlled Release (CR), Target Release (TR), and Delayed Release (DR).

  • DC (Directly Compressible) Granules:

These are just one step away from getting converted into end products (tablets) and can be directly compressed into tablets with minimal challenges at any manufacturing facility.

  • Taste Masking:

We have mastered the art of masking the taste of bitter molecules without affecting their dissolution profile or bioavailability while maintaining adequate shelf life.

  • Oral Thin Films (OTF):

Oral Thin Films are dissolvable strips with drugs that quickly dissolve or adhere in the mouth, facilitating rapid absorption into the system. They can be placed on the tongue or inside the mouth without the need for water. It is one of the few companies globally with in-house technology for the manufacturing of Oral Thin Films

Oral Thin Film Technologies:

01. Thinoral® Technology:

  • Drug Loading Capacity: up to 50-60 mg of the active drug
  • Uniform Thinness for Efficient Dissolution
  • Addressing Solubility Challenges
  • Suitable for Thermolabile Drugs

02. MucoStrip® Technology:

  • Convenient for non-cooperative patients, providing hassle-free administration anytime, anywhere
  • Improved Compliance for Geriatric Patients
  • Enhanced Patient Experience

03. Bilayer Oral Thin Film Technology:

  • Reduced Pill Burden
  • Targeted Drug release through the buccal mucosa, preventing drug release in the oral cavity
  • Single FDC (Fixed Dose Combination) dosage form.

04. Sublingual Technology:

  • Sublingual Drug Administration
  • Rapid Absorption into Systemic Circulation

05. ZIM’s Upcoming OTF Technologies:

  • Spinoral, Printoral, and Non – Invasive Sublingual Spray
  • New Innovative Products (NIP)

ZIM has developed an exclusive pipeline of 10 New Innovative Products (NIP), which are complex generic products using non-infringing development and differentiated drug delivery platforms. Out of the 10, ZIM has already 5 submitted in the EU. The Company is working on more 6 – 8 products.

The Company has developed four distinct, non-infringing NIP technological platforms:

Micro-Emulsion Coating Technology (MECT), Pellet Cold Forming Technology (PCFT), Rapid Gelation Drug Release Technology (RGDRT), and Matrix Pore Forming Tablet Technology (MAPOTAB).

Conquering the Obstacles along the Way

As the Finance Director, Mr. Zulfiquar Kamal faces the formidable challenge of establishing a robust financial framework for ZIM Laboratories Limited (ZIM), all while delicately balancing various business priorities. His role entails meticulous adherence to financial regulations while navigating the intricate timelines essential for conducting business operations seamlessly. Given ZIM’s extensive export network spanning over 50 nations, Mr. Kamal spearheads the continuous effort to remain abreast of evolving international banking legislation, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency across borders.

Emerging as a Differentiator

ZIM Laboratories, an innovative pharmaceutical company in India, distinguishes itself with a diverse service range, a focus on quality care, innovation, and a dedicated team. Notably, ZIM places a premium on transparent financial reporting and commits significant resources to Research and Development. This investment is directed towards enhancing its technological platforms to create high-quality and innovative products, with a focus on patient convenience and treatment adherence. ZIM’s steady growth comes from skilled financial analysis and careful planning, which sets standards for transparency and excellence in the industry.

The Latest Tech Evolutions

Every business vertical is transforming because of technological advances, and the pharmaceutical sector is no different. Artificial intelligence has been a crucial new aspect introduced in the industry, through which companies can make new discoveries and repurpose existing drugs for better therapies. 

Nurturinsophog an Ideal Work Atmosphere

ZIM’s culture is driven by collaboration, respect, and camaraderie among team members. The leadership team prioritizes open communication and transparency, encouraging employees to contribute ideas and provide feedback. Their approach revolves around teamwork, and they believe in celebrating collective achievements. Furthermore, work-life balance and employee well-being are at the core of the company.

The Milestones and Recognitions

ZIM has successfully achieved a prestigious position in the industry as one of the few companies in the world to develop in-house manufacturing of Oral Thin Films (OTF). Other remarkable achievements include accreditation from Europe for their plant, hitting the $400 million revenue milestone in FY23, being listed on the nation’s two main exchanges (NSE and BSE), and being one of the few companies globally to develop the New Innovative Products for the Regulated and Pharmerging Countries, especially the EU. Of the 10 NIPs, ZIM has already submitted 5 to the EU, with an additional 6 currently in development.

Words of Wisdom

Sharing a word of advice to young entrepreneurs, Zulfiquar Kamal apprised, “Prioritize building a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise in your particular field. Stay updated with the latest trends and regulations in the industry to make informed decisions for your business. Additionally, focus on cultivating strong relationships with clients and stakeholders based on trust, integrity, and transparency. These relationships will be crucial for the success and growth of your business in the long run.

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