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Wishgames11 Pvt. Ltd.

Wishgames11 Pvt. Ltd.

Playing With New Opportunities

Wishgames11 is an innovative digital platform that enables users to indulge in sports of their choice digitally. What is unique about this initiative is that not only does it provide a vast array of sports to choose from, from Cricket to Football to Kabaddi to Kushti, it also provides an opportunity for the players to earn a livelihood while amusing themselves. The virtual gaming platform has created a niche in the market for sports enthusiasts. The user has options to join as player as well as coach, and each comes with its own perks including bonus incomes, referrals and so on.

Deb Mukherjee, Founder and CEO at WishGames Pvt Ltd, launched this platform in 2020 when he observed an opportunity whereby people are incentivized to earn while enjoying a game. His zeal towards exploring new markets and addressing people’s concerns led to the establishment of this community-driven gaming application that offers long-term earning opportunities to its client base.

Charting new territory, the vision of Wishgames11 is to grow in this arena and enable India to become an entertainment powerhouse in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. This business venture has embarked on a mission to help this country of more than one billion people achieve its potential for growth in the market.

“With over a billion consumers, India offers massive opportunity in the M&E segment.”

The organisation has laid out strategic plans to scale the industry and is looking forward to capturing new audiences, expanding the business, and garnering a competitive edge. A major part of their goal is generating employment opportunities in the fantasy gaming industry:

“While generating shareholder’s wealth is vital, facilitating job creation is equally significant. In the long run, our users will be able to make a living while getting entertained.”

Wishgames11 hopes to construct a roadmap in this unchartered territory to ensure growth and expansion in the field for itself and for other upcoming endeavours.

Having established a leading capital market services provider as a veteran in the financial world, the Founder of Wishgames11 is looking forward to adding another feather in his cap with this exceptional business venture. Deb Mukherjee is an ardent leader with a zest to solve business problems and deliver quality services to the people.

His leadership style reflects trust in his employees and the ability to make well-informed collaborative decisions. Mr. Deb believes in empowering his team by holding interactive sessions with them when coming up with solutions. Valuing diverse opinions, holding regular training sessions and throwing challenges at them to keep them on their toes keeps the employees working under him motivated and eager to see the company succeed.

The employee engagement tools run by the organization also keep the team members abreast of the values, vision, and mission of the company. Mr. Deb ensures that each team member shoulders complete individual responsibility in their area of work, and helps them with it by discussing and fixing with them if ever a glitch comes up.

He has created a work culture at Wishgames11 that resonates positivity and productivity. Treating every employee with respect and equality, and giving them the freedom to explore innovative ideas to help in the growth and evolution of the company has resulted in an efficient work environment. Mr. Deb holds each employee accountable for the result of their assigned work, which ensures discipline and productiveness.

As a leader of the team, he ensures that every team member is kept in the loop in the decision-making process, and is given the opportunity to offer their own perspective. “I feel that people with different positions and profiles in an organization can foresee the actual impact of every decision. Hence, I discuss things with professionals who are at different hierarchy levels in my organisation and take an insight into what can be done to double the impact and what should not be done, as that particular decision can have an adverse impact on the organization on a whole,” he states.

“I motivate my team by scheduling skill and self-development training sessions at the office at regular intervals. I also encourage the team by giving away out of turn appraisal, short vacation trips, events to celebrate the achievement of the target and by keeping the workplace happy.

Another aspect of business that Mr. Deb attaches utmost importance to is research and development. For him, research plays a pivotal role in product development. Mr. Deb makes sure that a product is critically analysed and tested at every stage of its development, right up till it is launched in the market. In-depth initial phase technological assessment and experimental development helped them come up with Wishgames11.

Wishgames11 has a team of professionals with hands-on experience that keeps tracks of advancement in technology and tailors the products accordingly. Initially, they began with CorePHP, and now they use technologies such as NodeJS for backend, MongoDB and MySQL for databases along with CodeIgnitor, Android and iOS. As a result, the organization has an array of state-of-art applications such as Wisdom PRO and Wishgames11 on the offer.

Mr. Deb also has an affinity towards helping people in need to the best of his abilities. His company owns an NGO named SERVE – Street Family’s Empowerment Through Reducing Vulnerable Environment – to help the underprivileged section of the society. SERVE runs several campaigns such as medicine donation, free empowerment programs, food stall for daily wagers, etc.

For Wishgames11, his aim is to imbibe technological upgradation and make it into an even better fantasy gaming platform and offer better packages. He plans to add more games to the application to attract people towards this
earning while gaming opportunity. In the next five years, Wishgames11 is set to explore foreign markets as well.

“Always believe in yourself and don’t feel demoralized if you fail to develier what was expected from you. It is so, because no one aims to fail, but failure is the first step towards success. So, keep your spirit high and continue working towards the achievement of your goals.” Deb Prasad Mukherjee, Founder and CEO

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