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4point2 Technologies

4point2 Technologies

Revolutionizing the business landscape with the potency of AR…

In the current scenario, content is a big differentiator factor in the business environment. An engaging, interactive and immersive content experience attracts the audience in quite incogitable ways. AR has been playing a distinct role in appealingly enriching any content and many tech companies have proved this assertion true. Today, when businesses are encountering several issues like trying too hard to impress the audience, lack of consistent brand identity, wearisome training or sales presentation, inefficiency to extend the audience reach with the same expenditure,etc, AR could be transforming the business scenarios with a great magnitude.

As the world has made a considerable shift to conduct businesses in a more efficient, safe and productive manner, the need of the hour is to adapt the new-age technologies to bask in the glory of success. With the rapidly growing popularity of AR, we decided to feature such a story that will enlighten our readership base with the nuances of AR technology and its future scope. The focus is not only on AR technology but a big leap forward in the introduction of a mature version of AR as a solution as well as service.

This time the spotlight is on a trailblazer tech suite that caters unique, bespoke and cutting-edge experiential marketing solutions and services to organizations across various industries utilizing the impactful assertion of AR technology. 4point2 Technologies began its journey as Publishers of Curriculum Directories back in 2004 and they happened to publish numerous directories in Bangalore during that course. It is well recognized for developing extraordinary technology in the form of customized applications, custom publishing and digital solutions since 2010.

It became a private limited company in 2009. And when came the revolution of website designing, they happened to design a significant number of websites before entering the digital marketing space. In 2017, they started 15 political campaigns via digital mode where around 14 politicians won the election with their zealous marketing services. Staying abreast of the market trends where they rapidly shifted from print to digital to digital marketing to technology provider, the overall journey of the company has been quite fascinating and is worth more than a glance.

To get to know more about the company and its different aspects, we arranged a telephonic conversation with the founding head of the company- Shiva Kumar and the Chief Technology Officer Madhu Chander. The duo shared in-depth insights into the prominence of AR technology in shaping better business prospects for all in the coming years and how their tech- venture has been  driving this major shift.

Headquartered in the tech capital of India- Bengaluru, the company has been driving businesses to greater heights as per its cumulative experience of 80+ years. Being the leader in innovative space, its service portfolio and consultation has made it a formidable company that is led by 25+ senior experts across various verticals. 4point2 Technologies is driven by a passion for business where genuine care for the SMEs is at the core focus.

Today, it has become a one-stop store for all the industry 4.0 products like AR, VR, MR, XR, IoT, Robotics, etc(special focus on AR). The USP proposed by the company to its end clients is a combination of all the above-mentioned technology that they transform into an exclusive range of products termed Experiential Marketing Tools, Experiential Learning Tools and Experiential Sales Tools.

The basic concept that the leadership of the company acknowledges is the product segment and service segment- the story needs to be engaging with the end-users so that they can find the offering interesting enough. Hence, the catchphrase of the company avidly says- we tell your story like no one else! Each story carved by them leveraging the latest technology is interesting, engaging and of course, experiential to multiply the business profits from 1X to 10X.

For instance, they generate a business card that is backed by the sheer use of AR, VR, 2D, 3D technology and a lot more to provide a comprehensive presentation of a client’s product or service portfolio at the very first interaction with the potential customer. Within this single offering, one can come across a 360-degree vertical of the product, infrastructure of the facility, testimonials and much more to mention. And not only a business card, but similar alterations could be done with a brochure, flyer, hoarding, social media collaterals, etc.

The whole idea is to put forward any product or service based on a new level of experiential marketing where the customer may get a pre-purchase experience of utilizing the put forth product or service. And the most fascinating one is the experiential marketing tool offered by the company that has the potency to increase the sales revenue multi-folds. The claim to bring great change across sales, marketing and learning activities via their experiential tools has been justified by their exclusively created tools targeting the mentioned segment. The key product of 4point2 Technologies is Augmented Reality products where they wish to drive maximum conversion rate for the organization based on AR experience only.

As per their robust go-to-market strategy, the company has ensured to tie up with their channel partners who are spread across the globe to sell their products. In the past 2 months, it has brought over 20 channel partners onboard, instigating a huge level of employment opportunities for the global population. Soon, AR products are about to become a regulation in any product-service oriented market that will be multiplying the revenue as well as businesses.

The versatility of the products being offered by the company caters to the needs of various industries like education, healthcare, marketing and sales, branding, travel and tourism, eCommerce, realty, interior designing, SMEs, individual, etc. And above all the affordability of the offering gives it a competitive edge in the respective market.

Owing to this, Tamil Nadu Tourism Department and Karnataka Tourism Department are under their clientele where the collaboration is quite gargantuan. Karnataka’s Tourism Minister has recently announced that the state government is in process of working with 4point2 Technologies on the PPP model- anticipated to be a big project for them.

Shiva proceeded to quote the vision of 4point2 Technologies where it is persistent to become a No.1 catalyst for companies’ revenue goals while reducing their expenses, human interventions, and processes and eventually enhancing their conversion rates. They allow the clients to establish an emotional connection with the end customers via path-breaking technology and creativity. The mission is eloquent where the client organizations could witness growth in the revenue from 1x to 10x using technical solutions. The revolution stimulated by the company has been recognized by its peers as well as big media publication houses speaking in favour of their phenomenal offerings. No doubt, over 150 newspapers have been talking about them all over the country!

Being the CTO of the company, Mr. Madhu conveyed that the future of this exemplary technology will be seen as a second skin. At present, this AR technology has been limited to being integrated within the handset, but soon, it is about to penetrate the smart classes/virtual classrooms.

Today, with the virtual classrooms, education space has been disrupted in the most unimaginable ways, where the impact and efficacy of physical classrooms are missing. As the present scenario only allows a child to acquire knowledge with the help of 2D technology only, the company has been making constant strides to bring 3D into the play and allow the child to learn in more powerful ways.

“Lately, our exclusive product was used by a Brazilian manufacturing company in an exhibition. What may amaze you here is the fact that they didn’t carry any of the machinery to the exhibition but showcased each of their machinery to the enthusiasts in real-time and real scale via their AR product. This was a huge boost to our business as many manufacturers after witnessing the effortlessness and cost-cutting aspect of our product reached out to us and became our active clients. Indeed, such versatile tech tools are about to revolutionize the business processes for different industries in different manners and pose a radiant change for our ecosystem,”- explained the CTO.

To handle big bandwidth, the organization’s well-positioned, dedicated team strives to create solutions that ensure the entry of several big-wigs across the business world. From India’s one of the best education platforms to a MNC manufacturing conglomerate to one of the country’s biggest real-estate developers, 4point2 Technologies managed to bring a few big names from various industries under their service umbrella.

For the forthcoming five years in terms of scalability, the leadership team is seeking venture capital for the business expansion. Having said that, they are in constant strides to scale the revenue of the company to over INR 3000- 4000 crore. As it has rapidly penetrated from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu, the future plan is to proliferate throughout the country, ensuring its adamant presence across the targeted space.

Before signing off from the conversation, Shiva Kumar put forth an open-end challenge to all the budding entrepreneurs to collaborate with 4point2 Technologies in case to witness exponential growth across their respective fields.

“We are extending beneficial opportunities to all those who have got an out-of-the-box idea and wish to create an impact in the world. Join us and witness incredible scalability that comes at an affordable cost!,” – concluded him.

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