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Stay Healthy: 5 Food Combos to Avoid in Summer 2024

5 Food Combinations That You Should Avoid in Summer 2024

Summer is a season of fun-filled with numerous outdoor activities, trips, and celebrations. While the temperature is rising rapidly, it is vital to include foods in your diet that can keep you cool, hydrated and energised for a long time. While summer brings an array of delicious and fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, it is important to be mindful of what you eat.

Aside from the usual heat, several bad food combinations can affect your digestive system, make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable and cause bloating and digestion-related issues. Here, we have listed below the 5 bad food combinations that make you sick, and you must avoid them.

List of Bad Food Combinations

01. Starchy foods with acidic foods

Salads topped with dressings containing vinegar or citrus juices are considered healthy foods in the summer. While these acidic additions can increase the flavour and make the food more tempting, combining them with stray foods can harm your digestion.

02. Fruits and protein-rich foods

Mixing fruits with protein-rich foods like cheese and yoghurt is one of the worst food combinations for health. The fruits contain natural sugar, you can digest it easily. However, the proteins take time to process. When eating together, it causes bloating and discomfort.

03. Sweet fruits with acidic fruits

Eating sweet fruits like bananas with acidic fruits like pineapples or oranges badly affects our digestion. It is one of the most common food combinations to avoid. Fruits are the most beneficial food options. Follow the right way to enjoy fruits in the summer season, and make sure to combine fruits with similar acidity.

04. Cold drinks and meals

Many people refer to having cold drinks after a meal to curb their thirst. However, consuming such drinks with meals can slow down the digestion process. So try to get a drink at room temperature or simply warm drinks during meals. It is better to consume cold beverages in between meals.

05. Melons and dairy

Melons are considered a great summer fruit; people even take them as body-cooling fruit juice. The hydrating properties and detectable taste make melons a favourite. But combining this fruit with any dairy product can result in indigestion along with bloating and gas.

List of 5 Summer Vegetables and Fruits

As temperatures go up in India, the seasons bring a range of amazing fruits and vegetables to beat the heat. Watermelon, mango, and muskmelons are some of the best summer fruits. The high water content and natural sweetness of these fruits calm the heat and hydrate the body. They are also considered to be the best summer foods.  The best summer vegetables include cucumbers, tomatoes, kakdi, snake melon, and drumsticks.

The above list of what not to eat together in summer 2024 can help you avoid bad food combinations. By avoiding these bad food combinations in the summer, you can protect your body from indigestion, fermentation, and other health issues and enjoy the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Which combination of foods should we avoid?

Here is a list of common foods that you should not eat together,

  • Ghee and honey
  • Melons and milk
  • Cereal and orange juice
  • Beans and cheese

02. What are the best food combinations, according to Ayurveda?

Eating grains with vegetables, meats with leafy greens, milk with grains, and raw fruits with the same predominant tastes are some of the best food combinations for health.

03. What are the health risks of certain food combinations in summer 2024?

The improper food combinations result in indigestion. It also brings toxins to your body. As per Ayurveda, each food has a unique taste and is effective. When you combine food with different energies, it overloads the digestive fire and leads to indigestion, fermentation, bloating, and gas.

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