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Tudip Technologies

Tudip Technologies: the Ideal Solution for All Your Mobile and Web Solution Needs

“In today’s scenario, men and women both are equal. There is nothing women cannot do. This has been proven in the entrepreneurial world as well. We have many successful women CEOs in India as well as the world today. Women are also equally talented and possess entrepreneurial qualities. I hope to see more women entrepreneurs”,

Dipti Agrawal, Co-founder & CEO, Tudip Technologies

India has been a never-ending road of being tagged as a male-dominated society, but there are women like Dipti Agrawal, Co-founder & CEO, Tudip Technologies, who have been breaking these stereotypes damn well.

A value driven software services company, Tudip Technologies strives to deliver to its clients’ business based web and mobile solutions. These solutions are tailored to expertise and innovation to help the firm achieve its business goal. With headquarters in Pune, they have successfully established themselves in the USA and California with channel partners in Europe and Netherlands as well.

Brimming with excellence, passion and business acumen, Ms. Dipti in conversation with Business Connect Magazine talks about the corporate ethos of her company, fairer sex and more,

Business Connect: Enlighten us on your journey as a woman, as an entrepreneur, both.

Ms. Dipti: The journey as an entrepreneur has been full of challenges. Like every person, I also had my ups and downs, but I believe it is important to survive as a company. Not only have we survived, but we have also learned and grown as a company. We have accepted changes and we are one of the few companies in India which uses a cutting edge technology. As for my journey as a woman, it was no different than a journey of a man trying to establish a software company in India. I was blessed to have the support of my colleagues and employees and nowhere had I felt that I was treated differently just because I am a woman.

Business Connect: How do you feel the software industry’s nature is in the current scenario?

Ms. Dipti: If you look at the current scenario, there must be no industry as volatile as the software industry. The software industry is in literal terms updating by the minute. In order to survive in this industry, one must be agile and open to changes. To sum it up I can say that the industry endorses the “perform or perish” attitude perfectly.

Business Connect: Did you see any transformation happening for startups, over the years?

Ms. Dipti: Yes, I definitely see a dynamic transformation for the startups. Previously the concept of a startup was an alien concept. Not many people were interested in the concept of startups due to the fear of risks and losses. However, today if we see, the concept of startups is widely accepted. In fact today I see the goal of many youngsters is to venture into startups. Startups are now being accepted widely and today we see a lot of aids being provided to the budding startups. This development in startups is very crucial for the development of India. 

Business Connect: Being a woman, is your story of struggle any different from others?

Ms. Dipti: For each and every journey struggle is evident and I also had to struggle. But I did not face any such challenge being a woman while leading an organization as I was always surrounded by people who looked skill and hard work as the final parameter instead of gender. To sum it up, I would like to say being a leader is not a matter of muscle but it is a matter of mind and multi-tasking all the time. I think we women are inherently better tuned to perform the leadership roles because we are good at these 2 key parameters.

Business Connect:What kind of clients do you serve, any special mentions?

Ms. Dipti: At Tudip Technologies we serve all types of clients from local to international. As we have a wide range of products and services to offer, we have clients from different industries as well. Apart from the clients in the IT industry, we have clients from the healthcare industry, agriculture industry, the education industry, fashion industry, automobile, government of Maharashtra and many more. I believe all our clients are special, but if I have to mention a special client, I would very proudly mention Google as I believe this was a commendable achievement on our part.

Business Connect: How do you keep up the pace with the changing market trends?

Ms. Dipti: Agility is one of the fortes of Tudip. We can adapt to changing market trends very fast. We have a young workforce with us and it is very easy for us to the

Business Connect: Do you believe R&D is essential for the growth of the company?

Ms. Dipti: As I mentioned earlier, the IT industry is very volatile in nature. I believe R&D is very essential for not only the growth of the company but I would say it is essential for the survival of the company. R&D widens the horizons and thus a company can find out what all it can venture into.

Business Connect: Do you feel women today face equal competition or is there an ‘it’s okay’ attitude to it?

Ms. Dipti: When it comes to competition, men and women face equal competition. Certainly, I definitely don’t see any “it’s okay” attitude and I think it is fair enough. I believe in gender equality and the fact that a person is a man or a woman should not affect the competition.

Business Connect: In terms of AI, web, google cloud, Dev ops etc. what do you feel the future holds?

Ms. Dipti: Looking at the current scenario, AI is going to play a huge role. Most of the things are controlled by the AI today and this is just the beginning. Along with AI, cloud technology is also going to play a major role as data storage is now being rapidly shifted to the Cloud. Thus, I believe AI and cloud technology will have a crucial role to play in the future.

Business Connect: How necessary do you feel is it to keep your employees content, how do you ensure it?

Ms. Dipti: I believe one of the biggest assets of the company is the employees of the company. It is basically a cycle if the employees are happy the client will be happy. If the employees are not happy, they cannot make the clients happy. To ensure that the employees are content with the company, we have many activities directed towards employee development. We also provide incentives, awards, and perks like flexible shift

Business Connect: Lastly, is there a message you would like to give to Business Connect readers?

Ms. Dipti: I would like to say that be it any industry or field which you are in, there is no substitute for hard work. To conclude I would like to emphasize on the acceptance of change. Be open to changes and always have an adaptive attitude. Agility will take you a long way.

Smarter technologies are invading the picture rapidly and the market is transforming at a higher pace, and in a space of this manner, there is a need a visionary who can primarily provide quality solutions to its clients. And with expertise, international market exposure, and a strong workforce, Dipti Agrawal has been functionally providing a comprehensive implementation of web and mobile business solutions.

Tudip Technologies is just the solution for all your DevOps, IOT, cloud, software development, web, and mobile solution needs. They are effectively working towards creating a niche by offering cutting edge integrated services, best in class process and innovation.

Believe in “doing different things, and doing them differently”, Tudip Technologies.

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