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Top trends for food and beverage industry businesses

Top trends for food and beverage industry businesses

If there is one thing that is constant in food & Beverage service then it is only changing, change is constant in this industry. Every year brings new wrinkle like 2019, therefore fresh food trend in 2020 is the center of attraction in the Food & Beverage industry. The Best innovative trends in the Food & Beverage industry, that were not even foreseen in 12 months are the center of talk for every entrepreneur that is part of the industry. This question goes into the mind of the food industry that “What’s the next?” to encompass all the developments that are both current and structural in long run will continue to affect the industry for years to come and presently.

The year 2019 has witnessed to be immense in terms of growth and complex patterns in the global F&B industry. We will structure some of the top food & Beverage industry trends that were prominent in 2019 and will continue into 2020.

Changing consumer preferences

Similar to 2019, bold and exotic flavors, snacking, and health and wellness are still at the forefront for consumer Food & Beverage preferences in the upcoming year 2020. However, this time this will happen in a more elevated way. All the consumers want fortified and functional foods, which are balanced and good for health. Recently, the customers are looking for Food & Beverage that fuels their brains and benefit their physical appearance. Grocery shelves will continue to be stacked with products like health beneficiary products, which provide additional functionality to consumers’ bodies. 

The changing customer’s preferences also add to the consumer’s plate that they also want food, which is not only good for them but also good for others. Whether the Food & Beverage they want to eat is a product that reflects simply its nutrition and benefit or is in environmentally friendly packaging. More than millennials, Generation-Z consumers are “clean eaters” they like live kitchens. They also have a strong interest in knowing everything and not only what the product is but how it is made and by whom. Transparency of food is required as a constant change; this is how it came into top trends for Food & Beverage. With today’s instant access to information, if a consumer can’t understand or find out where and how a product is made and what’s in it, they’ll be more inclined to leave it behind. The rise of clean labels and sustainability efforts will continue, but so will the rise of positive branding by companies that are leading in being good and also doing good.

Food safety and transparency

Another trend in Technology for Food & Beverage Industry is food safety. Most consumers nowadays demand to know more about the food they eat and its value. Food safety issues are costing the food and beverage industry billions each year. This thing will be more important than ever for the Food & Beverage industry to pinpoint safety issues immediately. Some of the technologies like blockchain will continue to gain traction. Companies will move beyond trying to understand what blockchain is, to figuring out how to be a part of it. A survey of middle-market Food & Beverage chief financial officers found that just 12 percent are currently using blockchain in this industry. But that number will increase as more industries become aware of block chain’s benefits across the entire Food & Beverage chain from the grower to the manufacturer, distributors and beyond.

Robotics & Use of Automated Guided Vehicles

The Food & Beverage industry is greatly interested in Robotics Technologies and Automated guided vehicles, where they replace human beings. With the rise of both techniques in the hotel industry the per capita income, living standards and labor standards were increased. The cost of acquiring labors has seen a sharp rise and it suffices the needs gratefully. Robots can do tasks perfectly which are to be repeated consistently. This will reduce human errors in the execution phase.

During mass production, tons of products and cartons need to be moved from one place to another. In-house stock movement can be a hectic task if a limited labor force is available. Automated Guided Vehicles can transport goods from one place to another if pick and drop coordinates are well defined. This provides speedy transportation with maximum efficiency for goods movement.


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