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An Epitome of Magnificent Leadership Empowering Transaction Banking with His Brainchild, TransBnk

In our enthralling issue, “10 Best Indian CEOs to Esteem in 2023,” we are featuring CEOs who are undeterred by the challenges of the market and bringing breakthrough solutions. A standout inclusion in this special edition is Vaibhav Tambe, with a benign leadership style, extensive knowledge in banking and finance, and unwavering commitment to his company, TransBnk, the Transaction Banking Platform.

Vaibhav, a marvel with remarkable potential, is striving tirelessly to achieve enterprising excellence in BFSI and Fintech with a combination of strong technical and product knowledge. He holds over 15 years of experience in managing corporate, commercial, and institutional relationships with multi-faceted products, sales, and consulting. He began his professional journey with TCS as an assistant systems engineer, and after his MBA, he started with SBI in the transaction banking segment.

Mr Tambe learned the lifecycle from product creation to business development to numerous operational elements throughout his association with SBI. The next step was to join IndusInd Bank’s transaction banking sales team, where he eventually worked his way up to the position to lead the Payments, CMS, and Escrow Sales for several key business verticals. Here, Mr Tambe developed strong partnerships and acquired a deep understanding of the worldwide remittance, product, and core business fields. He later worked with iServeU Tech (Niyogin Fintech) as president and CEO of Payments.

After some time, he discovered his passion and co-founded TransBnk, his own transaction banking business and one of India’s fastest-growing and most secure transactional banking startups, by putting his years of experience to use. He envisions changing India’s transactional banking landscape with his innovative and safe solutions.

Building an Exclusive Forte in Transaction Banking

Our mission is to make transaction banking Easy, Efficient, and Effective for business transactions!

Focused on replicating manual processes into digital processes to reduce TAT and increase throughputs, TransBnk has succeeded in serving as a digital conduit between banks, NBFCs, and corporations for Transaction Banking Services. It is a unique enablement People, Knowledge, and Risklatform for transaction banking services, aimed at minimizing the cost of a transaction to half of its present cost by the use of AI and ML processes and automating the complete chain.

Transactional banking is linked to three different forms of larger risks: operational risk, credit risk, and financial market risk related to the macroeconomic system. They employ a variety of technological stacks, such as blockchain, AI, and a mix of Web2 and Web3, to increase the security and safety layers in their solutions. “We predominantly focus on digitizing every aspect of the banking business for a smoother and safer transaction while reducing the TAT. This helps us build a robust business model that can be replicated according to the needs of our customers.

To make the process secure, I and my co-founders use our transactional banking experience to build a solid foundation to mitigate any problem statements”, says the CEO, Vaibhav Tambe. The company is ready to embark on the next phase of its successful journey with new use cases around supply chain finance, trade finance, or cross-border remittances. They plan to soon expand their geographic reach, particularly to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, & other geographies.

People, Knowledge, and Risk

The above keystones showcase the three major learnings of Vaibhav Tambe. People are the most crucial component of any organization or company, whether they are on your staff, suppliers, or clients, according to the visionary. The relationship and priorities of the person are important to the visionary leader. He ensures an environment of growth, prosperity, and strength for his team and his organization as the people’s CEO by taking all the required precautions.

“No amount of money or rewards can motivate a person more than compassion and trust”, quoted Mr Tambe. The second is core domain knowledge. Without it, it is impossible to build a large, sustainable business. The team at TransBnk frequently enhances their expertise through a variety of training programs. Last but not least, no company is risk-free, so you must be prepared to take calculated risks. Since banking is a risky industry, every stage must be accessed, and risks must be quantified to be reduced. Without taking a risk, plunging to the next peak is impossible.

Vaibhav Tambe’s Take On: The Biggest Hurdle Along the Way

Keeping people motivated and aligned with the company’s vision is the biggest challenge for any organization today. TransBnk strives to infuse more energy into the environment by hiring more skilled workers. We took advantage of the situation and hired the best minds to help us create TransBnk while other organizations were firing their talented employees. We have collected a sizeable sum of money for this and used technology to establish a process that will support their professional development within the company.

We treat all of our employees with openness and transparency, and we have given them complete freedom to experiment and learn new skills. We fully support the objectives of our employees as a company. Another challenge that I observe within the industry is complying with the regulatory grey areas, which most of the fintech and startups fail to do. Hence, many of them vanish into oblivion. Hence, we comply with every regulatory change to ensure we are abiding by the law.

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