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Sustainable and well-equipped co-working space provider: WorkLoft

Coworking is all about the tenacity of community, but it is believed that the ‘work’ part of coworking places should be as attractive as the ‘co’ part of it and is required by the employees. Hereby, the comely leader behind Superstar Companies Mrs. Soha Parekh, Co-founder, and Director of the most culminating company – WorkLoft spaces Pvt. Ltd. solely engage the well-equipped environment of co-working space.

Workloft is backed by Raycon group, an Indo German joint venture which has been into the Real Estate industry for over 30 years. Having developed their own large commercials like IT Parks, Raycon gives them a reason to use a co-working space as simple as the vibe in the room.

They have vast experience and talent in crucial functions such as property management, real estate sales, and marketing. This eventuality is giving essentials for running a coworking business and has been a major factor for their success in the co-working industry.

After experiencing the rise of co-working business in the USA, the director of WorkLoft saw an opportunity of in India and that’s how WorkLoft came into existence. They are one of the earliest entrants in the Indian co-working market under the vision of the cordial leader Mrs. Soha Parekh

The initiatives like Start-up India, which renders the accessible information to push millennials’ dream and entrepreneurial spirit upwards. WorkLoft is serving the purpose of an economically and easily accessible workplace to everyone. They’re giving a start-up ecosystem that lets the society to work with amidst people from varied fields and walks of life. In return, the clients will get a chance to create and expand their network and discover new opportunities in a collaborative shared office space.

Little things make a big difference: disproportionate

“Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.”~Stella McCartney

Their team members boast of talent from collective institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard Business School, IITs, and IIMs. Whilst they also have professionals with over 100 years of cumulative experience in International property consulting firms and MNCs. This along with a strong parent group makes WorkLoft different from other competitors.

WorkLoft offers resources and solutions like a pro in their own market. They came up with the freedom to take up as much, or as little space one needs. Well-equipped for start-ups, freelancers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and professionals; they enable people to elevate their business to a cut above the rest.

Challenging Journey of WorkLoft

They were one of the first entrants in the co-working space industry in India and their first center in central suburbs. At the time of their inception in Mumbai, WorkLoft enjoyed the largest market share in terms of total number of seats in the micro-market for over 2 years, so does their business grow.

Eventually with a lot of small players entering their market, makes it very challenging for them to maintain over 85% of occupancy consistently. Initially, since the industry was new, they had difficulties in finding the right talent to run the co-working spaces as it was new at that time. They attracted talent from other industries and trained them extensively, to align their skills for what is required in a co-working business.

Technology and future planning

They do have plans to expand into tier 2 and tier 3 cities where a lot of unorganized SMEs and start-ups are working. Their mission is to empower them so they can have infrastructure advantages like the business workplaces. So that these small players are not behind in the game to thrive on a national and global level.

They are continuously investing in new technologies and intend to continue serving clients with high-quality infrastructure support.

They use a sophisticated CRM system to address all their leads as swiftly as possible. Internet is the basic resource for most of their customers this is why they have an Internet management software, which helps them to optimize the bandwidth for every client so that they can be connected with the web seamlessly. And they will be shortly launching their own Smart co-working space management software, which integrates all these features on one platform and optimizes their co-working operations to the next level.

Employee Association

Their centers exude young, vibrant and enthusiastic vibes. They have a lot of open spaces in their centers with breakout zones and access to recreational games such as foosball, table tennis, etc. In order to promote networking and to instil a sense of best community and social bonding, they organize a lot of external and internal events ranging from Mentoring Sessions by business leaders to the celebration of festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi in the center.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”~COVEY

WorkLoft’s digital marketing team has a cumulative experience of almost 25 years in running their own enterprise and has worked with clients across India, the US, UK, and Australia give the heed to good employee experiences. The digital team of them leads from the front foot and drives their online marketing efforts with the help of young talented associates.

Their core strategy team has alumni from IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIM Indore leading the operations, Sales and Marketing efforts.

Their recreational zone is always open to its employees. Also, after every 6 months, they arrange some adventure picnic for all of their employees. Very recently they took their team to river rafting and other adventure sports. This has helped them to retain their gems over the years as compared to competitors.

Giving Vow to Quality

Customers trust a brand that never compromises on the quality of the products and services they use.  Delivering the quality is in the DNA of Raycon Group and the same is followed in WorkLoft. Their team is comprised of graduates from the top brands in India and abroad, which is enough explanation to the world-class quality of services provided at WorkLoft. They have an in-house quality assurance team which examines each detail before it reaches to their clients.

Marketing Promotions and HR

WorkLoft considers the employees as partners. They have given freedom and authority to the sales and operation team over the center to operate accordingly. This helped them to grow the feeling of responsibility among them, which has made the process smooth for HR department also.

They have a specially designed appraisal program for WorkLoft team where not only the sales target and operational efficiency are taken care of but also other aspects of self-development and growth as an organization is considered.

Winning Excursion and future beam

Workloft has been featured in many business magazines and is continuously concluding events at their centers. The biggest achievement they can say is the notes that their clients leave on the walls for their team. Nothing else is as important as knowing that people love them. They have grown their business here and recommending them to their friends.

Workloft is opening its centers in a row now. They are all set to cater to the South Bombay market. WorkLoft Church gate is everything that a client expects from a co-working center and WorkLoft has excelled in that. Very soon they will have a launch event. At this center, they have merged the authenticity of South Bombay culture and A-class amenities, so that the only thing left for clients to care is their business.

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