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YouTube is a prominent video-sharing site currently and shows no signs of budging from the top position. Ever since its acquisition by Google, the site has observed an increase in web traffic because of videos showing up in the Google search results. Millions of people go on either YouTube or Google to ask queries and educate themselves about something or the other, as they are the two largest search engines in the world.

Video marketing is gaining popularity lately because clients like to see a comprehensive video about anything they buy, as pictures just don’t cut it for them anymore. Videos take more effort to make as well, which shows the commitment you have towards your brand. 

If you successfully optimize your content for Google searches as well, you will be able to get a wider reach on YouTube. You can get popular on YouTube quickly if you take the time to apply the strategies mentioned below. Do you want a rapid growth plan? Then keep on reading!


Search engines rank the results according to the usage of specific keywords and the accuracy of the article. The keywords have to be used commonly and have low competition for you to gain more traffic on your channel. Since Google is the parent company of YouTube, using keywords in the video title, description or transcripts may help it rank in the search results of Google as well.

Search for the best keywords to use using free tools that can help you analyze the usage and competition for a particular one. This is a sure-fire way to increase the visibility of your videos on the Google search engine results and gain a wider reach on YouTube.


Proper keyword research can also help in getting suggestions on what your file can be renamed as. Proper names make it possible for the file to be easily accessible for indexing, so if your file name is accurate it increases the chances of the video ranking well on both YouTube and Google.

Having a set target audience helps you name the file more accurately, so you might want to think about that as well. If your file name matches the tile of your videos, that’s even better! It shows the algorithm that you can be considered as an authority for that particular topic and can help you rise in the rankings.


Video titles of YouTube videos should contain at least 55 characters. Including keywords in the title is the most important step, because that is the one that comes to the notice of all most prominently, and that includes the algorithm.

Attracting the search engine crawlers to your channel is possible if you optimize your title, so it is a step you should never skip as it hardly takes a couple of minutes to do so. If your view count increases, your ranking will improve for that particular topic as well, so keep optimizing and rising!


Many people fail to optimize the descriptions or do anything useful in it because they believe that the audience won’t notice any of that. However, more people want to know about the video and always make it a point to check out the description, so you better get cracking at optimizing it as well. If you use the keywords in the description too – your video will get more exposure on Google.

Don’t overuse keywords for ranking, that may appear fishy to the algorithm and it may flag your account, and we certainly don’t want that to happen to you. Add links in the description box to your other videos and social media handles as well to increase the traffic on all your accounts.


Make use of this feature! Tags are not just for Instagram or Twitter, YouTube has those too. And categorizing your video helps it get noticed by a relevant audience that will engage with your content and give feedback. Choosing the right category is pretty important, so you need to do it accurately. Tags help in identifying what the video is about, so put them after due research. Don’t just put random tags that are not related to the video, it won’t help you in any way. Using keywords for tags is an excellent hack to use.


You should also do things such as enabling social media sharing, by placing URLs in the description box. Providing video captions to your viewers in various languages might also be a great way to get some exposure in a bunch of foreign countries. Since the video quality keeps getting better, more people are being drawn towards YouTube as it is, so take advantage of this and drive them to your channel.

Get popular on YouTube with the methods we mentioned and optimize your channel and the videos to the best possible level. If you are still on the fence about making these changes, you are missing out on huge opportunities at this very minute. 

Increase brand awareness and gain a wider reach on YouTube by making a few changes in how you run your account, and you will be surprised with the results you see! Don’t put off an easy task that can get you wonderful returns, go for it right now!

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