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How to work smarter, not harder ?

How to work smarter, not harder ?

Have you heard a sentence? “Be productive” I’m sure you have because we all are doing a job somewhere, we often hear from our bosses. At some point it is true. not being productive, you can jeopardize your career very quickly. but, have you ever pondered? how can we become a productive person? For this one, you have to work smarter not harder.

Working at the company or doing business there is not enough time to get the job done. Going through this situation, you always feel behind. it is not good for anyone. Before working smarter we need to know the difference between smarter work and harder work.

Answer working more hours

I was reading a CNBC article where Bob Sullivan explained, he quantified the relationship between hours worked and productivity. He found out that 50 to 55 hours of work a week. Employee’s output falls sharply which shows putting 70 hours they produce nothing.

He has advised those people who are doing work like this. He says, instead of giving extra hours, every individual should work effectively by focusing on, what really matters. In this way, you are going to work done quickly and reduce the work hours.

What is the difference between Work smarter Not harder?

Before knowing the difference between these two topics I would like to tell the story. I believe that the story affects us more than knowing definition. Although, you can read the definition if you want. I was reading a hazel short story. It’s about a woodcutter story.

“Once upon a time there is woodcutter who was good at wood cutting. He arrived at the timber factory where he asked about the job. He said to the boss, sir I am a great woodcutter. I need a job and want to work at your timber factory. Unfortunately, he got the job. He was so happy because the pay was so high. His boos gave him a new Axe showed him the jungle where he supposed to work. He started work.

the first day he cuts 15 trees, the second day he cuts 10 trees, day by day his performance was getting low, so he went to the boss and said sorry about my poor work. He says, sir, my performance getting low. Boss smiled and asked when was the last time you sharped your Axe. he surprised and said, sharp I don’t have time to Sharpe. After the day, the performance was getting better” 

What I want to say here. Before starting work, you need a strategy. If he would think about the sharp Axe, he hadn’t conversation with the boss. I asked for some opinions about smart work. The majority of people have misunderstanding they think if you are owning short cut ideas and things get done very quickly. This is called smart work. Well, this isn’t true. The owing short cut isn’t a good idea. It might work sometime but not all the time. Smart people work by using skills. Their work gets done so easily on time.

Not having a clear concept, it makes you work so harder. Also, you are going to put a lot of time for a single project. how can you be a productive person? Abraham Lincoln has quote, once he said, “if I had six hours to cut down A tree, I would spend first four sharping the saw.” The hard worker people, they just think if I am putting a lot of hours on my work I will succeed. However, the reality is this isn’t how it works.

What are the tips to be Work smarter not harder?

Now I am going to give you 10 more effective tips. In this way, you can replace bad habits by owning good habits. These tips will make your life easier and you become a smart worker.

1. Communicate with colleagues:

you are working somewhere or doing an entrepreneur. Look for some opportunities to work. As you get a good opportunity to start work with them. It is the best time to strengthen your communication and collaboration skills.

When you do, your unnecessary time starts to reduce, and you become more knowledgeable. Also, keep in mind that if you have even little misunderstanding try to short right there. As your concept becomes stronger you will be more productive.

The best communicator is a good listener. So, I would say to enhance your listening skills. Stay on the topic when you are communicating with others. one of my interesting books is called a 4-hour workweek written by timothy Ferriss. He said smart people don’t write too much information while sending a message. Keep it simpler when you try to communicate with colleagues.

2. Make a routine about work:

you can see, successful people always follow good habits. One of the most important they make a daily routine. Mike Murdock says, “The secret of the future is hidden in your daily routine.” When we make our routine, our brain takes as a task. I’m sure you will be failed in the beginning but once you become habitual for this. Your production gets increased.

this era, you can use technology. Set the reminder, in this, you can manage your daily routine. Following over and over again, you will have a habit. This means, at some point, you won’t need the reminder.

3. Set a deadline for any project:

Most of the time, people get distracted by thinking or helping someone else. Which means, you are not giving priority to your project and spending a lot of time without any reason. I know you want to help someone but, in this way, you are putting yourself in danger. This habit won’t produce a result on time. Also, you will feel hopeless that is not good for you.

I would like to share my habit, focus on your work by setting up a deadline. If your colleague asks help, first give a little smile and say politely NO. after finishing it you can go say sorry, help them.

4. stop doing multitasking work:

people are known as a multitasker. But truth is, the human is not able to perform multi work simultaneously. When they are saying I can, ignore them because they are just showing their selves in front of you. Neurologist Earl Miller said, “The brain is very good at deluding itself.” If you are shifting our attention from one to another very quickly. you are making a big mistake.

per my advice stop doing those things. It is just spending time too much time. Before working on a project try to take a long breath and try to focus on a project.

5. Learn from the past mistake:

I have written a topic it may sound counterproductive. This is the truth. We always see our past success make ourselves comfortable. It is a good way to feel happy. What when you go on the project I would say, remind your past mistake what you did. Make a mistake list, commit yourself that you are not going to do that again. A very famous quote

“some of the best lessons are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom of the future.” ~Dale Turner

Here I want to say, do not think as failure think you have learned something

6. Those work what you enjoy most:

Do you know? if your passion becomes your career, nobody can stop you from success. I have seen most people who just work for money. That’s not a problem. But, not taking interest in the job, it will affect so many things such as low productivity, less confidence, less concentration, and steal your happiness. My single advice for you, do not work just for money, work for happiness and money. I read somewhere a very great quote.

7. Do those work what you enjoy most:

Do you know? if your passion becomes your career, nobody can stop you from success. I have seen most people who just work for money. That’s not a problem. But, not taking interest in the job, it will affect so many things such as low productivity, less confidence, less concentration, and steal your happiness. My single advise for you, do not work just for money, work for happiness and money. I read somewhere a very great quote

“if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.”~Mark Anthony

So, if you are not happy with the job, do two things. First, do what are you doing, and second improve interesting skills to get the dream job.

8. Measure the result not time

When we get the project first thing comes in mind. how long does it take? Then we start to compare with the colleague. Bill gates said, “if you are comparing yourself with others, you are disrespecting yourself”. So, I would say do not compare at all. give some time and think about it how you are going to do that.

 “Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.”~Miles Davis,

it means you have the only goal to produce the product with quality without thinking time.

9. improve attitude adjustment:

We all like to work in a positive environment. It means we need a team that has a positive attitude. with the help of a positive attitude, people can take incentive ideas whenever they want. They like to help colleagues when their colleagues stuck in a project. In this environment, they take the slack when someone is off sick, and make sure their job gets done on time. One of the best things they never complain at all. Because they like to go beyond and above.

“Each day, I come in with a positive attitude, trying to get better.”~Stefon Diggs

A positive thinker always thinks that they are going to do a little better today.

10. Do not take stress:

As we know that stress can create issues it does not only affect our project but all impact our health and mental alertness. Do you know? stress hiddenness our work performance, please don’t surprise, it is true. Relieving stress before going to work, it is a good idea.

American psychological association said that the best way to release stress by playing sport. Doing exercise every single day and playing sport will improve your concentration level.

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organize your life around it.”~Brain Tracy

Overall what I want to say that do not take stress about anything just do what are you doing.

11. Automate more task:

Successful people have a big secret. People make so many decisions at a single time, in the end, they get nothing. If you want to be a productive person just do not make a big amount of decision, it only gives you a headache. Making more decisions also unbalance your relationship. Unbalance lifestyle cannot make you happy.

What kinds of advantages do I get by following these 10 Tips?

Here, I am going to give you tell you 10 benefits which you will get definitely.

  1. by making fewer decisions, you can work done very easily.
  2. Not taking stress, you can have very inactive ideas.
  3. Making a daily routine, you will have more free time which you can spend with your family.
  4. If you are adjusting your Attitude according to the atmosphere, people will respect you.
  5. You will have a great idea that helps you to improve your position.
  6. Having this idea, you will be more confident than now.
  7. Having more free time, you can take care of your health.
  8. You are not going to depend upon someone.
  9. It will help you to improve your communication which is very important for this era.
  10. you can convert complicated ideas into an easy one.

Some more discussion:

You might be thinking that I honestly follow these 10 rules all the time. But I am not a productive person. My advice for those people, Have a glance at them. You may be missing something. Once you figure out, you become more successful than others.

People who are thinking to own these tips my advice for you, sometimes you get failed. But once you get habitual, you gradually become a productive man. one more thing, do not think I am going to follow these tips tomorrow. The truth is, it is not going to happen.

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