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Tusker Berry

Tusker Berry

Tusker Berry’s Groundbreaking Solution To Nourish the World With Healthy Food Solutions and Agro Products

Incorporated in 2014, Tusker Berry, the Bangalore-based venture, has risen to prominence in the Indian food industry with its breakthrough ideas that connect top-notch produce to the most needed markets. Aspiring to bring quality food solutions into the food & beverage (F &B) sector via a product-driven approach on a scale-of-volume basis, Tusker Berry strives to tackle difficulties regarding food supply chain, something that would directly impact the lives of people.

Tusker Berry’s innovative distribution model evolved in response to this impressive idea. It enables the seamless market connectivity to a wide range of food solutions, including grains, pulses, spices, processed food, snacks, baked goods, and ready-to-eat products, into India’s expanding food business market while simultaneously creating newer food solutions that appeal to a global audience.


Tusker Berry is the brainchild of Stephen, a young and inspiring entrepreneur and business development expert. He brings in extensive business knowledge and subject expertise from his past stint in prestigious companies like Blue Dart, Citigroup, Tata Infomedia, and Airtel. He exited his lucrative job at Citibank to pursue entrepreneurship, where he made a name as an entrepreneur who changed lives for the better.

When asked about the source of his inspiration for this endeavour, he replied, “I began my career as a delivery boy at Blue Dart Courier and then moved on to undertake filed sales assignments with companies from selling pagers to selling credit cards during the early years. It was filled with hard work and learning. God was kind, and my life paid off progressing me to next-level of managing sales teams in business information directories. Post my stint in Tata Donnely Ltd, I moved to Citi Financial, starting off as a branch head and later promoted to regional head then moved on to the parent company Citibank as investment banker in the Citigold division in Bangalore.”

It seemed as though ten years had been full of learning, development, blessings, and rewards. However, I felt compelled to do something more worthwhile with my life during the 2006–07 financial crisis—something that would improve communities, contribute to the betterment of the planet and its inhabitants, and help create prosperity and lives. The plan to start a food firm that would address issues concerning food & health came from this thought.


Tusker Berry’s commitment and proficiency in delivering right quality food solutions at competitive costs, particularly for large-scale consignments where the team consistently upholds quality, results in a unique value offer.

Another key differentiating factor is that Tusker Berry has always aimed to be a high-volume, high-throughput organization. This enabled them to focus on handling heavy loads of freight as their primary area of expertise. They were crystal clear about this from the beginning, which helped the team create the proper pricing strategies, establish reasonable expectations for returns, and establish the proper rate of capital rotation, among other things.

The company began its backward integration path toward producing quality food goods in huge quantities after seeing tremendous prospects in the trading of food grains and pulses in 2017. Striding actively on the path of success, Tusker Berry is now gearing up to set new milestones and tread new frontiers while aiming to be one of the biggest food corporations in the next 10 years.


Actively involved in fulfilling its mission to become one of the top food and agro-business houses in India, Tusker Berry has developed a global distribution system supported by technology and strong supply chain mechanisms; it caters to different segments –

Corporate Food Supplies: Through catering partners of significant production facilities like KIA Motors, Ola Electric, JSW Steel Plant, Cognizant Technologies, etc., Tusker Berry powers serving over 100,000 meals a day to over 40000 employees and is in discussions with numerous more workplaces to raise this numbers to touch 1 million employees and 10 million meals a day.

Tusker Berry has created its flagship institutional brand “ Cream of Crop” to ferry the food grains, pulses and spices to its institutional clients defining large volume quality standardization. Frozen Food Foray: Under their frozen product brand, HELADO, Tusker Berry manufactures and distributes a distinctive range of handcrafted frozen food items, such as Momos and Baos. Their main goal is to create handcrafted food that are made locally by hiring locals and operating under quality environments.

Helado Express: Helado’s HOREKA business supplies division provides small hotel owners and QSR chains the ability to offer their consumers a variety of experiences at an affordable priWce that would be more cost-effective than produced in their own outlets, increasing their bottom-line profits.


Transporting food to people’s tables is the part that provides the team with the most satisfaction. The sense of fulfillment they have when clients return to them month after month is definitive evidence that they are happy to eat their food at their table and are content in their souls. It is said that serving food is second only to serving God.

Stephen believes Food is magical. After long hours of work, when a person is exhausted and hungry, when he puts in a well cooked food in his mouth and taste buds savor it releasing a pleasure in the sensory system that can only be described as ecstasy.

Food can act as medicine on its own when it is of the proper quality and quantity. And Tusker Berry works hard to provide consumers with meals of the finest quality.


Tusker Berry is a people-centric company, and a lot of freedom is given to team members in the way they choose to work. Milestone achievement is given importance, and employees are free to select how to do so. It has always been a place that values those who push the boundaries of performance, and they have always made sure to support them and not disappoint them. Their guiding ideas are always based on creating an environment where team members can operate effectively.


The Indian food industry is estimated to be worth about 4,000 trillion INR. According to projections, the food industry will expand to the point where organized food production will contribute around 3431 billion INR by 2026, while unorganized food production will contribute approximately 3075. Meanwhile, Indian cuisine has established itself as one of the world’s major cuisines, alongside Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food, thanks to the influence of the spicy curry culture.


Tusker Berry has recently formed a new product development team that works closely with the best chefs, microbiologists, biotechnologists, and other food engineers to develop new food ranges like millet, breakfast solutions, and sugar replacement solutions to solve nutritional and health inequalities on dining tables. As a result, Tusker Berry’s products section oversees the development and incubation of novel new goods and enterprises. Before transferring new products to business development units, which translate them to scale of operations in volumes, the group’s objective is to make them commercially ready.

Innovation is the soul of any company. Innovation and evolution go hand in hand. They run the danger of becoming irrelevant to the market the day we cease developing as a company. A good business should constantly lead the market in innovation. Innovation can be defined as breaking new ground in terms of products, business processes, creative business models, automation, and other areas.


Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. “Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything”. as said by the George Bernard Shaw.

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