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Top 10 Brain-Boosting Foods for Better Memory and Focus

Top 10 brain-boosting foods that help in improving memory

Human brain is the central organ of nervous system. It controls all the action in the body. Therefore, it’s health should be taken into consideration. There are plenty of foods which improves the power of brain.  In this blog, we will discuss about the top 10 brain boosting foods which help in improving memory. Here presenting the list:

01. Walnuts:


Walnuts are rich in alpha-linoleic acid which is a plant-based Omega 3 fatty acid. It contains nutrients such as healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamin E that reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.

It can even prevent and manage Alzheimer. Walnuts produces more polyphenolic compounds than any other type of nuts. Polyphenols and Omega 3 fatty acids are considered as brain boosting food which counteract oxidative stress and inflammation. Hence, walnuts improve cognitive ability of brain. It is discovered in a recent study that the regular consumption of walnuts can reduce the risk on cognitive decline. 

02. Blueberries:


Eating blueberries strengthen cognitive and cardiovascular health. They are rich in vitamin and has high content of antioxidants, especially flavonoids. It lowers the risk of dementia. Through the regular consumption of blueberries, there is an increase in brain activity, blood flow and memory.

The antioxidants present in blueberries reduces the effects of Alzheimer. It improves memory and cognitive function in older adults and Alzheimer patients. It prevents inflammation in brain which contribute to neuronal damage an improve motor control and cognition. The consumption of blueberries improves concentration and memory performance by boosting brain cells. 

03. Dark chocolates:

Dark chocolates

In a recent study, it is found that flavonoids increase blood flow in brain which is found in cocoa and chocolate. There are certain compounds present in dark chocolate which helps in boosting memory, extending attention span, reaction time and enhancing problem solving ability by increasing blood flow to the brain.

The consumption of dark chocolate increases the production of endorphins. It also reduces pain and the negative effects of stress. Magnesium is present in dark chocolate dark chocolate is also the source of anandamide and tryptophan which brings happiness and a good mood. Flavonoids present in chocolates enhances learning, memory and focus.

04. Salmon:


Salmon is essentially regarded as a brain-boosting food. It is filled with necessary fatty acid such as Omega 3. It helps in stimulating the growth of new cells in brains memory centre, which boost brains cognitive abilities.

Consumption of salmon at least once in a week decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer. Hence it is quite essential for maintaining a healthy function of brain. It also protects against the oxidative stress and inflammation which can contribute to cognitive decline. Salmon is also rich in vitamin D and B-12 which contributes to neurological function. 

05. Almonds:


They are the rich source of and mono unsaturated fatty acids. It is rich in Omega 9 fatty acid and contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid which is important for the function of brain. Omega 3 fatty acid present in almond helps to prevent cognitive decline and hence lowers the risk of Alzheimer.

Almonds are also the rich source of vitamin D which help in reducing cognitive decline. It also contains essential component such as magnesium which helps in enhancing learning and memory performance.

06. Whole grains:

Whole grains

They are filled with vitamin B which is known for enhancing memory and reducing brain inflammation. The powerhouse of carbohydrates also reduces cognitive decline. Whole grains such as oats, quinoa, brown rice, barley, whole wheat, buckwheat, millet and farro helps in boosting brain. Including these grains into your diet will help you to lead a healthy life.

Millets contains the necessary minerals like iron magnesium and phosphorus. The antioxidants and flavonoids present in buckwheat keeps your mind sharp and vibrant. Whole wheat contains fibre and folate which enhances memory and help you to retain more information. Barley is rich in vitamin B6, B 12 and folate. Thus, consumption of whole grains boosts brain power. 

07. Peanuts:


Consuming peanuts regularly enhances the flow of blood in brain. Resveratrol present in peanuts reduces the risk of brain strike and improves cognitive ability. It is rich in magnesium, vitamin E, arginine, phenolic compounds and fibre which reduces the risk of inflammation.

It is also a great source of niacin and vitamin E which lowers the risk of Alzheimer. The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats help send the prevention of heart diseases. It reduces the level of LDL cholesterol. Chemicals such as magnesium and potassium present in peanuts health in controlling blood pressure. 

08. Broccoli:


The bioactive compound, Sulforaphane, present in broccoli performs the brain function even when the oxygenation level is reduced in brain. It has the capacity in slowing down the process of aging by increasing the antioxidant genes.

It also helps in preserving your memory and improves learning. Sulforaphane present in broccoli helps in improving cognitive function after a brain injury. It is even helpful in reducing swelling and brain. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property in broccoli help in rebuilding brain against the damage nervous cell. 

09. Avocado:


Avocados are the rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid which helps in the development and function of brain by ensuring fluidity and effective communication between nerve cells. They are also the rich source of mono unsaturated fat which provides a stable energy to the brain cells.

It also plays a crucial role in mood regulation and cognitive abilities by influencing the neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. It also reduces inflammation in brain which may lead to cellular damage or impaired cognitive function. Polyphenols and flavonoids present in avocado have the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

10. Eggs:


Eggs contain various nutrients which helps in boosting brain. It is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid which is quite important for the development and function of brain. It improves memory, supports cognitive function and contribute to the overall neurological health.

Choline present in the yolk of egg is a vital source which promotes brain development, memory maintenance and cognitive function. It even reduces brain inflammation which may lead to various neurological disorders. The regular consumption of eggs can reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

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