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Blending the Excellence of Natural Ingredients with Modern Science to Deliver Quality Skincare Products.

Votre’s aim is to empower women to embrace their authentic natural beauty for a pure expression of self— to ultimately feel great in their own skin…

Just like you nourish your body with good food, your skin deserves care with natural care products. Many non-organic skincare products in the market today include an astonishing amount of scary chemicals. From formaldehyde to petroleum waxes to synthetic oil, an ordinary face moisturizer can contain quite the toxic mixture. Healthy botanical skincare products cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize your skin without using any of these noxious artificial chemicals or additives.

A skincare innovation, VOTRE was fostered by the guidelines of Trendsetter Jaiddep Khurana and a mission of producing quality skincare products that are 100% botanical, vegan & cruelty-free! Founded with 17 products & unlimited dreams, VOTRE’s idea was to incorporate modern technology and the age-old natural approach to produce good-quality and safe-to-use self-care products.

After an extensive 7 years of research & clinical trials, the company opened its sale to professional beauty therapists & salons across India. After the upright response from the professionals, the company decided to expand the product line & also modified its clientele from salon professionals to direct buyers/retailers & importers.

VOTRE decided to open up to direct buyers but with ‘a typical approach’ hence the medium of online shopping was chosen to reach direct buyers. Today VOTRE is a principal skincare provider to some internationally acclaimed salons, spas, online shopping channels & retail chains in India & abroad with a wide range of more than 100 products in its profile.

From a very young age, Jaiddep Khurana aspired to become a self-made entrepreneur. So, he pursued a degree in “International Business’’ and, at the mere age of 20, stepped into the business world. Being a two-time gold medal winner athlete, fitness, good health, and confidence hold immense importance in Jaiddep’s life.

For many years now, his multinational beauty brand, VÔTRE Skincare, has been aiding Men & Women to deal with their skin-related issues in the most natural way possible. In an interview, Jaiddep said, “In my opinion, being confident and self-assured in your own body and skin is a royalty that every single woman should afford. And through VÔTRE, we aim to achieve just that.”

From pharma beginnings, VOTRE’S journey starts with Jaiddep Khurana, an engineering drop-out, precocious teenager, who learned early on that the key to innovation lies in unleashed creativity and daring to dream. The dream that made him repudiate the family-run reputed pharmaceutical connection & branch out into Cosmoceuticals.

Years ago, an unfortunate accident had put him in bed for 6 months and made him realize the true extent of the necessity of a wholesome life. However, the most oppressive experiences in life give you the most valuable lessons.Jaiddep spent most of that time doing studies and research, which piqued his interest and appreciation for the importance of wellness and self-care.

He further dedicated his passion for skincare to venturing off the beaten path, to seek & harness the power of Botanical Molecular techniques developed in the field of molecular biology which back in 2000 was being used to screen cosmeceutical ingredients for skin and hair care applications in Japan, Europe & US.

His curiosity of seeking solutions to big skin concerns & not just introducing topical products made him start the RnD on Botanical Skincare using Molecular Technology.

Trumountt was then officially formed by collaborating with ace laboratories in Tokyo & France to discover & study chemical components generically called phytochemicals in natural ingredients such as Coffee, chocolate, turmeric, olive oil, broccoli, garlic, green tea, blueberries, etc that today have been reported to induce the expression of enzymes influencing cellular antioxidant defense mechanisms.

Jaiddep’s belief in RESPONSIBLE BEAUTY & notion that products should be designed to achieve their desired function while being non-toxic gave birth to VOTRE SKINCARE!

In an increasingly globalized market, where quality and service are the fundamentals to distinction, VOTRE remains faithful to its core values: working only at the highest standards combining innovation with grounded experience. The team dived into R&D and fieldwork. The 10 years of thorough research and testing provide them with strong fundamentals. Their dermatologists, cosmologists, and Ayurvedic doctors have come up with natural formulations that are proven to help people deal with their facial and skincare concerns.

Researched & Developed in association with acelaboratories in France & Tokyo; VOTRE has always harnessed ingredients both Rare & Effective, with cutting  edge Bio-Technology & Patented molecules and finest Botanical Extracts, Oils & Blends. Thanks to the outstanding and pioneering collaborations with top international research centers and accredited laboratories, VOTRE is committed to guaranteeing the market high-end products dedicated to safety & efficacy with particular care to natural environment preservation.

With principles of Botanical Chemistry to selecting the best of active natural ingredients in their formulas to promoting sustainability and beyond, VOTRE SKIN CARE today is known & loved for designing products that celebrate and empower beauty with simple product philosophy; elevating naturalist through authenticity, transparency, goodwill, and scientifically sound methodology.

“The love and positive response of our customers is our greatest achievement and my team works around the clock to deserve more of it. Today, VOTRE Skin Care has spread its wings in countries like India, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, UAE, and several others”, Jaiddep proudly shared when asked about his milestones. The company is all geared up now to get into the D2C sector and also focused on Brick N Mortar, with eventually opening its own brand stores across India in the near future now.

“I thrive to provide my team with a platform and an environment that would help them learn and grow. I aim to make the best out of the resources and talents that life has endowed upon me and help my people to deal with their beauty and skincare-related issues”, he further added.

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