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Youtube2MP3 2023 Review: Use Youtube to mp3 Converter to get Get High-Quality Audio

Youtube2MP3 2023 Review: Use Youtube to mp3 Converter to get Get High-Quality Audio

Access YouTube to MP3 Converter – Youtube2MP3:

Youtube2MP3 is the best Youtube to mp3 converter for getting high-quality audio files from Youtube videos. In this review, we’ll look at how to use Youtube2MP3, its benefits, downsides, and alternatives for converting Youtube to mp3 offline.

Introduce: Youtube2MP3 is the best Youtube to mp3 Converter

Youtube2MP3 is a free online Youtube to mp3 converter that allows you to convert and download Youtube videos as mp3 audio files. With its simple interface and fast conversion speeds, Youtube2MP3 has become a popular choice for getting audio from Youtube videos.

To use Youtube2MP3, you simply copy and paste the URL of the Youtube video you want to convert. Youtube2MP3 will then extract just the audio in high-quality mp3 format. You can save the mp3 file to your  device.

How to convert Youtube videos to mp3 by Youtube2MP3?

Step 1. Find the Youtube video you want to save as MP3. Copy the full Youtube video URL from the browser address bar. The URL should start with and end with a series of letters and numbers that identify the specific video.

Step 2. Go to the Youtube2MP3 website at . Paste the Youtube URL into the input box labeled “Paste Youtube Video URL Here”. Make sure the full URL is entered. Then click the “Convert” button next to the input box.

Step 3. Youtube2MP3 will start processing the video URL. It converts Youtube to mp3 files. Wait for the conversion to finish.

Step 4. Once the mp3 file is ready, you will see a “Download” icon next to the file details. Click this icon to save the mp3 file to your computer. By default it will be saved in your Downloads folder or prompt you to select a save location.

Step 5. The mp3 audio file is now saved on your computer and ready to play in your music library or audio player offline. You can repeat these steps to convert and download multiple Youtube videos as mp3 files.


  • Double check you’ve copied the full Youtube video URL before converting.
  • You can queue up multiple URLs for batch conversion.

The benefits of Youtube2MP3

There are several key benefits that make Youtube2MP3 a top choice for Youtube to mp3 conversion:

  • It’s completely free and easy to use. No sign up required.
  • It converts videos quickly, usually in under a minute.
  • The mp3 audio quality is excellent, up to 256kbps.
  • It works on any Youtube video, there are no copyright restrictions.
  • You can download unlimited mp3 files. There are no caps or limits.

What’s wrong with Youtube2MP3 pro?

While the free version of Youtube2MP3 works great, the pro version comes with some downsides:

  • It’s expensive at $9.99 per month for a subscription.
  • There are download limits unless you pay. Only 5 mp3s per day with the free pro account.
  • Audio quality is capped at 192kbps with the basic pro account.
  • It does not work on some copyrighted Youtube videos.

For most users, the free version of Youtube2MP3 has all the features needed, making the pro version unnecessary.

Is it safe to use Youtube2MP3 pro to convert Youtube to mp3?

The legality of converting Youtube to mp3 is somewhat of a gray area. Officially, Youtube states that downloading audio from videos violates their Terms of Service. However, in practice converting Youtube videos for personal offline use is generally considered fair use.

Youtube2MP3 itself only provides the tool to download the mp3 file. What you do with the audio after that is up to you. As long as you are not re-distributing the audio, most experts agree it’s reasonably safe to use Youtube2MP3 to save Youtube mp3 files for personal use.

Alternative Methods for Offline Youtube MP3

If you prefer not to use an online converter like Youtube2MP3, there are alternative methods to save Youtube videos as mp3 files:

Method 1: Use a Desktop App

Apps like 4K Video Downloader and Freemake Video Downloader allow you to paste in a Youtube URL and save just the audio as mp3. The advantage is you don’t have to upload the video anywhere. The drawback is the apps take time to install and setup.

Method 2: Use is another popular online Youtube to mp3 conversion tool. It works similarly to Youtube2MP3 but has a nicer interface. However, conversions can be a bit slower than Youtube2MP3.

Method 3: Use Online Video Recorder

With tools like Apowersoft Free Online Video Recorder, you can record videos directly from Youtube. This creates an mp4 video file that you can then convert Youtube to mp3 using free audio converter software.

In the end: Why is Youtube2MP3 the best Youtube mp3 converter

When looking at the combination of speed, quality, ease of use and reliability, Youtube2MP3 stands out as the top choice for converting Youtube to mp3. With the ability to quickly get high-quality mp3 files from any Youtube video, Youtube2MP3 is a versatile tool for saving audio from Youtube videos to listen offline.

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