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VSR Enpro, Carving a Niche in the Spice Processing Consulting Market

VSR Enpro, Carving a Niche in the Spice Processing-Consulting Market

“Stay focused, have faith and do your best. Don’t look for short term gains, plan for bigger things in life, negate the traps of immediate growth and stay focused, you will achieve all your dreams.”

Satish Kumar

VSR Enpro Consultants is a multi-discipline engineering and project consulting firm providing complete services from concept to commissioning for food and spice processing plants. They offer a provision of end to end project service to food business operators that form the basic building blocks required for implementing the enterprise project management.

From the time of inception in 2012, the brainchild of Mr. Satish Kumar, Managing director, has tapped on more than 30 Integrated Spice processing facilities as per BRC Standards both in National and International platforms, and personally worked for Unilever, Eveready Battery, ITC and EVEREST Masala as a part of his career.

He strives to add value to the proposed projects he undertakes with a plethora of seamless services at all times. They boast of their achievements to be the result of their continuous endeavors to combine talent, quality and values.

They offer their clients project support for plans of varying sizes, ranging from conceptual process design through detailed engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) services, Product development, Process Improvement, Quality and Food Safety Management Systems (HACCP, ISO 2200, OHSAS, BRC).

VSR Enpro has marked its roots with their footing in projects spanning across the Spice industry, Bakery & Sweets, Snacks, Cornflakes as well as Fruit and Vegetable processing areas. They also deal in design integrated Spices Processing, Cleaning, Grading, Roasting and Sortex and grinding plant (With Cool grinding Technology and Cryogenic Technology) and Product development support, etc.

They work meticulously with their valued customers to increase their readiness level to implement Enterprise Project Management which comprises of pre-established services, Product development, and Process optimization / Re-Engineering services.

VSR Enpro is made up of Project Management personnel, Engineers, Designers and draftsman, specialists experienced in their respective fields. The collective knowledge of the team of experts has helped them in becoming elite, allowing them to offer complete project solutions from Idea conceptualization to Commissioning. They are flexible enough to meet the needs of a junior organization as well as blue-chip companies.


They have carefully and categorically organized themselves into a selection of salient features offered to the customers. They ensure their deliverables are kept vital, simple and reliable and while they are at it, they keep their processes ahead of timelines ornamenting it with accuracy in the integration of multiple resources.

They solely polish and encourage quality objectives like a hefty amount of time invested in the appropriate R&D processes, channeling the energy on the requirements of the clients and making available the most suitable solutions and offering services that are wrapped before time.

A project consultancy firm, VSR Enpro specializes in the Spice processing technology, and regardless of the nature of projects they have undertaken, the prime focus has always been on setting up state of the art spice processing plantsacross India and abroad.

“You will come across a lot of people who will claim themselves to be food consultant but eventually end up becoming a part of different verticals as well, but from the beginning for us, our primary focus has been on only the technology for spices, given that we felt that there is a gap of exercise there” states Satish. 

At a personal level, Satish has worked for a number of influential brands like Unilever, ITC, Everest Masala and more and these brands especially concentrate their focus on this specific division. In these highly significant brands, he worked with the core team and gained ample expertise in the sector.

This not just helped him add value to his understanding but also apply the same to a number of projects, approximately more than 50, in India and abroad, from the concept to the commissioning of it.

With the standards as per BRC (British Retail Consortium), today there are certified plants in India that are primarily planned and executed by VSR Enpro. With everything being infused smoothly with technology, in the spice market, right from processing to packing, it is all automatic, the manual bend is practically negative.

Satish further adds, “The technology we suggest is latest in terms of Spices Cleaning, Grinding Batching and Mixing , Processing Plants we set up is as per world class manufacturing ,we have a PAN India and global presence. We have served clients from East, West, South, and North covering the best of the brands like Eastern

Condiments,ITCLtd,GRBDairy,KarachiBakery,BadshahMasala,GoldieeMasala,Priyapickles,Rainbow Masala, Allanasons, Future Consumer Group, Haldirams, Organic Tattva, Cookme Spices, Koreka SDN BHD, LaBaguette-Kuwait and more.” 


In India and Asia, fully automated facility for the spice market was initiated and conceptualized and convinced client to adopt the latest technology, so in terms of competition, there were none in this vertical for him. He has for years served as the best in the spice consultation market.

We bought technological advancements to the market, in terms of time and value, prior to VSR Enpro, the spices were being ground in a higher age-old fashion, and they revolutionized the idea of it. And rather than the conventional method of grinding, new infusions like low-temperature grinds and more were introduced. Having said that, the fact is that the existence if the technology was there, sadly there was a lack of utilization of it.

The mass mentality was bent towards the conventional ways and there was a dire need to change this mindset and bring in ways that were efficient in a variety of manners. Earlier the market and customer demand was not as high as it is today, there were no vendor approvals or factory audits, so these methods worked well earlier but today scenario has changed and with the introduction and amplification of all these things, the market has only gotten better.


The food safety standards have been growing stringent with time in India, eventually, it came to a point where this technology adoption became mandatory. Earlier there were export-oriented factories which concentrated on trading spices to Europe and USA mainly, VSR Enpro ensured setting a standard in that market and grabbed the trust as a world class spice consultation service provider.

Gradually the adoption started domestically as well, and that primarily is the reason for their success. And since there were such high standards set, India’s leading spice company took Satish as a key member in their organization and he has played a very important role in a number of their projects, taking care of everything from scratch.

“I have gained a mixed experience of corporate and family-owned businesses, both and hence I have had a firsthand experience of infusion of technology on a large scale with the right quality of food.” Strongly asserts Satish. 


When it comes to knowledge of the business that you are doing, one is working just as a project management consultancy, which is available in abundance in the market and it all together, a different aspect to being offering a complete experience on the technical aspects, which is rare.

VSR Enpro offers a complete supply chain management, from procurement, geographical availability of the spices to the natural properties and behavior of each one of them, which makes the job of the client easy.

What gives them an edge is the fact that they offer standards of services that are international, so for anyone who has the right complete value chain knowledge and expertise is missing from the market. They take ownership of the project, execute it successfully and then handover it in fully running process.

The market lacks the availability of end to end solution providers and that is what they offer. Having said that, on a parallel, for the client, it’s easier to hire one company for all these processes and stick to one point contact for all the queries.


Rowing back to the history lanes, Satish recollects, “I remember it all, I was working with a safe salary, a hefty one, and had zero projects in hand. Yet I took that leap of faith and started with a small office in Mumbai, which was a life-altering event.”

Being from Hyderabad, Satish’s career was all engulfed with the growing industries there. He shifted from a successfully booming career to consultancy solely on the faith balancing on his knowledge and experience. At the beginning, of course, he faced challenges, in terms of adoption of technology because it was new. But there was an assurance that if not today, eventually companies will have to mend their ways towards technology, it’s a global requirement, and so he didn’t give up.

Comparing the facilities and advancements that we have today was far different from what Satish did when he started, there is a massive gap from then to now, and it is only better today. He started by signing three projects at the beginning of his career and has successfully come to a point where the company is blocked for the next two years in terms of undertaking projects.

Investing quality time in research and development plays a very important role for the company, so each time there is new technology in the market in terms of spices or methodology, it is implemented and it proves of great help to the client and the company both.


Vani Satish kumar

Being in a marriage and being business partners are two of the most intense types of relationships you can have. Both require time and energy, both need strong communication and compromise to thrive, Vani Mamidipally playing this dual role perfectly in keeping Work-Life balance. Vani taking care of entire administration and financial part in VSR Enpro.


Starting the journey of a consultant is easy, because the only investment is knowledge, so if you have a good team to work with and the right knowledge to disperse, success will always be at hand is what Satish bids his comprehension on.

“Of course each and every employee is important when it comes to me as a single person, I cannot take of everything in every aspect, there has to be a team of dedicated individuals working towards it loyally” adds Satish.

The company handles a number of projects at the same time and the VSR Enpro staff is committed to doing their job right and bridging gaps whenever Satish isn’t available with his experience and expertise. The players and the sub players, each one of them is treated more as partners than employees in the company.


VSR Enpro is positively looking ahead for expansion in the approaching years, in terms of consultancy vertical, the only piece that was missing from the puzzle was the raw material. The raw material is the one thing that can hamper the entire process no matter how perfectly it is performed because if the raw spice isn’t good enough, the end product will not be satisfactory either.

Hence, there are plans of adding “Deccan Agripure India LLP” a vertical of supply chain Management Company for the same to gain supreme quality material that matches the international standards. With a prima focus on Contract farming /Organic Farming Spices supply to global food companies. This will also help Farmers empowerment, better gain to farmers and also complete Food Traceability in the various processes in the food chain from agricultural production to consumption i.e. Farm to Fork concept.

“From not being able to pay the school fee to run a company on international standards, from wanting to sit in an airplane once to fly around 25 days a month, it has been a long journey. I strongly believe and suggest in working hard and never giving up, your dreams will come true” Satish Kumar.

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