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Yoga Sanskar Sutra Foundation

Yoga Sanskar Sutra Foundation

Sharing the Goodness of Yoga with Regular Practices and Unique Techniques

The Business Connect Magazine’s latest issue, “Most Promising Startups,” is devoted to chronicling the innovative and inspiring tales of new businesses and honouring the efforts of some of the outstanding startups that will stand out in the entrepreneurial ecosystem for their efforts in addressing our everyday hurdles.

One of these gems, the Yoga Sanskar Sutra Foundation, the creative vision of Yog Guru Girish Vasant Kadam, has created its distinctive stance by empowering individuals to embrace yoga in their lives and take it to a new level.

Incorporated in 1994, the organization strives to make individuals realize the incredible benefits of yoga, power yoga, and fitness. It brings a stepby-step method that allows people to gain and achieve tranquillity and mental clarity by following With frequent practice and techniques like Mudras, Asanas, Dhyana, and more, individuals are sure to stay joyful.

“Even as we encourage people to maintain their health, we provide regular classes at various Kendras. These classes are held in accordance with Kendra Pramukha. Finally, we help you maintain both mental and physical strength while also allowing you to unwind as you navigate your hectic life.

We provide high-intensity fitness programs and simple weight training classes in addition to student fitness development courses. Besides, we also guide those individuals who are keen to learn karate and self-defence techniques. Apart from everything else, we also offer courses related to stress management and many types of massage”, the leading man further apprised.

The Beginning of the Inspiring Journey – From a Tragic Accident

When Mr Kadam first began encouraging people to incorporate yoga into their lives, he always had a unique approach in mind. But a pivotal moment in his life helped him understand the need to maintain good health and fitness. Mr Kadam experienced a terrible accident in 1995 while attempting to cross the street. He was struck by a truck as he crossed the street, suffering numerous wounds as a result. His groins, along with the bones, were entirely crushed, given the circumstances. Along with the pain, he had to deal with 16 fractures across his lower body.

After the procedure, the surgeon placed eight rods to connect the bones. The fact that his skin had also been pulled from his back to his thighs made the situation appear worse. The doctor stated that it was challenging for him to recover from his previous condition after spending more than two months bedridden. Additionally, he had gained weight, reaching 92 kg.

Yog Guru Girish persisted nevertheless. He was committed to getting healthier. He subsequently began training in yoga and karate using his own skills. He currently presents as being in good physical shape and has shed a significant amount of weight—up to 64 kg. This later motivated him to keep working to help individuals maintain and enhance their health year by year.

YSSF’s Vision and Mission: At a Glance

It can be difficult to get in shape when so many people have busy schedules. Yog Guru Girish, therefore, intended to develop several programs that could aid in keeping individuals healthy. Here is what “SANSKARAS” actually means.

Mr Kadam further explained, “Since the moment we were born, we have gone through many SANSKARAS that were instilled for our body and our mind. When one begins to think, certain sentiments are usually triggered, which help one distinguish between good and bad. After understanding what is appropriate at that particular time, the person then makes a fast decision. A person feels the change within him. With proper Yoga training, an individual attains the senses necessary to respond to the positive SANSKARAS. Apart from enhancing self-confidence, practising yoga will certainly help in making individuals love themselves.”

The mission of YSSF is to impart training in yoga to diverse individuals. While they are always proud to offer comprehensive courses related to fitness and mental health, they will also be organizing seminars and online sessions. This will enable the team to emphasize the importance of yoga to every individual.

The Spirit Behind the Success: A Glimpse of Yog Guru Girish Inspirational Journey

Girish Inspirational Journey Under the direction of Himalayan Yogi Shri. Sudhanhiv, Yog Guru Girish began his yoga and fitness adventure in 1984, and ten years later, he established his own Yoga Sanskar Yoga Sutra Kendra. Since Yog Guru Girish began his journey, he has already led numerous yoga sessions for both students and working adults. Some of the companies for whom he has already led seminars include NY Cinemas, Sri MA School, Little Aryans, NKTT College, and Tata Steel. In recognition of his tremendous effort in the field of yoga, Yog Guru Girish has been awarded a doctorate by WPIUN.

In academics, the visionary has completed his Master’s in Yoga Shastra, apart from pursuing B. Ed. and B. P. Ed. He has also completed a Diploma Course in Fitness Management and Massage Therapy. Way ahead, he is known to be one of the members of the IQAC Department and NAAC Committee at NKTT College. Besides, Yog Guru Girish is also the author of the Successful book ‘YOGA LIFE SUTRA’.

In addition to everything else, Yog Guru Girish has more than 12 years of experience teaching and leading the physical education department at the Jr. College and International School. Yog Guru Girish is the Director and Founder of the Girish’s Sparsh Fitness Fusion Institute, in addition to being one of the founders of the Yoga Sanskar Sutra. To his credit, he also founded and serves as the director of Little Avengers, a preschool. He also serves as the chairman of the Japan Shotokan Karate-Do Kanninijuku Organization’s referee commission.

With his Karate training, Yog Guru Girish has advanced to the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt with JSKKO Japan, WKF, and KIO. Additionally, he has obtained distinction as a International Kumite Judge A, National level Kumite Referee, Kata Judge A and a National Level Coach.

He was nominated for the Yoga Prime Minister Award in 2022, and he also received a National Award for Krida Gaurav in the same year. Way back in 2021, Yog Guru Girish also got the Yog Bhushan National Level Award. Additionally, the JSKKOI honoured him with the Best Instructor Award in 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018. Yog Guru Girish also received the Thane Gaurav Puraskar in 2015, the Vishesh Sahitya Puraskar in 2013, and the Krida Vaibhav Puraskar in 2011.

Unfolding the Future

YSSF has already conquered a significant portion of the market. In the future, they are planning to set up Kendras (centers) where they will carry out Yoga sessions. As Yog Guru Girish paces ahead with his journey, he would also like to create awareness regarding the importance of Yoga.

Future webinars and online sessions on various platforms will be held as they continue to spread knowledge about yoga and its asanas. People will be willing to enrol in yoga classes as a result of this, which will undoubtedly increase company recognition.

Imparting Wisdom

For Entrepreneurs: In today’s busy environment, those who want to start their own business need to take good care of their physical and mental health. As a result, when their schedules become busier each day, they must make time to practice yoga.

This will enable them to maintain their positive outlook, think clearly, and carry out their everyday activities without difficulty. For Readers: Practice yoga because it helps unite the soul and the mind with nature as well as humanity. While yoga is the source of strength, peace, and harmony, the ancient practice is quite precious. It can also be called a haven of calmness and tranquillity.

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