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For all the dreamers, explorers, and storytellers out there, for those who prefer to identify as ‘travelers’ rather than ‘tourists,’ ‘Travel With Susmita’ (in short, TWS) is a haven—a sanctuary for those who relentlessly pursue immersive experiences.

A travel & tourism organization that fondly calls itself a business serving the travelers’ community and fulfilling their travel aspirations, ‘Travel With Susmita’ has a unique approach to what we call “tour packages”. Established in 2022, the company is the product of its Founder’s passion for traveling actualized. Here’s its story!

“Don’t travel to discover places but to discover yourself.”

Company Overview

This boutique travel agency not only offers handpicked itineraries of places less traveled, it also strives to promote traveling responsibly. The travel plans they create are prepared through in-depth research and with highly minute details. They have a strong commitment to empowering local communities. Every travel booking made with them contributes to supporting local experts who are dedicated to environmental preservation and zero-waste practices.

As an integral part of their mission, they actively educate people on promoting a zero-tolerance approach towards any negative impact on local environments or communities. ‘Travel With Susmita’ provides thoughtfully crafted travel itineraries, with the aim of igniting inspiration in individuals to embark on meaningful journeys, cultivating connections with diverse cultures, and cultivating a profound appreciation for the world’s rich tapestry of diversity.

Their goal is to design experiences that not only enrich the lives of travelers but also leave a positive and enduring impact on the communities they encounter. For people who love travel but need help figuring out where to start, ‘Travel With Susmita’ or TWS helps with planning and guidance on where to travel, and helps them understand their travel style.

According to TWS, the purpose of travel is to engage with new individuals, explore diverse cultures, acquire new languages, embark on adventurous journeys, and witness the scenic landscapes of unfamiliar territories. It encourages rekindling a sense of wonder in this ancient world once more. Travel the globe, return home enriched with knowledge, and share your wisdom to enlighten us all.

“We want you to achieve quality experiences rather than just put a tick on traveling to any destination.”

The local experts and guides associated with TWS are highly skilled in delivering exceptional experiences to clients who choose ‘Travel With Susmita’. Whether it’s thrilling adventures or the delight of spotting rare, vibrant birds, whether you prefer road trips or train journeys, ‘Travel With Susmita’ has meticulously curated all its plans with the aim of fulfilling the greatest dreams and travel aspirations of its customers.

The primary goal behind the establishment of ‘Travel With Susmita’ was to facilitate responsible travel, emphasizing the notion that while exploring, people should strive to give back to society. At present, ‘Travel With Susmita’ is majorly focusing on identifying market challenges, learning and crafting probable solutions for the challenges, ideation, adaptation and relearning, and planning and execution. Susmita, an experienced solo backpacker, has worked on each of the travel plans available at ‘Travel With Susmita’. Her trip itineraries strive to ensure a unique experience for every traveler.

From Marketing to Entrepreneurship: Crafting a Journey of Passion and Purpose

The Founder and Owner of ‘Travel With Susmita’, Ms Susmita Mukhopadhyay, has been an avid traveler for about a decade. In her journeys, she has visited 16 countries, always going after the unexplored corners of her destination. From her 60 days of backpacking through Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and Finland to her highaltitude treks on the Everest Base Camp, or her epic journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway to cross the vast landscape of Russia from Moscow to the far east city of Vladivostok, Susmita has some awe-inspiring stories to tell.

She has experienced life on the roads, stayed in houses of unknown people, tried street foods, got a lift from a stranger who happened to be a CEO of a company to travel from one city to another and enjoyed each of her journeys through and through. Susmita left her 15-year career as a marketing professional behind to embark on a transformative journey that ultimately gave birth to ‘Travel With Susmita’.

It was her out-of-the-box way of traveling that inspired many to gather the courage to take that first step and start their own journeys. As the questions came pouring in, from solo female travelers, elderly couples, families, and people from all walks of life, she realized it was time to give back to society through her passion.

Thus began ‘Travel With Susmita’, launched in August 2022, with its arrival announced on multiple digital platforms. The company has today extended and strengthened its presence across these very platforms and launched the brand’s website to provide travelers with a space to dream and explore. The company holds the belief that during travel, individuals have a responsibility to contribute positively to society.

Core Values of the Company

As part of their commitment to giving back to society, ‘Travel With Susmita’ actively raises awareness about Sepsis, a life-threatening illness. Whenever a traveler utilizes any services from ‘Travel With Susmita’, a specific percentage of the profits is donated to this campaign, reinforcing its efforts and expanding outreach to educate more people about Sepsis.

The team’s vision at ‘Travel With Susmita’ is to bring about social, health, education, gender, environmental, and economic benefits through travel. They strive to create a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the world as a whole. By encouraging cultural exchange, sustainable travel practices, and the protection of nature and the environment, they aim to contribute to a better and more harmonious global society.

Their dedication lies in advocating for social causes including health, education, gender equality, and economic empowerment. They firmly believe that travel can serve as a catalyst for bringing about positive change, and actively strive to lend support to initiatives that tackle these significant issues.

“By aligning our mission with these core values, we aim to make a difference in the world, one traveler and one journey at a time.”

Through fostering a culture of continual learning and innovation, their unwavering commitment is to stay ahead in the industry. They persistently strive to provide exceptional travel experiences that go beyond the expectations of their clients. To know more about ‘Travel With Susmita’, enjoy surfing our website!

Parting Words

My advice to budding entrepreneurs is to embrace patience, persistence, and unwavering focus on their goals. Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey that requires resilience and determination. Remember that not everyone can walk this path or share the same level of aspirations and expectations. The key is to keep moving forward, no matter how difficult the journey may seem. There is no better time than today to start your journey. Whether it’s for personal or professional growth, seize the opportunity now. The world eagerly awaits your excellence. Take that first step and immerse yourself in incredible experiences.

At ‘Travel With Susmita,’ we’re revolutionizing the travel landscape with our unique approach. When you choose our services, you’ll not only explore but also learn and educate, spreading the joy of travel. Join us on this amazing journey, and together, let’s create unforgettable memories. ‘Travel With Susmita’ exists because of you and for you.

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