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Vivid- A Boutique Hotel

Vivid- A Boutique Hotel

A Perfect Retreat Destination in Trichy with Unmatched Services, Amenities, and Cuisine

In the last few years, India’s hospitality landscape has seen a tremendous transformation with the rise of boutique hotels. Modern travelers seeking more than simply a place to stay have taken an interest in these unique, intimate establishments.; they crave authentic experiences, personalized service, and a stronger sense of connection with the places they visit.

Vivid, the first boutique hotel in Trichy, brings the perfect fusion of comfort, contemporary living, and practicality to the heart of Tiruchchirappalli. Nestled in the center of the city, the property is near popular tourist destinations such as Srirangan Temple, Rock Fort Temple, and shopping centers.

Spearheading Vivid’s rapid growth at the current stage is the founder and managing director of Vivid, Mr. Suresh Cumar Kasinathan. He is a successful, versatile leader with extensive global experience across the hotel domain. Mr. Suresh has been working in various hotel chains since 1998, after his graduation in hotel management.

Elevating Experiences with Remarkable Facilities

Vivid brings a variety of amenities, including exquisite cuisine, perfect lodging, fitness amenities, and round-the-clock services. The 27 classic double rooms and 3 premium suite rooms are designed with the perfect fusion of contemporary facilities and culture-inspired décor.

Guests can experience living in nature with all the comforts of modern life. Their well-appointed suites and rooms are equipped with all the amenities, and a highly trained workforce ensures a value-added experience in all services. They also provide a complimentary breakfast comprising cuisine from the North, and South, and a hint of European and Pan Asian.

Their 70-seater Resto Bar (The Tap Resto Bar), a multi-cuisine restaurant, adds to the culinary experience for the guests. The 150-seat banquet hall even allows visitors to organize their events and functions without any hassle. He also operates a home baking business named AD’s Cake Studio, which is overseen by his wife, Mrs. Shyama. She is a professional baker, and they focus on creating custom-themed cakes. Additionally, Vivid offers a fully equipped on-site exercise center that assures your fitness on the go.

The Genesis of Vivid

Vivid is renowned for offering spaces that perfectly balance a variety of contemporary conveniences, careful planning, style, and functionality. Its inception stems from Suresh’s dream to build his hotel in his native place; this is his first project. His journey evolved from a personal dream into the creation of a magnificent place in the form of Vivid Hotels.

Initially, he hired a team of dedicated professionals based on their qualifications and prior experience in good hotels. Suresh’s key focus was to ensure that the employees were self-motivated and customer-friendly.

The Major Factors Behind Vivid‘s Victorious Journey

Vivid is renowned for its ‘exceptional customer service and convenient location. Their team’s deep knowledge of hospitality enables them to create an extremely homey, casual atmosphere for the guests.

Driven by the core belief that services must be customized to each client’s unique context, Vivid offers an exclusive service range to guests, and every customer is attended to without fail. Here are the key highlights:

• High safety and security standards
• Excellent food and beverage experience
• Strong online presence
• Sustainability and eco-friendliness
• Fantastic location
• Easily accessible

Technologies Shaping Modern Hospitality

The hotel industry remains in a constant state of flux, shaped by technological advancements, global events, and evolving guest preferences. Vivid harnesses advanced software for the check-in process and uses social media effectively to stay in touch with guests. Here, all the rooms are semi-automated with touch panels and can be operated by remote. An enhanced WiFi connection is provided to the guests.

“We do keep track of the latest advancements in the market to understand guest preferences and incorporate them into our property. We always try to stay relevant,” stated Suresh Cumar Kasinathan, sharing how Vivid is continuing on its success track thanks to its creative R&D endeavours.

Quality, the Key Focal at Vivid

Unwavering in its commitment to delivering exceptional services of the utmost quality, Vivid is on the path to establishing itself as an industry pioneer in hospitality. Here, they have SOPs for each department and strictly follow them. They provide ongoing training to all employees to ensure optimum quality service. Besides, they do follow up on every guest who is staying with them for their feedback and take action accordingly.

A Client-Centric Approach

The hotel industry is vast, Vivid stands out with its human touch and pursuit of excellence in its service. They have a mixed guest profile from those who visit the temples, to the major corporate companies like MRF, Toyota, ITC, and major banks.

Vivid gets a lot of international guests through its travel agencies. It is primarily focused on building a solid online presence through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Additionally, they use email marketing to attract new customers and stay constantly in touch with existing guests.

Building an Inclusive Culture with Motivated Employees

Prioritizing “employee well-being” in every decision, they ensure an employee-centric culture. Vivid recognizes the hard work and dedication of the team through the Employee of the Month Program and the Incentive Program to recognize the team’s efforts in reaching the sales objective.

Employees get incentives for receiving fantastic reviews that motivate them to serve better. Besides the career development program and regular training for personality and soft skill development.

Words of Wisdom

Advising aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr Suresh Cumar Kasinathan says, “Stay persistent and resilient. Accept the failures and continue to learn. Build a strong network and stay flexible. Above all, consider yourself a guest and give priority to the needs of your patrons.”

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