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Williez, Shaping the Young Minds for a Better Tomorrow

“Always do your best and love what you do. We don’t have to wait for large-scale, upstream changes to happen, we can initiate change right now since there are endless starting points.”

Ms. Suvidha Shekar, Managing Director, Williez

Like we have preparatory days in school just before our exams, similarly, pre-schools act like the preparation of the child for formal schooling.

Play schools today have a lot on offer, from concepts of basics, etiquettes, group behaviors, development skills to focusing on enhancing a child’s personality, they do it all. And in the competitive world that we serve today, nothing fancies a compromise and none should. Social and sensory development of the child is provided utmost importance through which appropriate behavioral changes are polished in accordance with appropriate age and time.

And strengthening its teamwork and expertise in pre-school education, Williez is expanding its boundaries to develop an approach that’s based on accepted research. They promote the deepest, most genuine learning which births for children through play and fun activities lovingly guided by highly trained teachers of the school.

Established on 25th March 2009, Williez accelerated its journey with creativity, critical-thinking skills, and communication. They follow the skill-based curriculum and the purpose of learning in the foundation years is to develop mastery in skills like reading, logic, concentration, and perseverance that are essential for success.


Teachers do more than teach, and their impact extends far beyond the classroom. Teaching as a profession inspires Suvidha, their ability to guide students, their fairness and their see of justice pushed her to start her pre-school.

Suvidha adds “While I was student teaching, I had the opportunity to take subjects classes for my neighbors. I had received positive feedback from all them and they were persisting me to start school. Thus, made me inspire to a role in this Education field”

She feels that the challenges in our lives are our wake-up calls, our lessons to be learned. You’ll face new challenges every day and it would be both interesting and complicated to achieve them. We learn the most from our challenges once we acknowledge them. Recognizing the tasks of people that may be causing us hardship or insecurity isn’t always so easy. She empowered herself to take her own way and pave it for the rest to follow, she spoke to herself in all honesty and realized that the time to take some action had come that was due.

“Nothing can beat a person who is prepared. Organizing your schedule and having a to-do-list can be a big help in doing your school works. You can also cram when you have a list of what project/school work should you do first. This will also help you to be less stressed whenever there are a lot of things to do.” Feels Suvidha.


Williez focuses on children’s safety keenly and teaches them daily about safety measures in school. Every month teachers conduct quiz on safety, role-play based on the topics of accidents, cleanliness and safety measures. They have amenities like Fire extinguishers, First aid kit box, Air purifier, 24×7 CCTV Surveillance, etc.

Change is the only constant-even in Education. Education is benefitting from trends across sectors from the integration of technology to making hard sciences a more creative process to encourage innovation.

“At Williez, we make education more interactive. A crucial element in learning is that children should not be told that their way of thinking is wrong, instead encourage them to build on further insights in a positive way. We use Hands-on-activities which helps to make academics more tangible for students and become a bridge to abstract thinking.” Further adds Suvidha.

Encouraging teamwork helps to develop communication and problem-solving skills in a cooperative way and provides children the opportunity to present their solutions in their own way.

They have a curriculum which is mixed up with academics and play way activities. Their essential focus is to make the child feel the joy in learning. They have Friday activity and monthly activity that helps the child to nurture and enhance their creative skills. Their activities are highly creative and inquisitive.


Suvidha avers “We proudly say that my school has good bonding with our parents. We focus on the best interest of the children.”

There are a number of things Williez takes care of to keep hold of the trust instilled in the school, like a structured environment/spacious classroom, advanced curriculum, assembling a team of dedicated staff for their ability to get the best out of students, imbibing good moral values and correct safety measures. And further ahead Williez plans to add life skills enhancing activities as well like storytelling, grass and fine motor activities, cognitive and art activities, to ensure overall growth of the child.


Suvidha Shekar, the Founder/Director of Williez Pre-school has received many accolades and to name a few, Tops 5 Pre-School in Maharashtra —SCI-2016 Bangalore, National Mahila Rattan Gold medal Award, Bharat Vidya Shiromani Award–Delhi for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Education, Entrepreneur women of the year 2018, Jewel of India for outstanding achievement and remarkable role in the field of Education and many more.


“Competition should be healthy and ought to be worth. The spirit of competition will prepare better and more competent classroom sessions with innovative and fresh ideas of teaching being devised in the pursuit of excellence, involving methodical planning of lessons, and adopting efficient, well-organized teaching strategies and tactics. Students will become enthusiastic as they will have to prove their skills against the best talent from other institutions.” Adds Suvidha.

At Williez, a unique pattern of the education system is followed, they do not have exam patterns and marks-based curriculum. Assessment of the children knowledge is done based on all facets of development, including intellectual, linguistic, social-emotional and physical development on a regular basis.

Suvidha, sharing her perspective feels that education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. The primary goal of school education system nowadays is not mainly targeted towards imparting good character, developing interpersonal skills, enabling the students to the active application of their mind but, is confined purely to the completion of syllabus within the time allotted and conducting the prescribed tests.

As a result, students are turned to be mere mark getters and their overall personality development ranks a big zero. At Williez, they include personality development lessons, moral and ethical teaching and supporting the real facts of life by connecting classroom lectures with real-life experiences.

Education is always a necessity not a luxury, every skill that you pick up throughout the course of your life is an education for you. It’s a necessity because that’s how people grow into better human beings and a society advance.

“We teach moral values like Honesty, Hard work, Respect for others, Co-operation, Compassion, Forgiveness, unconditional love, and kindness.”

Ms. Suvidha Shekar

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