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Vinda: An influential luminary to be reckoned with

Vinda: An influential luminary to be reckoned with

This inside story is the exclusive addition to our latest issue that enlists some highly esteemed leaders across the business fraternity, who are transforming their targeted markets with their unique vision and exceptional business values. The triumph tale of Vinda as a successful entrepreneur has made her an ideal to look up to for inspiration by many people today. Hence, we concluded to feature her story in this elegant read spotlighting her different businesses, vision, values, leadership mantra and a lot more.

A brief of all the brands
Vinda is the Founder-Director of some flourishing brands hailing from diverse verticals naming— Life Coach & Image Consultant, Synergeze Consultants, Impower Virtual Knowledge Hub, Poornam EcoVision Foundation, Perspicere and TranScent Enterprises. Each brand represents her multi-faceted persona, where the inspiration behind all these ventures came from the zeal to be substantive in the efforts to address some burning issues of society. Along with this, it was the power of networking and its influence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that propelled her to establish different businesses targeting different sectors. Each of her establishments resonates with an exceptional purpose and has a distinct motive behind the inception. We have encompassed a brief of all her ventures below-

  • Life Coach & Image Consultant – She as individual has partnered with several organizations as a coach for behavioral skills, employee & organisation goal setting & overall development consultant. Also, she performs as a Trainer as well as consultant to NGOs for social work dynamics and effectiveness.
  • Synergeze Consultants – With this venture, Vinda intended to propose training vertical that is focused on the Process Re-engineering clubbed with employee alignment to address skill gaps in the industries and eradicate pain points accordingly. Today, the processes and people are at large viewed separately stimulating a huge gap across the entire supply chain landscape. In order to address the inefficiency of this domain with end-to-end supply chain management via consulting services, the training vertical among the industries is gradually picking the pace and has now become quite popular owing to its unique as well as effective content and model.
  • Impower Virtual Knowledge Hub – The core inspiration behind it was the availability of practical implementation of trainings in the marketplace that shows swift and direct results on the professional as well as personal front of the trainees. These training programs are contemporary with the ever-evolving market dynamics where the team well- acknowledges the fact that different age groups have different needs and therefore, they need to be catered accordingly. The business portfolio ensures sheer coverage to right from Value Club for kids to Financial Stability and Effectiveness for senior citizens via its training sessions.
  • Poornam EcoVision Foundation – This is a Non- Governmental Organisation that is majorly committed to waste management. It is fixated on generating awareness, providing solutions and addressing the environmental issues that is the need of the hour. The key inspiration behind this establishment is Vinda’s academic background, MSW – Masters in Social Work. This organisation toils day and night for developing sustainable solutions alongside dispensing social awareness in terms of waste management programs.
  • Perspicere – The Revolving Perspective Foundation –(TRP) – Those insightful entrepreneurs with the zeal to come forward and contribute for social cause face barrier of scarcity of reliable platforms to look after their requirements of global visibility, knowledge gap bridging, etc. TRP came into existence owing to the dire need of a holistic ecosystem for entrepreneurs that can sync with their needs while bringing together all the individuals across the globe who strive for social upliftment. In short, Vinda quotes, “This platform has been made for the unsung heroes of the society.”
  • TranScent Enterprises – This business portfolio proposes a one-of-a-kind solution for Converting Moments to Memories in the form of paper based and eco-friendly air fresheners. This product can be proved efficient in making cars to wardrobes to office spaces and even rest-rooms filled with refreshing fragrance. TranScent has also attained a repute of a corporate gifting solution where individual branding option is available for B2B customers.

Business values
Vinda’s perception towards success is firmly based on her ideology— practice an inclusive methodology.  She has been following this mantra while working with all stakeholders in developing or communicating the organisation goals, values, plans or strategies. According to her, this concept allows optimization in overall efforts in communicating as well as clarifying her values and insights to the workforce. Additionally, this process helps in developing adequate responsibility and accountability matrix at every possible level of the organisation that concludes in enhancing the efficiency of plans, strategies and values, established by the administration.

The X-Factor
While revealing the key USPs of her business ventures, Vinda claims that every company has its own differentiating factor as they are into different industrial space. All of her businesses run on the philosophy — Commercialization follows the passion and what makes those stand apart is the dedication to bring a positive impact in the lives of commonalities across the globe.

In terms of revealing the biggest value addition for clientele, Vinda wanted to highlight the offerings under the training vertical of Synergeze Consultants, that have revamped the paradigm of how processes are re-engineered, incorporating the employee’s skills & competence while aligning with the needs, goals & culture of the company. When asked how is it done, she replied, “Skill gap mapping and analysis result in bridging the capability gaps via pieces of training to match the best-in-class process re-engineering approach.”

She further adds that this value additive proposition ensures that the processes can render outputs seamlessly. Her assertion is on the fact that since people are solely responsible for managing the processes, “Every organisation must have customization towards the People & Process Alignment to ensure best results and Synergeze Consultants is adept enough to add substance in this direction.”

Unique leadership style
Vinda’s exemplary leadership stands firm on four cornerstones — inclusivity, accountability, learning & communication. She has cited her style of leading in a spectacular manner, “Any strategy if inclusive of all stakeholders, ensures accountability and is incorporating of learning and all of this backed with decisive and clarity of communication holds the highest chances of success.”

In order to foster leadership traits in her employees, she relies on backup planning at every stage of operation within an organisation that can lead to succession planning for each role. This allows aspiring leaders to groom themselves within the organisation to be ready for taking up the lead roles when time demands.

The work culture with a difference
Across all the companies, the continuous learning & improvement concept is infused in the work culture. The management strains every nerve to map as well as analyse any professional skill gap at every level. Owing to her own two prominent training verticals— Vinda can effortlessly roll out customized modules to help fill in the gap not just only for her employee but also for general professionals.

To her, no work culture can be standardized or implemented in any organisation. Her out-of-the-box insights state that a culture should evolve in pockets or departments and later, should be unified at a macro level. Leading all the companies at the forefront, she gives credence to the fact that optimistic work culture plays significant role in the success of any organisation and keeping a check on toxicity that spoils the overall canvas of the organisation work culture is also imperative. She states that there are various types of work culture thriving in her business ventures such as — Clan, Adhocracy, Market & Hierarchy with their respective pros unifying the whole team members while propelling the businesses to greater heights.

Achievements thus far
Under the auspices of Vinda, all her brands have been scaling the ladder of success affirmatively and their exclusiveness has been recognised as well as rewarded by many eminent institutions and publishing houses. Given that, Synergeze Consultants has been adjudged as Top 10 Imports Exports Consultants for 2021 by Industry Outlook. Also, Impower has bagged the Best Business Innovation Platform / Brand of the Year 2021 Award that has been felicitated by the Minister of MSME – Govt of India.

A token of advice for the budding entrepreneurs
“My message to aspiring entrepreneurs would be two folds for them to focus on Network & Social Capital – Having understood the impact of a good and effective network, I can confidently communicate that this is the first thing any entrepreneurs must look at gathering before even start of the journey. However, the only caution should be quality over quantity. Be Selfish by looking inside and building outside.”

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