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Top Bitcoin Platforms and Crypto Exchanges Sites

Top Bitcoin Platforms and Crypto Exchanges Sites

Bitcoin is all the rage these days. It can be very confusing if you are a first-time investor. Do you need to have Bitcoin before you start? What does the process look like? Consider the following crypto exchange sites and Bitcoin platforms to simplify your experience.

Keep in mind you can now buy almost anything using crypto, from coffee to air tickets. What’s more, you can use crypto for online gaming. Just make sure to select a reliable bitcoin casino at Bitcoinist or any other crypto-focused site with experts who knows what they are talking about.

Cash App

Cash App, introduced in 2013, enables users in the US and UK to transfer, purchase, bank, and invest. It functions simply as a peer-to-peer payment app for mobile banking, but it also includes an investment feature. You can invest in stocks, crypto, and ETFs via the Cash App.

The platform differs from its rivals, like Venmo, because it permits you to transfer your coins to third-party wallets. At the start of 2022, the company declared that it had begun supporting the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which would allow for almost-free Bitcoin transfers.

Its custodial in-app wallet is the most significant disadvantage of using this platform to purchase and store crypto. This means that the operator stores your coins on your behalf.

Custodial wallets are seen to be less secure than non-custodial ones despite their convenience. However, you can transfer your digital assets from Cash App to a personal wallet where you control the private keys.

The platform’s varying Bitcoin trading fees are only revealed after you confirm a purchase or sell transaction. The platform applies the mid-price and includes a spread fee every time you trade your digital assets.


Coinbase was established in 2012 to make it simple for anyone to trade and store Bitcoin. Today, it is a publicly listed crypto trading platform with a market capitalization of more than $36 billion.

The cryptocurrency exchange was initially situated in San Francisco, but it is now a decentralized business with no HQ and is accessible in over 100 nations. It distinguishes itself by offering an easy-to-use trading environment, additional security, and a variety of additional features for seasoned traders.

Many first-time cryptocurrency buyers now use Coinbase as their preferred exchange due to its many supported assets (more than 200) and user-friendly platform. Most users are already familiar with online banking apps, so the platform makes the switch to cryptocurrency trading simple.

Coinbase covers the digital funds it maintains for users and keeps US dollar balances in bank accounts covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Why is this important? It prevents the loss of user assets in a security breach. You can fund your trading accounts through various payment modes, such as ACH and wire transfers.

Coinbase provides two ways to store cryptocurrency. The first is a custodial choice for novice investors: keeping your coins on The second is an advanced crypto user’s non-custodial wallet (Coinbase Wallet).

When you keep your digital assets on, the platform holds the encryption keys and manages the account on your behalf. On the other hand, users of Coinbase Wallet have total control over their money since they manage the wallet’s private keys.


Kraken is among the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges online. Accessible throughout much of the world, the exchange offers cheap costs on its trading platform and allows you to trade 185 different coins.

In the formative days of crypto, the platform established itself as the top platform for professional investors. It continues to uphold its image as a trustworthy and expert trading site.

The platform’s Pro dashboard offers 13 different order types, fully customizable chart analysis tools, comprehensive order book knowledge, and fast execution. You can trade digital assets on margin and employ derivatives contracts besides spot trading.

Kraken Pro charges very little compared to its primary platform, where quick buy costs can reach 1.5%. If you are a high-volume trader, you can cut trading fees with Kraken Pro’s tiered fee structure.

Kraken Pro maker charges commence at 0.16%, and taker costs begin at 0.26% for investors with volumes below $50,000. However, maker fees can decrease to 0%, while taker fees can decrease to 0.10% for investors with rolling transactions over $10 million.

After debuting in 2016, has emerged as one of the top crypto exchanges globally. It now supports more than 250 virtual currencies and is accessible in 90 countries worldwide. Apart from supporting numerous assets, the platform offers a vast digital asset ecosystem comprising its own blockchain, a native token, and more products.

The mobile application, however, is what stands out. It is better than other Bitcoin exchange mobile apps that offer a basic version of their exchange’s web-based platform.

Developers focused heavily on building an app that includes numerous products and features. This enables you to use its ecosystem while on the go. Besides paying with crypto, the mobile app users can trade and collect interest on their cryptocurrency. is a great choice if you want a top-notch mobile cryptocurrency trading experience. You will enjoy its variety of goods and features and the sheer volume of assets it supports.


Gemini is renowned for giving security and compliance a high priority. In case of a security compromise, the platform’s hot wallet insurance will ensure that your assets are kept secure. Users must undergo an identity verification process to lower the risk of fraud.

The platform also offers the choice to verify and authorize devices connected to your account and encourages users to use two-factor authentication to safeguard their accounts. Gemini’s SOC 2 certification indicates that independent auditors have approved its security and compliance systems.

The platform was primarily built for experienced traders. It offers a high-caliber trading dashboard and supports over 100 virtual currencies and tokens. Apart from letting you purchase products and services using crypto, Gemini also provides a cryptocurrency reward card.

The pricing structures for its main platform and active trader platform vary. The central platform charges 1.50% on deals over $200. Although they decrease as your volume increases, charges on Gemini’s active trader platform can be as high as 0.4%. However, the charges are not too expensive, given Gemini’s extraordinary security.

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