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In 1968, the world witnessed a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of VR with the first head-mounted VR display (Sword of Damocles), which could connect to a computer. Since then, two generations have passed and digitization has taken the VR experience to the next level. Over the years, VR has been incorporated in various uses, like training in military and sports, treating post-traumatic stress and medical surgeries to education and fashion; thereby, cultivating our way of life.

Parallelly, the advent of AR since 1990 has elevated virtual interaction with the environment by enhancing the perception of reality through computer-generated data. Its valuable application can be seen in Archaeology, Architecture, Urban design and planning, STEM education, Industrial manufacturing – in short, anything that includes human and computer interaction. With such extensive inclusions, the AR & VR market is forecasted to see a robust ascent in the next five years, in terms of adoption and diversification across various verticals.

The Indian market for AR and VR is still in development, but its rising demand has led to the advent of technology aggregators to devise creative solutions. VirtiLens is an award-winning technology company that provides groundbreaking solutions using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Its expertise in working with innovative platforms makes it one of the first movers in the space, and enables it to conceptualize, ideate and deliver accurate solutions within a short turn around period.

At the heart of its business, Virtilens focuses on creating immersive experiences with VR, AR & Mixed Reality. Founded in 2016 at industrial hub Chennai, Virtilens is one of the premier organizations for enterprise solutions and premium simulation experiences with VR & AR. One of its prized projects that enrich its reputation is V20 Cricket – A Virtual Reality cricket simulator.

The product illustrates the dedication of its team to significantly innovate and deliver an inimitable gaming experience. The Game was launched by eminent Cricketer Dwayne Bravo and is currently present, amongst other locations, at Fun City, India’s leading large format gaming arcade group.

VirtiLens strives to deliver the most advanced technological solutions with an unabating drive to innovate, adapt and disrupt. Their goal is to ceaselessly develop ground-breaking applications for businesses as well as consumers. Apart from building premium games, Virtilens has made a strong impact in the Construction arena. It provides customized VR applications for 3D Modeling, Texturing, Architectural rendering, Real-Estate walkthroughs and a lot more.

The methodology of creating impactful solutions at Virtilens, starts from identifying and analysing the benefits of AR or VR for its clients. These benefits broadly range from increasing productivity and efficiency to improving training and safety standards and marketing a product to a consumer. The Company believes that its projects over the years have given it invaluable experience in stitching together the various elements required to provide sophisticated enterprise-level technology solutions for clients.

This has progressively driven it to deliver VR, AR & AI projects to the real estate, retail, and hospitality sectors to name a few. A broad proportion of companies have aligned with VR and AR solutions in recent years to redefine their growth. The pressing need for such innovations encourages VirtiLens to envision, deliberate, and yield effective results, in its projects to actively support clients and the community.

With the technological upswing, the integration of VR has driven exceptionally realistic simulated experiences. It has blurred the line between virtual and reality, resulting in next-generation sensory experiences. In 2020, the market saw an incremental rise in advancements for enterprise-level users. Technologies like motion sensing and haptics took VR experiences to the next level, further bridging the gap between reality and virtual.

Parallelly, the surge has drawn revolutionary AR applications, such as location-based AR, AI-enabled AR and combining dynamic data with AR. To distinguish itself amid the chaotic market, the team at Virtilens stays updated with emerging innovations. It is armed with VR hardware like Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, and HoloLens, amongst others.

“We believe that innovation is paramount in an already supercharged era for technology, and this keeps us firmly on our toes.” says Mr Akhil Nath (CEO, Virtilens).

“The global pandemic has given these technologies the power to disrupt even further. VR has effectively transformed the way we interact, which has led to a rise in demand for Virtual Conferences, and Virtual Exhibitions, which are some of the most interesting projects we have worked on recently. The importance of staying safe while staying connected has seen a surge in the use of VR in the field of design validation, and examples of this can be seen in the automotive, real estate, healthcare, and aerospace industries”,
explains Akhil

An illustration of design validation in Virtual Reality can be seen above, wherein VirtiLens’ design and technical teams brought their V20 VR Cricket kiosk from concept to launch while collaborating almost entirely in VR.

Like any other innovative technology company, VirtiLens believes R&D is critical for constant improvements in light of recent exponential technological advancements. The team at Virtilens keeps abreast of the latest advancements in emerging technology to stay ahead of the curve.

“Our thirst for knowledge is further enabled by giving the team access to the latest software and hardware available, which results in its developers and artists having the freshest ideas. We encourage an organic work culture as we do not want to stifle any form of creativity,”
remarks Akhil

Its know-how and expertise-driven solutions drew the attention of CIOReview India, an eminent media and publishing house. The magazine named Virtiliens one of the “Top 10 Most Promising AR/VR Providers of 2020” for its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the sector.

In the broader scheme of things, VirtiLens intends to level up through the integration of digital innovations. In the last few years, it has witnessed the coming together of Machine Learning, Infinite Computing, 5G Networks, and their impact on the VR & AR space. It believes, these advancements coupled with the current global environment will make its applications in VR & AR immensely effective, affordable, accessible, and ultimately more relevant, thereby cementing its place as mainstays in modern businesses.


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