Top 10 Schools in India 2024

Top 10 Schools in India

Top 10 Schools in India 2024

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions that parents make for their children. With the ever-growing competition, it can be quite daunting to choose the right educational institution. To help narrow down your search, here we provide an overview of the top 10 schools in India based on various criteria such as infrastructure, teaching methods and qualifications.

These schools have been carefully selected by experts and are widely recognized as providing excellent quality education. We are providing some key information about these institutions so that you can decide which one is best suited for your child’s needs.

  1. The Asian School, Dehradun

    The Asian School, Dehradun - EducationWorld
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The Asian School, Dehradun was established in 1998 with a vision to develop young minds through holistic education. The school is situated in the heart of the city and offers a unique and enriching education that focuses on developing creative, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

The school has a strong emphasis on Asian culture and values which are blended with modern learning methods. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students from pre-school level through to grade 12.

The Asian School provides an excellent educational foundation for students who wish to pursue higher education in India or abroad. It also offers options for vocational training, including courses in business, accounting, law, nursing and hairdressing.

The Asian School is fully accredited by the Central Board of secondary education (CBSE), making it one of the most respected schools in India.

  1. St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata

St. Xavier's Collegiate School Park Street Area, Kolkata: Fee Structure, Admission Form 2023-2024
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Some of the inexpensive schools in India have made it very popular for people to send their children to these schools. Even though they may not be the best schools in the country, they are reasonably priced, and many families feel that they are getting a good education for their children. One such school is St. Xavier’s Collegiate School in Kolkata.

The school was founded in 1862 by Jesuits, and it originally only served boys. In 1881, the school began admitting girls, and it has since been a co-educational institution. Today, St. Xavier’s Collegiate School has a total enrollment of 1,260 students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12th. The school offers a wide range of courses including arts, humanities, sciences, business administration, and law. It also offers a range of extracurricular activities such as sports and music programs.

According to the latest government rankings released in 2017, St. Xavier’s Collegiate School is ranked #25 out of all the secondary schools in India. This is based on factors such as student performance in examinations and teacher evaluations.

St Xavier’s Collegiate School is one of the better value schools you can find in India – with top results!

  1. Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

    Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj | Delhi
    Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj | Delhi Credit Image: Facebook

Delhi Public School (DPS), Vasant Kunj is among the great schools in Delhi. It is a co-educational boarding and day school located in the heart of New Delhi. The school offers an international curriculum from nursery to high school with a focus on creativity, innovation, and social responsibility.

The DPS campus has over 30 acres of lush green grounds that include an extensive library, science and technology laboratories, sports facilities, music rooms, art studios, and a canteen. Students have access to cutting-edge facilities such as a robotics lab and an observatory.

The faculty at DPS are highly qualified with decades of experience in their field. They offer unique programs that help students develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. The students also have plenty of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities such as debating, music recording sessions, film festivals, and robotics competitions.

Since its establishment in 1926, DPS has been dedicated to providing top-notch education for the children of Delhi. With a rich history and tradition behind it, DPS is definitely one of the best schools in India as well as top 10 schools in Delhi!

  1. Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School, Hyderabad

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School: Admission 2023-24, Address, Phone Number
Credit Image: Edudwar

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School, Hyderabad was founded in 2000 with the mission of providing a quality education to children from all faiths. The school offers both primary and secondary levels of education.

The school’s curriculum is based on the traditional values of Hinduism and the teachings of Shree Swaminarayan. The school provides a rich environment for students to develop their spiritual roots while preparing them for future academic pursuits.

The school has a well-equipped library that houses books on Hindu mythology, religion, and culture as well as current international literature. The school also offers supplementary classes in languages such as Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School is committed to providing a positive educational experience for all the students. The school facilities are modern and spacious, and the staff is experienced and qualified to provide a top-quality education.

  1. Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

    8. Bombay Scottish School, Mahim | Mumbai news - Hindustan Times
    Credit image: Hindustan Times

If you are looking for top 10 schools of India, Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai is one of them. Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai offers a unique education for international students. The school has an excellent curriculum that prepares students for both British and Indian universities. The teachers are experienced and knowledgeable in both the curriculums, which ensures that the students receive the best possible education.

The school also has a strong focus on social justice and global citizenship. Students learn about over 100 different cultures, which helps them to be well-rounded individuals. The school also offers a wide range of clubs and activities, which keeps the students busy and engaged.

  1. St. John’s High School, Chandigarh

St. John's High School - CBSE School in Chandigarh
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Chandigarh, the capital of the northern state of Haryana and seventh largest city in India, is home to St. John’s High School. Established in 1882, St. John’s is one of the oldest schools in Chandigarh and is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, Government of India.

The school offers a range of secondary education options, including regular and special courses in arts, commerce, science and humanities. The school also has a well-equipped library that houses more than 9,000 books and magazines. The school has an annual intake capacity of 1,500 students and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities.

St. John’s is a popular choice for students from across Haryana who seek an affordable quality education. The faculty is experienced and qualified and the facilities are top-notch. With around 1,500 students annually enrolling at St. John’s High School, it remains one of the most popular schools in Chandigarh.

  1. Sainik School, Ghorakhal

    Sainik School Ghorakhal Admission Online Application 2024-25 - sainikschoolcadet
    Credit Image: sainikschoolcadet

If you are looking for a prestigious educational institution where you can hone your skills and develop your potential, the Sainik School, Ghorakhal is the place for you. Established in 1943, this school is one of the oldest in India and has produced many distinguished alumni.

Sainik schools in India offer a unique education that combines practical training with theoretical learning. The school emphasizes discipline and instills in its students a sense of service. The school has a strong focus on physical education and sports activities. In fact, it provides training for basketball, football, hockey, swimming, rifle shooting and other indoor games along with yoga asanas.

The students are also encouraged to participate in various adventure activities like trekking, rafting etc., which helps them build their character and spirit. Besides this the school motivates its students to take part in National Cadet Corps (NCC) programmes conducted by Indian Armed Forces thereby inculcating values such as courage and leadership among them from a young age itself.

In terms of academics too Sainik School Ghorakhal stands out amongst its peers due to its excellent teaching staff that takes special care of each student’s individual needs helping him/her excel not only academically but also co-curricularly. The classrooms are equipped with projectors providing audio visual aids for better understanding of subject matter enabling students to grasp concepts quickly leading towards building their analytical skills over time.

Additionally regular seminars by eminent personalities from various streams provide insight into different career options available after completion of schooling making sure they make informed decisions later on life regarding higher studies or job opportunities etc.

  1. Greenwood International High School, Bangalore

Greenwood High - Best ICSE, IB International Schools Bangalore
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Are you searching for international schools in India? Greenwood International High School, Bangalore is one of them. Greenwood International High School, Bangalore is a premier school located in the heart of the city. The school offers an excellent education from Preschool to Class 12 with a well-rounded curriculum that prepares students for college and beyond.

The school has a student population of over 1,200 and offers both English and Hindi as mediums of instruction. Tuition is exceptionally affordable considering the high quality of the education offered. The school also boasts excellent facilities including two libraries, an auditorium, science labs, two gymnasiums, and plenty of space for sport and extracurricular activities.

The Greenwood International High School experience is unique, welcoming, and inspiring. Students will thrive in this academically challenging environment while developing valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication.

  1. Emerald Heights International School, Indore

The Emerald Heights International School Employees, Location, Alumni | LinkedIn
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Emerald Heights International School, Indore is a co-educational school situated in the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Established in 1997, Emerald Heights International School offers quality education to students from nursery through 12th grade. The school has a strong emphasis on internationalism and global citizenship and offers both English and French as its main languages of instruction.

The curriculum at Emerald Heights International School is based on the British National Curriculum with some modifications made to better meet the needs of international students. Students are required to take classes in Mathematics, Science, English, History, Geography, Religious Studies, and Visual Arts. In addition to compulsory subjects, each student is free to choose 4 electives out of a total of 11 offered each year.

Each student is also required to complete 25 hours of community service per year as part of their education at Emerald Heights International School. This allows students to gain hands-on experience working in fields such as health care, environmentalism, and Development Aid.

Since its establishment over 20 years ago Emerald Heights International School has consistently been ranked among India’s top schools. In 2018 it was ranked 7th overall by India Today magazine and 3rd for schools in Madhya Pradesh.118% of our graduates pursue higher studies abroad each year with top universities such as Cambridge University and Yale University amongst our notable alumni base Hague Academy (Netherlands), Ecole de Cambodge (Cambodia).

  1. The Scindia School, Gwalior

About US | The Scindia School
Credit Image: The Scindia School

The Scindia School, Gwalior is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in India. Founded in 1878, it is known for its excellent academic record and strong emphasis on discipline. The school boasts a student to faculty ratio of just 10:1 and offers a wide range of curricula, including both traditional and modern subjects.

Apart from its excellent academics, The Scindia School also provides students with an enriched cultural experience. The school has a rich tradition of arts and athletics and hosts regular performance events showcasing the talents of its students. In addition to this, the campus features lush gardens and elegant buildings that are sure to impress visitors.

If you are looking for an elite educational institution that will prepare you for success in life, then The Scindia School, Gwalior is definitely worth considering.


In conclusion, it is clear that choosing the right school for your child can be a difficult decision. The list of the Top 10 Schools in India provides an excellent starting point to help parents make an informed and wise choice.

From this list, one can assess each school’s strengths and weaknesses based on their own criteria such as academic performance, extracurricular activities, facilities provided or teacher-student ratio. Ultimately, by researching thoroughly and considering all options available, every parent can find the perfect educational option for their child.


Q.1- What are the top 5 schools in India?

  • The Asian School, Dehradun
  • St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata
  • Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, Delhi
  • Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School, Hyderabad
  • Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

Q.2- Which city in India has the best schools?

Delhi NCR

Delhi has always been known for different fests it organizes for students all over the world and the students it has been producing excellent results both in academics and extracurriculars.

Q.3- What are the best CBSE schools in India?

Here are some of India’s best CBSE schools for intermediate students.

  • Center Point International School
  • Global Indian International School (GIIS)
  • Foster Billabong High International School
  • VIBGYOR High School
  • Orchid’s International school

Q.4- Which is the best boarding school in India?

Here are some of the top boarding schools in India that offer numerous boarding facilities like sports, advanced infrastructure, music, dance, and more –

  1. The Doon School Dehradun
  2. Woodstock School Mussoorie
  3. Welham Boys School
  4. Scindia School Gwalior
  5. The Bishop Cotton School Shimla

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