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TRPW Strategic Partners: Empowering Company Growth with Tailored Consulting Solutions

TRPW Strategic Partners: Enabling Companies to Grow with Cutting-edge and Customised Consulting Solutions

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The integration of technology into traditional consulting services has resulted in a dramatic shift in the business consulting sphere. In a time of digital innovation and continuous change, companies seek more than guidance; they look for automation, data-driven insights, and innovative solutions to stay competitive.

In such a dynamic environment, TRPW Strategic Partners has emerged as a cornerstone of this paradigm, playing a pivotal role in driving this innovation forward under the visionary leadership of Rajesh Kumar.

Acknowledged for creating excellent business planning and structuring solutions tailored to the client’s unique business operations and objectives, TRPW made a promising beginning in 2018 to help entrepreneurs and senior executives, mainly CXOs and CFOs, with a range of engagement and audit head tasks.

TRPW is an ISO 9001:2015-certified consulting firm based in Gurugram, supporting entrepreneurs and senior executives across the globe and catering to a wide variety of industries and business projects.

TRPW’s efforts and unique approach have propelled the company to greater heights in providing the best consulting solutions throughout India, the USA, and Europe.


Rajesh Kumar is a highly skilled “financial leader” with over two decades of experience, working for prominent national and international companies. He is a Chartered Accountant and holds an MBA, and a PGD in Strategic Finance & Control, and is a certified global leader from Harvard Business School.

While working for the renowned global brand, Rajesh thought of starting something new in the same domain to offer the best to the clientele. Hence, he laid the foundation of TRPW with the only goal of working as a trusted partner in a highly responsive way to maximize the wealth of the clients.

Rajesh is well-known for his extensive business knowledge, meticulously planned strategy, and analytical approach. He has received numerous national and organizational accolades and recognitions for his outstanding work and accomplishments, including The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’s “Professional Achiever of the Year” award (ICAI).


TRPW works in six core areas: internal audit and assurance services, business planning and organization for start-ups (BPOS), business expansion services (BES), CFO special services (CFOS), transaction process outsourcing (TPO), and virtual or part-time CFO (VCFO) services.

The key differentiator is the TRPW Innovation Center, where the team develops innovative tech solutions in this field and uses them to provide clients with expected outcomes.


TRPW’s foundation is built on a set of core values, including integrity in behaviour, innovation in thoughts, quality in delivery, technology in solutions, and accountability in actions. These values steer the actions and choices of the team, and the visionary leader, Rajesh Kumar, ensures that each value is engrained in everyone working at TRPW.


The vibrant team at TRPW consists of chartered accountants, MBAs, and even software developers with over a decade of corporate and consulting experience. TRPW has a unique work culture; there is a different layer of management. The expert professionals at TRPW understand what hierarchy means, what team means, how the delegation of work happens, and how the delegation of work works.

The advisory board includes senior leaders and industry experts, guiding the team with their knowledge and expertise. A few of them have almost 50 years of experience as leaders. The learning approach is another key to the team’s growth. Further, the company has an annual award program to recognize the top performers.


“Innovation is doing the same things differently or doing the newer things, whereas integration is combining the different sections of work for the same eventual objective.” stated the visionary leader.

“When it comes to integration, you look at a platform and make the most of it. And that’s how we operate; we connect to all of the partners or extended arms of TRPW, which allows us to grow even more cohesively.

Innovation has been at the heart of TRPW. It is one of the few consulting firms that has started a dedicated innovation centre. Usually, organizations have innovation as a part of their organization, but here we built a completely distinct innovation centre and invested there to ensure that everything we do is innovative,” he further added.

Further, R&D is considered crucial for a company’s growth. The team at TRPW always explores ways to come up with alternate solutions in a timely and effective way.


Change is vital, according to the time. TRPW strives hard to meet ever-evolving market demand. Assume a company in Mumbai is looking to conduct a big auditing task. For this, it will have to deploy a team of 200+ people to conduct the task manually, while TRPW can finish the same task with a team of eight people. It is a huge difference that they are creating. And that’s how TRPW is adding value and making an impact on the industry.

Another example is that one of the clients earlier hired one of the top 10 global companies to physically perform geographical audits across all regions. When TRPW entered the picture, they followed the perfect combination of physical and virtual audits. It benefited in different ways, including productivity, cost, effectiveness, and documentation.


With his years of experience and the technical acumen he has, Rajesh Kumar shared his advice to all aspiring entrepreneurs:

“Stay focused and unwavering; there will be plenty to distract you from your vision. Keep moving on the path you have thought of with clear vision and thoughts. There will be ups and downs along the way, but you have to keep going. The ability to bounce back from setbacks is crucial in the business world.”

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