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Husband Quits Rs 84 Lakh Job, Wife Joins the Journey: The Road to a Rs 100 Crore Company

Husband Quits Rs 84 Lakh Job, Wife Joins the Journey: The Road to a Rs 100 Crore Company

Written by Sanjay Kumar

In the world of entrepreneurship, success often arises from recognizing untapped markets and seizing the opportunity to innovate. Anurabh Sinha, hailing from Bhagalpur in Bihar, along with his wife Gunjan Sinha, embarked on a remarkable journey that would lead them to build a Rs 100 crore company. This is the story of a power couple who dared to dream big and transform the laundry industry.

Identifying the Problem

Arunabh Sinha’s career trajectory was already impressive as he oversaw operations for a chain of low-cost hotels in North India. However, it was during this time that he stumbled upon a critical issue plaguing the entire nation – laundry services. The laundry problem was widespread and consistently hampered the growth of businesses in the hospitality sector.

A Vision Takes Shape

Recognizing the need for change, the entrepreneurial duo made a bold decision. In August 2016, Arunabh took a leap of faith and left his lucrative job with an annual income of Rs 84 lakh to pursue a vision. The goal was simple yet profound – to revolutionize the laundry sector by providing high-quality and reliable services. With a capital investment of Rs 20 lakh, they set out on their entrepreneurial journey.

The Birth of UClean

In January 2017, their vision materialized as they launched UClean, a laundromat service that aimed to redefine cleanliness and convenience. Arunabh and Gunjan embarked on this journey with determination, and their hard work would soon pay off.

From Modest Beginnings to Monumental Success

Anurabh Sinha’s journey to success wasn’t without its share of challenges. Born and raised in modest circumstances, his dedication to education was evident from a young age. He began preparing for the IIT entrance exam in Class 8, supplementing his income with tutoring. After rigorous preparation, he secured admission to IIT.

A Trailblazing Entrepreneur

Arunabh’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop at UClean. Prior to his laundry venture, he had already founded a company named Franglobal. He joined Tribo Hotels and launched his current business in 2015. UClean’s first store opened its doors in Vasant Kunj, and while his family may not have been initially supportive, Arunabh remained undeterred.

Inspired by Southeast Asia

The inspiration for their laundry business came from the vibrant laundromat culture in Southeast Asian nations. Early in the 2010s, there were attempts to “uberize” the laundry business in India, but logistics remained a major stumbling block. Despite the concept’s potential, Arunabh and Gunjan faced numerous personal and professional obstacles.

Overcoming Family Objections

Arunabh’s decision to leave his high-paying career to work in the laundry business initially upset his family. The path he had chosen seemed unconventional, but he remained steadfast in his belief in the venture’s potential.

Navigating Investor Challenges

Securing investors for their laundry venture proved to be another hurdle. Even though Arunabh had previously successfully run Franglobal, finding investors for UClean was no easy task. It took 100 days of persistence and persuasion to convince a dry cleaner to invest and launch the first two UClean locations.

The Path to Rs 100 Crore

Despite the early challenges, Arunabh and Gunjan never looked back. What began with a seed investment of Rs 20 lakh has now evolved into a company with a turnover of Rs 100 crore. Their relentless dedication, unwavering belief in their vision, and entrepreneurial spirit have driven them to incredible heights.

In the end, the story of Arunabh and Gunjan Sinha is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and a willingness to take risks. Their journey from a small town in Bihar to building a Rs 100 crore company serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. It proves that with a clear vision and relentless perseverance, one can overcome obstacles and achieve monumental success in the business world.

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