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A Venture Dedicated To The Safety Of High-Rise Buildings

As high-rise buildings continue to rise in metro cities globally, the demand to ensure their safety has also peaked in recent years. Repair and rectification become impossible at site, making it essential to have a well-designed and tested system. Winwall Technology India Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture with the Winwall group headquartered in Singapore, spurs a difference with its ISO 17025 NABL accredited performance testing laboratory that tests facades, windows, doors, and handrails for their performance against air and water leaks, structural stability, wind load, and live load movements.

They also test fire propagation properties of cladding systems for fire. Recently, Winwall has been accredited for testing processed glass and hardware used in doors and windows for durability. The company has its unchallenged presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India. Based on its innovative solutions, Winwall Technologies has managed to draw global attention and garner worldwide recognition.

We decided to feature its success story in this narrative for which we sat down for a tete-a-tete with P. Jothi Ramalingam who is the Director of the company. He walked us through various aspects of his venture that is well-reckoned for providing high-rise buildings with energy-efficient, fire-resistant, water-resistant, and structurally strong infrastructure.

The company brief

Winwall Tech India has been associated with several iconic projects like Reliance Jio corporate office, Oberoi Commerz, Piramal Revanta, Godrej BKC tower, Raymond realty, Bangalore airport, Hyderabad airport, Chennai airport, Goa Airport, World trade center- Chennai, Amazon’s India office, among many more.

Winwall works with architects and consultants to validate their design of the façade by simulating real conditions to check the effective performance of the systems they have proposed for a high-rise project. Winwall’s USP is to offer a complete package of testing facades for air,water, structural loads, and fire propagation along with the performance of the heat-strengthened or toughened glass and hardware being used in the façade.

Winwall management has always fostered an open culture where staff and workers have been encouraged to express their ideas to better the quality of service being offered.

What are the USPs offered by Winwall Technology?

The company collaborates with architects and consultants to verify the effectiveness of their proposed design of façade systems for high-rise projects by conducting rigorous tests under real conditions. By providing a mock-up sample and testing it, the building occupants can have confidence that the façade of their building is secure.

What sets Winwall apart is its comprehensive package of testing services, which includes assessing facades for air,
water, structural loads, and fire propagation, as well as evaluating the performance of the glass and hardware used in the façade. This gives designers the assurance that the building will remain safe for years to come. Winwall is committed to customer satisfaction and constantly strives to improve its services based on customer feedback.

The company is always innovating and expanding its offerings to the façade industry. Winwall’s management fosters an open culture where staff and workers are encouraged to share their ideas for improving the quality of service provided. As a result, Winwall has become the preferred testing laboratory for façade consultants and has been recognized by the Governor of Tamil Nadu for its contributions to making facades safer.

Unique cultural principles

Collaboration and teamwork are essential components of Winwall’s work culture. The company’s employees often work in teams to conduct tests and interpret results, and they may also collaborate with other departments such as engineering or research and development to ensure that testing procedures are up to date and aligned with industry advancements.

Winwall places a strong emphasis on continuous learning and development, and its employees are encouraged to pursue ongoing education and training to stay updated with the latest industry standards and advances in testing technology. Additionally, the company invests in research and development to continually improve its testing methods and equipment.

Winwall’s management fosters an open culture where staff and workers are encouraged to express their ideas to improve the quality of service being offered. Overall, the company prioritizes accuracy, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality assurance. It is a highly structured environment that values collaboration, teamwork, and continuous learning and development.

Noteworthy accomplishments

Winwall has received various awards and recognition for its spectacular work in the field of performance testing. Some of the worth mentioning achievements and accolades include:

• The first private lab in India to be NABL accredited to perform Facade fire test as per NFPA 285, Glass Performance Testing, and Cyclical Testing of Hardware.
• Received the Construction Industry awards 2022 for Testing excellence from the Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu Mr. R.N. Ravi.
• Tested more than 450+ iconic projects across India, Qatar, and Sri Lanka.
• It has established itself as the thought leader in construction forums pan India with over 20,000+ organic impressions across social media channels.

The parting words from the leader

Before signing off from the session, Mr. Jothi shared a few words with our global readership, “Large buildings are being constructed all over the world, offering increased living and working space. However, with this comes a set of safety concerns. The construction of these buildings requires specialized knowledge and expertise, and ensuring the safety of the people inside must be a top priority.

The need for safety is fundamental to human well-being, whether at home or in the workplace. Regardless of the size of the building, safety should always be a top priority, with no compromises made. It is crucial for users to inquire about the safety of the building they reside in, particularly in the case of large buildings. This means questioning the construction, design, and safety features of the building, to ensure that it meets safety standards and regulations, with regular safety inspections carried out.

Readers should never compromise on safety, and should always question the safety of their residence or workplace. By doing so, they can help ensure the well-being of themselves and others. It is important to remember that safety is a fundamental right, and should never be taken for granted.”

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