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Will India Become an Economic Superpower?

Will India Become an Economic Superpower?

For many years, there has been discussion about India’s rise to become a global superpower, and predictions of when this will happen have varied. Although some experts predict India will become a powerhouse by 2025, others believe a later date. In this article, we’ll look at whether India will be a superpower by 2030 and the factors that might facilitate or impede its growth.

The world economy is expected to increase quickly over the next few decades, despite the economic headwinds caused by trade disputes, Brexit, and the coronavirus. In fact, the UN predicts that worldwide population growth will only be a merge 26%, and by 2050, the market is expected to double its current size.

Many changes are coming with this growth. Even though it can be difficult to forecast the future precisely, the majority of economists concur on one point: the emerging markets of today will become the economic superpowers of tomorrow.

The World in 2050 report, published by global professional services firm PwC, projects that in 30 years, six of the seven largest economies in the world will be emerging economies, surpassing the US (which will fall from the second to the third rank), Japan (which will fall from the fourth to the eighth rank), and Germany (which will fall from the fifth to the ninth rank). Over the next three decades, even comparatively smaller economies like Vietnam, the Philippines, and Nigeria will see enormous jumps in their respective rankings.

The Rise of India as a Superpower

In recent decades, China’s economic rise has been the most significant development in the world’s economy. However, India’s rise as a potential new economic superpower may be going under the radar due to fears about its collapsing real estate market and widespread concerns about inflation.

India has recently surpassed the UK to become the fifth-largest economy in the world. Economists predict that by 2030, the 1.4 billion-person country will be ranked third, behind the United States and China.

While the world came to know Chinese business billionaires like Jack Ma, the creator of Alibaba, the incredible fortune that Indian billionaires Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani have amassed in recent years has not received as much attention.

“India seems positioned to sustain its upward trajectory in the world rankings going forward. Overall, we believe that during the next ten years, the economy will surpass both Japan’s and Germany’s to become the third largest in the world, and India will become a superpower in 2030.”


“India’s economy has been expanding at a remarkable rate, and in the upcoming years, this growth is anticipated to continue. India’s GDP is expected to increase at an 11.5% annual rate in 2021”, according to the IMF, making it the world’s fastest-growing major economy. In addition, by 2030, India’s economy is expected to rank third around the globe. However, India still has a lot of issues with unemployment, income inequality, and poverty, which could impede its ability to grow economically. With the above data, we can perceive the answer as positive for the question – will India become an economic superpower?


India has made significant progress in the technology sector in recent years, and it is home to many successful startups and tech companies. However, India still lags behind in the development of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics. To become a superpower, India will need to invest in research and development and attract more foreign investment in its technology sector.


India possesses the fourth-largest military in the world, and in recent times, it has been updating its armed forces. In addition, the nation possesses a potent missile defence system and is a nuclear power. India must continue to invest in its defence capabilities in order to preserve its strategic position since it still confronts security threats from Pakistan and China.


With a young and expanding population, India is predicted to surpass China as the most populated nation in the world by 2027. Large populations can be advantageous for the labour force and consumer market, but they also present serious problems for the provision of needs like food, shelter, and healthcare. To maintain a healthy and productive populace, India would have to make investments in healthcare and education.


India still has a long way to go before it can claim the title of superpower, because of issues like political instability, poverty, illiteracy, and corruption. In order to avoid impeding its economic growth, the nation must also repair its infrastructure deficit, which includes power, water, and roads. Then,  we can actually answer – will India become a superpower in 2030?

A lot of people believe that this century will be known as the Chinese century, with China emerging as the global economic powerhouse. In the next ten or so years, this is probably going to be the case, but if we look much further ahead, the situation might be much different.

According to the univariate model, China’s economy will be the biggest in the world at 2100, accounting for about 27% of global production. The US will come in third place with 12.3% of the world’s output, and India will have the second-largest economy with 16.2% of the total.

However, based on the multivariate model’s results, China will be substantially smaller than both the US and India by the year 2100. According to this estimate, the US economy would make up 18.1% of world output, followed by India at 8.0% and China at 7.8%. Meanwhile, as Africa eventually catches up to Western production rates, Sub-Saharan Africa would increase to a staggering 17.5% of global output. That would make that the African Century.

Back to the question, will India be a superpower?  Not too quickly, however, if the productivity patterns of the past 20 years continue, India’s GDP will account for 33.8% of the world’s total, surpassing that of China’s 22.2% and the US’s 10.0%. This is the final answer on when will India become a world superpower.


If India can overcome its obstacles and build on its advantages, it could overtake the United States as a superpower by 2033. India must continue to make investments in its economy, technology, and military prowess while tackling its poverty, healthcare, and education issues if it is to reach this status. India also has to get more involved in international events and forge closer diplomatic ties with other powerful nations. Although it is not a given that India will become a superpower by 2033, its recent achievements indicate that it is headed in the right direction.

When will India become a superpower?

By 2037, India is expected to rise to the position of a third economic powerhouse. According to a recent analysis by the prestigious London-based consultancy Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), India will have a US$ 10 trillion GDP by 2035 and rank third among the world’s economies by 2037.

How can India become a superpower group discussion?

India can grow into a world powerhouse, a nation with broad reach and the capacity to project power across a large portion of the globe. A country can gain this kind of influence due to a variety of factors, including political, military, economic, demographic, and cultural ones.

How will India become a superpower?

After China, India is the nation with the highest population in the world with a positive population growth rate. Since over half of the population is under 25, the decline in the number of people in the active labour force due to ageing should not be a barrier to economic growth in the next decades.

Is India an economic superpower?

With a plethora of businesses that support global development, India’s economy has grown to become the fifth largest in the world since it separated from the United Kingdom 76 years ago.

Why India will not become a superpower?

There are numerous reasons why will india become a superpower. The next question, is why it will not be. India is one of the four countries presently seeking for a permanent seat in the UNSC, but it is not a permanent member of the body. India is therefore unable to have the same impact or exchange of ideas with other countries as superpowers.

Will India become an economic superpower?

According to an array of viewers, India possesses the potential to emerge as a worldwide powerhouse, possessing the broad ability to influence events and project power throughout a significant portion of the planet. A nation can gain this kind of influence due to a variety of factors, including political, military, economic, demographic, and cultural ones.

Who is the economic superpower at present?

The US is currently the largest economic power in the world.

Will india become a green superpower?

India has a unique opportunity to lead the world in green hydrogen and renewable battery technology. By 2030, India may have a market for low-carbon technologies valued up to $80 billion. India needs the international community’s assistance to move its development toward a low-carbon trajectory.

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