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Trivio Pharmacy

Trivio Pharmacy

Gujarat’s Fastest Growing Pharmacy Chain Towards The Upgradation of The Pharmacists.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an immense awareness of medical services and healthcare. However, India is still struggling with the regulations and the right approach. Due to which the ethical treatment and prescription doesn’t apply to the middle and underprivileged stratum of the society. Mr. Alpesh Patel thought to contribute in this direction, wherein one of his initiatives is Trivio Pharmacy.

Trivio Pharmacy has been recognized as the fastest growing pharmacy chain in Ahmedabad. Mr. Alpesh and his team launched 51 stores together in Ahmedabad. That’s quite impressive and a historic move. They adopted the acquisition model, wherein the individual medical store owners were struggling with their daily operations, marketing and against online platforms.

They decided to help their fellow members as the individual medical store owner is often deprived from better deals and a support system. With Trivio Pharmacy, they feel empowered to get better deals from the distributors they can get a better mileage from the brand’s holistic marketing. He also found other concerns about staff training, stock management and other routine concerns.

Trivio just made their life easier and its association approach is towards the growth of the unorganized market. Mr. Alpesh Patel is a Pharmacist who graduated from Mehsana, Gujarat (Shri Sarvjanik Pharmacy College). He moved to the USA in 2006 and has established a pharmacy chain, Pharma Distribution, and other healthcare businesses in the USA. Recently, he has shifted focus to technology and healthcare to help provide better care at affordable prices and improve access to healthcare services.

Let’s understand further how Trivio Pharmacy is a revolutionary initiative.

Hi Alpesh, This initiative sounds interesting how it’s going to help the patients and how is it filling the gap in retail medicine segment?

We are looking to provide proper care to our patients. Pharmacists in the USA perform three major tasks. First, is providing medication that their physician prescribes with accuracy and the second most important task is to educate the patients about the side effects and how they are supposed to take their medication (the right time, with food or not) and the third and the most important task that is missing in India is checking drug-drug interactions and drug-disease interaction.

Currently, patients in India are using polypharmacy/doctor (multiple pharmacies to get medications and multiple specialists). Using one pharmacy and having all your data in one place and pharmacists can make sure medications prescribed by different specialists are not interacting with each other (a chemical reaction between two drugs can make a drug inactive or turn a product into a toxic chemical).

It’s important to take the medication but more important is to know when and how to take medications and whether or not it is affecting the other medications you are taking.  Using technology we will improve the quality to meet the USA standards but more importantly, we will also provide home delivery and discounts. This is just the beginning of the transformation of a pharmacist’s job in the Indian market to make pharmacy, the centre of healthcare and bring it closer to patients for education.

What’s the expansion plan of Trivio Pharmacy and what else is it going to launch shortly?

Our goal is to unite chemists and pharmacists under one umbrella to stay and grow at par with other established chains and online pharmacies. This brand is purely focused on ‘Vocal for Local’, we want to empower and equip our fellow small entrepreneurs and shop owners by providing them with better discounts on medications by giving them a brand to increase foot traffic to their store.

We shall also provide back-end support like corporate or chain pharmacies to manage HR and other administrative tasks. We’ve started this model with Gujarat and soon, we shall reach 500 stores in Gujarat and then we will be looking to add 2 more states to replicate what we achieve in Gujarat with the support from chemists. We aim to have 2500 franchise stores by 2025.

How will Trivio Pharmacy be different from any other pharmacy?

We are looking to add more complimentary services, where the pharmacy becomes a hub for healthcare and caregiver of a patient. Currently, no one is taking 100% responsibility for the patient. We want to introduce a model where a local pharmacist is your go-to person for all health and wellness education or consultation to guide patients in the right direction.

In partnership with qualified providers, we will build a quality network that keeps patients in the centre and build a care team or care circle surrounding patients to make sure we keep patients healthy, educated and out of the hospital.

Who can join Trivio Pharmacy? Can existing and new stores join Trivio Pharmacy?

For existing pharmacy owners and new entrepreneurs who are looking to open pharmacies we will provide a buy-and-sell platform to help both owners who are looking to retire to help them connect with fresh graduates or owners who want to expand or buy pharmacies. Moreover, Trivio is going to be a bigger umbrella, where we’d try
to bring the best talents from the fraternity. We’re also working on a parallel cause for telehealth, a chain of clinics so we shall need good talent to make our services reach the needy.

We’re also launching the employment program soon for MBBS doctors, pharma graduates and other support staff from medical fraternity. Trivio pharmacy thrives to be Truly Together with all of our franchise associates, staff and ofcourse for our patients. That’s why our motto is “TRUEGETHER”.

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