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ValueZest Solutions and Services is a spin-off from BASH Consulting Services, established in the year 2019. ValueZest is a boutique firm with a vision to leverage its Global experience and expertise to transform India’s technology infrastructure. It aims to innovate Information, Communication and Operations Technology Infrastructure (“ICOT”) across sectors, such as Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Transportation, Energy, Defense, Tourism, Office Campuses, Manufacturing, etc

ICOT infrastructure will be playing a key role in driving sustained economic and social development of our country in this interconnected digital world. The efforts proffered by the Government and private players in this direction over the last decade were testament during the COVID pandemic and kept the country functional despite the odds. However, we have merely scratched the surface, and it’s still a long way to go in democratizing the ICOT infrastructure across different sectors to unleash the real power of technology that will drive the future economic and social development of the nation.

Various technologies like Networking, Mobility, Unified Communication, Electronic and Cyber Security, Audio-Visual applications, building management, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud computing, Industry-specific applications, AR and VR, AI, etc. are the major building blocks of the ICOT Infrastructure. Hence, a very deep understanding and continuous evolution of capabilities in these technology domains would play a pivotal role in enabling this transformation.

ValueZest was incorporated with this goal in mind and a clear objective to provide unbiased and world-class technology consulting services to our institutions at the most optimal cost to harness the best results. The Company aims to unearth the potential of the technology sector in India and devise solutions tailored to requirements.

With technology at the heart of its operations, ValueZest’s R&D efforts are centred on examining advancements available in the ICOT domain. It also works with innovative organizations in developing and harnessing new use cases for various industry sectors that will add a new dimension or positively disrupt and provide solutions to transform the status quo. This further strengthens the technology capabilities of the organization and propells it to its goal of becoming a torchbearer in the Indian market.

Moreover, all of its projects require deep technical knowledge and industry expertise to be able to deliver on its DARE methodology for consulting. DARE stands for ensuring customer’s needs are well Discovered; and meticulously Analyzed; to Recommend the cutting edge, future-ready and most optimal technical solution; that is then Executed with precision in accordance with the Design and general industry standards.

All the operations it does for customers across different engagements may involve all these stages of consulting or a combination of these. Presently, ValueZest is working in numerous technology domains, such as:

  • Enterprise Networking
  • Wi-Fi and Small cell Networks
  • Unified Communications
  • Electronic Security
  • Cyber Security
  • IoT (Internet of Things) and IIOT(Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
  • Video Conferencing, etc

ValueZest is driven by its core values of Customer-centricity, People-first and Delivery excellence that reflects on its work culture. “We proudly call ourselves ‘ValueZesters’, having a strong belief system of delivering real value to our customers, people and with our efforts to the society at large,” adjoins Nihit Bansal, Managing Partner, ValueZest. It follows a very open culture without real hierarchies and offers an environment that is conducive for its people to be innovative, take ownership and be free to deliver meaningful work and achieve their professional and personal growth.

Embarking on this transformational journey in the last 2 years, ValueZest has achieved significant traction in the market and associated growth. Today it is directly or indirectly engaged in many prestigious projects across the verticals, helping them build state of the art ICOT infrastructure, which will eventually benefit the country.

“We are a firm believer of holistic growth of the organization and particular about the projects we pick-up”, affirms Nihit.

The company will continue to grow with an approach of delivering high quality vs quantity. Hence, it will be focusing on working with customers who share the vision and understands the importance of ICOT infrastructure in enabling their transformation

“I am a strong proponent of the message of nation-building, a responsibility that each one of us should be willing to carry in our own capacity. We need to focus on developing and implementing innovative ideas that would cater to the overall social and economic development of the country.” – Nihit Bansal

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