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10 Secrets Of a Successful Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Campaign

10 Secrets Of a Successful Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Campaign

An excellent peer-to-peer fundraising campaign will probably bring in decent returns. But such a feat will not just happen by chance; it requires some input. So, what are the secrets of a successful peer-to-peer fundraising drive? The answer is provided in the discourse that follows.

1.  A Solid Plan

It’s rare to see a project fail on the back of a solid plan. This reality also applies when adopting a P2P fundraising model. You must highlight your strategies with the execution plan drawn out. A solid plan is, therefore, the first secret you have to unlock in this regard. You should make sure you identify the vision/goal of the project. This will help the communication with the team of fundraisers coming on board. Your planning should also consider the recruitment and training of your P2P fundraisers.

2.  Easy Registration/Onboarding

Registration of P2P fundraisers will be vital to keep a good database – for reference. But then, it is even more essential to ensure that the onboarding process is easy for the fundraisers to complete. You do not want prospects being turned off due to difficulties encountered during registration. It would be helpful to have registration done online through a user-friendly page. The registration form doesn’t have to demand too many details. It should be straight to the point, and they should be able to complete it in about 3 – 5 minutes.

3.  Effective And Timely Communication

Effective communication will be very critical to the success of your P2P fundraising. You should make the project goal known without any form of ambiguity. This communication can be done through emails, social media posts, or handbills. Optionally, you can regularly meet with the fundraisers at some physical location if time would avail.

Again, you should make sure your communication is timely. This will be particularly needful in instances where fundraisers need you to respond quickly to some pressing needs. An example is when they get stuck while attending to a prospective donor. Having an emergency response team ready to handle such cases should be considered here, especially if it’s a political fundraising drive.

4.  Proper Training of Fundraisers

Proper training of volunteers is also crucial when embracing the peer-to-peer fundraising model. The reason for this is not farfetched, considering that some individuals may not even know how to engage prospective donors. So, you should devote time to training them on the fundamentals of the P2P fundraising method. The training will hinge on how they can effectively communicate with their peers and convince them to donate to the cause. Additionally, you will need to train the fundraisers on using the available fundraising resources.

5.  Good Template

A good communication template will also serve a tremendous benefit in P2P fundraising. The template will be especially vital in enhancing efficiency and promptness. With such a template, you won’t have to start creating a design framework from scratch. You should invest in a host of impressive templates to send emails, text messages, social media posts, etc. The template is one of the factors you should consider before selecting a P2P fundraising platform.

6.  Allowing Creativity From P2P Fundraisers

One secret of a successful P2P fundraising campaign that is hardly talked about is creativity. This is quite understandable, considering how the chief fundraiser may want to be in charge of the whole operation. But sometimes, it pays to allow P2P fundraisers to express their creative vibes. The expression of creativity by the fundraisers doesn’t have to be shut down or neglected. Instead, you should encourage them to drop suggestions from time to time. Evaluate the opinions and see if any of them can be duly implemented. Doing this can give life to your campaign in ways you might not have imagined. You shouldn’t forget that the P2P fundraisers will be better positioned to know what catches the interest of their peers.

7.  Integrating Competition/Fun

The impact of healthy competition in P2P fundraising cannot be undermined. It could come as simple as putting a leaderboard or setting aside some rewards for the top-performing fundraisers. You may also consider hosting a trivia night or sports event with the fundraisers in attendance. This act usually inspires P2P fundraisers to go all out – and give the campaign their best shot.

8.  An Excellent P2P Event

Choosing a suitable P2P fundraising event is also something you must act on for a highly gratifying outcome. And the truth is that you don’t even have to spend big to host such an event. It, however, begins from the point of knowing the target audience. “What appeals to them?”, “How do they get to tag along?” These questions should not be treated with kids’ gloves as you plan toward a successful P2P fundraising event. You should brainstorm with frontline P2P fundraisers to address the questions and consult an expert where needed.

9.  Performance Tracking And Review

A P2P fundraising campaign will thrive with a sound performance-tracking system in place. With this system, you can monitor activities as they unfold. More so, you can adequately check the performances of your P2P fundraisers and know if any emergent issue has to be addressed. Overall, a performance-tracking system gives you the tool needed for proper review. You will get to quickly identify what is working and what isn’t working when you have it in place. Top P2P fundraising platforms usually integrate such a performance-tracking feature into their software. In this regard, you can formulate a simple strategy to do the needed ‘check and balance’.

10. Appreciation

Appreciating your P2P fundraisers and donors can positively impact your drive – even though many people may not see this as a secret. Hence, you must be deliberate about it as the fundraising campaign rolls by. Let them know that their efforts are well-recognized and significant toward achieving the project goal.

Viewing it from another angle, you can trigger the habit of recurring donations by showing appreciation. Beyond your current campaign, the act of gratitude can endear P2P fundraisers and donors to you. And you can build on such a relationship for future projects.


The power to unlock the success of that P2P fundraising campaign lies in your hand. You will certainly not regret going this route if you consider all that has been shared in this article.

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