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How can leaders design a more prosperous future for their company and others? Given the unresolved supply chain complications and risks of the Omicron Variant, this is a pressing concern. Before COVID-19, uncertainty wasn’t a popular term, and businesses were mostly bureaucratic. But the pandemic upturned the scenario. It pushed leaders to re-energize their teams to seek new possibilities and build on novel accomplishments to revamp their organizational identity. Therefore, to optimize a post-pandemic future, leaders need to focus on “Who they are as a company,” “How they operate,” and “How they can grow.”

Our current edition, ‘10 Best Indian CEOs to Esteem in 2022’, seeks to highlight such leaders. In the following piece, we’re featuring Mr. Nirupam Kumar, a well-seasoned leader of action-based management. His inspiring efforts are a testament to his company’s rapid growth, Xania Healthcare.

Mr. Kumar is a well-known business leader with expertise in sales and marketing and international trade. He has over two decades of experience and has visited over 85 countries on six continents. In his journey, one thing that always bugged him was a lack of initiative in professionals. Because a leader is the lynchpin that ties a company together, self-initiative is essential. He spearheaded his thought and dedicated his efforts towards the success and prosperity of all. The idea of Xania Healthcare was curated in 2015.

The dream was to build a company on solid foundations of thorough professionalism, human values, service, and trust. However, it wasn’t a solo idea. One fine day in 2018, Mr. Kumar and the other founding members met to discuss the structure, mission, and vision of their company. The founders themselves comprise a complete institution in themselves, with a collective work experience of 100 years. After brainstorming sessions, they shaped Xania Healthcare into a full-fledged company.

Since then, the company has faced many highs and lows, yet it maintained a scalable path. It wasn’t a cakewalk, especially for Mr. Kumar. Establishing a pliable culture, policy, and operational constraints owing to the epidemic, building an able management team, and lastly, managing a team in a competitive market while retaining and maintaining their morale certainly tested his mettle. But then again, he is always on a learning curve. He believes in learning from experience to make better decisions. He has seen many dark days in his remarkable journey, but they have helped him evolve rapidly and adapt to better ways of handling scenarios. He is a risktaker and analytic in approach, which helps him face and address impediments.

Xania was incorporated as a Corporation in USA and a Private Limited company in India in the year 2019. Xania is a global entity, strongly poised to become a global leader in the business of health and nutrition. It specializes in nutrition and dietary supplements that promote health and prevent diseases. The offerings are designed for children and adults and come in the form of tasty gummies and effervescent tablets. The products are made in  Xania licensed facilities that regulatory bodies have audited, such as GMP and FSSAI. Xania is an American-Indian company, having offices in Ahmedabad and Delaware.

Its items comprise the highest quality standards set by its leaders.

The company is well-rooted in its industrial dynamics. Mr. Kumar says, “Two of the popular trends rising to the occasion is the brisk pace of the global nutrition supplement market and the transforming business practices.” And they are geared up for the changes. It has the workforce, augmented manufacturing and distribution facilities, and is developing an online marketing and distribution model for the subcontinent and other countries.

Driven by industrial veterans, Xania has experience in international business, supply chain, and R&D in global healthcare. But R & D is the most essential part of its business. Mr Kumar says, “Our R & D affinity focuses on internal development, as well as product development for our global customers,”. It’s stepping up digital capabilities to increase efficiency and reduce time, effort, and resources. Xania welcomes digital inclusions to be incorporated into its organizational framework as it provides a better means of presentation and understanding.

It has also developed many novel formulations and accomplished international R&D projects. Masking the bitterness of herbal ingredients and developing bilayer dual color-effervescent tablets with dual-dissolution profiles for its global customers were two such difficult projects. Its other products like liposomal products, inhalers, nasal sprays and sub-lingual mouth sprays also complement its R&D. The company has a team of scientists working on innovative technologies. They also team up with the business development team to bring up new ideas, concepts, exploit market needs, and more. They specialize in developing generics, high-tech products, and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS), which allow the company to enter new markets.

When asked how they dealt with the pandemic,” Mr. Kumar responded, “I look for opportunities in uncertainties.” The period was difficult at best, but it also offered a plethora of opportunities. Being analytical and competitive, the company smashed through the impediments boldly. They designed products to improve healthcare amid the crisis. Also, there were consecutive challenges that they addressed boldly during this period.

Mr. Kumar believes his ability to forecast gave them the upper hand. He says it is an indispensable quality of a leader. “The existence and growth of an organization depend on forecasting,” Mr Kumar says, He further adds, “Banking, funding, buyer’s trust, investor’s faith, employee loyalty, and management’s confidence are the various attributes guided by forecasting.” His ability to foresee opportunities in challenges has aided in keeping the sails afloat and on track with their vision and mission.

With such strong leadership and a clear mission, it would be surprising if Xania didn’t have a dedicated team. Like the head honcho, the team is capable, confident, and motivated to handle challenges. Mr. Kumar positions himself as a mentor and encourages them to take risks and never be afraid to fail. After all, success and failure are two sides of the same coin, and both are essential to building a strong foundation. While success aids in progress, failure aids in learning and adaptation. This understanding keeps them moving forward like a brave and confident team.

Mr. Kumar also motivates the team with inspirational thoughts, success stories, and biographies of eminent personas. In this way, he keeps the team focused on achieving 100% client satisfaction and success. “Client satisfaction is the pillar of our company, and we inculcate success as a habit,” says Mr. Kumar.

Through sheer will and hard work, Xania has put many notches in its belt. Within 33 months, it has established footing in 6 countries and 12 other countries awaiting product registration. Its MOUs are signed in 24 nations. Xania has accomplished 3 R&D projects and developed 100 branded formulations. Its manufacturing agreements are in 9 different locations across India, the USA, and Europe.

The company also invests in CSR, which highlights another interest of Mr. Kumar. “For me, service to humanity is the greatest service,” he claims. The company has contributed to the COVID welfare fund, as well as donated nutritional supplements and vitamins to the needy, deprived, and malnourished, along with a few NGOs.

Xania’s plans for the future are primarily to democratize its offerings across the global landscape. Within the next 5 years, the company intends to establish operations in 50 nations across America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe. They will focus on creating innovative formulations in innovative dosage forms at an affordable price. Xania is in the process of building and establishing its global brands. Brands like Xano Fit, Xano Fizz, Ultraxan, and Suregrow are already in the marketplace, creating a lot of buzz. These are the flagship brands of Xania, and with time, it will strengthen and work towards building a global presence for these brands across the continents.

“Your mind is the sharpest and strongest weapon in your possession. Be optimistic. Be positive. Keep smiling. “ – Nirupam Kumar

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