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Venture Briks: When it comes to making a property decision, they will never let you down.

Venture Briks: When it comes to making a property decision, they will never let you down.

Investing in property is a wise move to build wealth. Property investment is perceived to be one of the safest investment options. For almost everyone barring a few, investing in a property is a lifetime decision. Therefore the first time consumers find this a daunting task. People discuss, assess, evaluate a lot before deciding to buy a property. Yet due to the opacity in the real estate industry, new buyers are taken for a ride by scammers.

Therefore, it becomes important that you should hire a specialist who can guide you with his insights and save you from being tricked. There have been numerous instances where professional property consultancy firms have saved consumers from those poor property choices. Companies that provide property consulting services include a team of experienced property experts with full property expertise.

In our next edition ‘Company in focus 2020’ we bring you a story of a professional property consultancy company that acts as a shield between you and the scam and helps you make an informed choice.

Venture Briks is a pre-eminent-focused property consultancy company that offers a complete portfolio of real estate solutions that is inclusive of sales and leasing of residential and commercial property, investment sales and acquisitions, project sales and marketing, and mortgage services.

Mr. Vaibhav Jaiswal- the Managing Director at Venture Briks shares “Our Team is a group of eminent real estate business evangelists and progressive leaders. They are a seasoned negotiator and a brilliant strategist. We empower our partners with quick decisions to overcome challenges. Our management team adds their personal touch in transcending the business needs and offers value-added customer service. We always try to build confidence with our stakeholders and guide them into lucrative business results. We also serve as residential and industrial property management experts where we have gained an eminent reputation as we tend to deliver the service that provides integrity, professionalism, and satisfaction to our clients.”

Looking Back:
Venture Briks is the right example of mindfulness and hard work. To create a space for yourself, you need planning and then through your skillset, you require the right execution of what you have planned. That’s what the team of Venture Briks did the best when they started. Mr. Jaiswal recalls his early days and shares

“With past knowledge that I have acquired over the years, I have understood only one thing- if you have to operate as a real estate consultant, generating sales should go shoulder to shoulder with collecting funds. Venture Briks initially made sure we make a small investment and aim for a better collection to run 25% of our operations with funds collected from the business to attain a stable fund flow. VB entered the market with a very small team nationally and ensured every employee shared responsibility.”

Moving Forward
Venture Briks strives to provide its clients with the finest premium homes and ads that define the standards of luxurious living to their clients. The team is thriving to deliver benchmark quality levels within the spectrum of affordability of the Indian industry.

 “We want our company to lead as the firm of choice of clients in the rapidly evolving market. We want to contribute as the thought-provoking market leaders who will be growth drivers for the development of India so that the whole nation gets empowered.” opines Mr. Jaiswal.

The MD and his team of experts are working to expand exponentially by 2025 with 5000 active employees.

Mr. Jaiswal believes “Information Technology is the way to look forward. Virtual and augmented reality is a huge trend which we tend to incline towards which enables the efficiency of physical spaces management i.e remote viewing of the property with virtual tools, accessibility via mobile applications and web apps, a possibility for customers to investigate properties in detail.”

In the light of the Pandemic, this year, where a lot of businesses have permanently shut down or the staff has been laid off, Venture Briks has completed 1 year with profits above the break-even point.

In the context of the profits, Mr. Vaibhav reveals the reason behind this success “As mentioned previously , we run on a variable salary model, all employees be it senior-most management or the base employee , everyone is working towards giving their 100 %. Also,we have categorised developers into 3 categories – 1,2 and 3. Wherein we focus on working with categories 1 & 2 , not category 3 where the chances of money getting stuck is more. Developers in category 1 & 2 assures payment is made on time if not then within 6 months .

Yardstick of Quality
William foster has rightly said: “Quality is never an accident. It is always a result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents a wise choice of many alternatives.”

Mr. Jaiswal highly credits quality assurance. Speaking to the team of business connect he adds “We have an SOP for every service provided by our company. Hence, there is hardly any deviation in the form of services provided by us. We have a team of very enthusiastic leaders whose main focus is to build relationships by providing the best solutions crafted according to your needs.”

Inside Story
A company’s culture forms an experience for each employee on an everyday basis. It arises from the mission, attitude, principles, aspirations, priorities, recruiting options, and even floor plans of the organization, all those variables are big or small play a vital role in defining the workforce experiences. A motivated workforce will make a crucial difference when it comes to meeting any business objective.

Venture Briks aims to empower the individual by various modes like providing supportive leadership, developing a positive environment, encouraging teamwork, recognizing, and rewarding and empowering problem solving and learning.

Words of wisdom
The MD shares his insight for all young minds aspiring to bring a change.

He says “firstly, always create the plan and work the plan. Without a plan, you will not have a roadmap to get where you want to be. Of course, this plan will keep changing as per the needs and requirements of the company, but at least there will always be a guiding strategy moving forward.”




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