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Entrepreneurs in this thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem of India end up extensively investing in their effort to scout a space coping with the difficulties of traditional offices as they transition from a business idea into a viable business structure. Here, corporate leasing emerges as a prominent and affordable solution.

Right from deciding the space’s size and the capital required for interiors, furniture, AC, and other overheads, there are various challenges with traditional spaces. All these problems are resolved by the leading brand – TrueSeed.

As one of the “Most admired” & “Highly Recommended” brands for corporate leasing in Gurgaon, the company has been successfully supporting enterprises. Since its inception in 2009 by two innovative minds, Damanpreet Kochar (Co-founder & Director, Trueseed) and Simranpreet Singh (Co-Founder & Director, TrueSeed), TrueSeed has been a key solution provider backed by their exceptional experience in fulfilling the client’s needs and mitigating their problems.

TrueSeed is amongst the top three commercial real estate players in the Gurgaon Market. There is a team of nine architects & in-house interior designers, Project Managers etc who extraordinarily execute plans and turn the client’s vision into reality.

The Leading Men behind TrueSeed Simranpreet Singh is the visionary behind TrueSeed, who is striving hard to manifest the dream of people into reality. Since 2009, he has worked as a versatile leader in a variety of sectors. He has served in executive and advisory capacities on the boards of several top Indian businesses, including TS Enterprises, Premco Auto Pvt Ltd, Darius Logistic Park Pvt Ltd, TrueSeed Investment

Consultants Pvt Ltd, and TrueSeed Wealth Services Pvt Ltd. In academics, he has done Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDM) from Leeds Business School, United Kingdom which has helped instill leadership, excellent communication, strategic decision-making, and troubleshooting skills.

Damanpreet Kochar, Co-founder & Director, TrueSeed is one such dynamic business leader who is known for his integrity, honesty, and commitment. He is a believer in living life with integrity. Keeping up with such ideology & mantra in life, he has always been true to his businesses and has been piloting his venture toward prosperity & success.

Innovative Solutions
TrueSeed offers customised services with various operational virtues to each client, depending on their unique needs. They have a range of services in Expansion, Renovation, Shifting, and Changing an office into your reimagined and modern workplace. TrueSeed’s core solutions are:

Commercial: TrueSeed boasts about completing interior and fit-outs of 700+ clients. They take on entire office interior & fit-out work orders in addition to build-to-suit offices. A thorough discussion of the client’s vision and thought process results in a distinctive and durable design. Prior to implementation, 3D drawings are produced so that an objective view can be seen before they begin the on-site work.

Warehouse: Having identified the importance of logistics & supply chain management, based on research & knowledge team TrueSeed have ventured into the segment in 2018. It has since then, been accumulating suitable land parcels across India.

TrueSeed is coming up with two Warehousing & Logistics Parks, the first one under the brand Awadh Warehousing & Logistics Park on the Lucknow-Kanpur Road, Lucknow & second one under the brand name Darius Warehousing & Logistics Park in Farukh Nagar, Gurugram. This arm of the business would offer customized warehouse solutions and services which include Land Acquisition, Compliance, Leasing, Asset Management and Facility Management.

Residential: TrueSeed offers residential buyers “Value Buy” residential floors. Everything is managed internally, from plot purchases to construction and sales. This method is widely used and provides buyers with security. The entire procedure aids in maintaining a quality check, producing projects of the highest calibre in terms of appearance and safety.

The Tale of TrueSeed’s Success Journey
In 2009, Team TrueSeed saw the growth opportunities in the real estate industry and decided to plunge into the sector. They established TrueSeed with the common goal of providing clients with stunning business and residential environments. They soon came to the conclusion that there was no organised corporate player to cater to the MNCs looking for Built to suit spaces. Organisations frequently required office space, but there were not many players wellorganized enough to offer such comprehensive solutions.

In order to fill the void, they began buying commercial property. With more than 200 tenants, they were able to accomplish one million transactions by 2014. They were able to offer prominent international clientele 700 corporate offices. They have expanded for well-known projects like Lucknow-Awadh Warehouse & Logistics and GurugramDarius Warehousing & Logistics by getting involved in the construction of residential floors as well as logistics and warehousing spaces.

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