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Ideas and Aspirations are the first two steps towards Success: The CEO, Aashish Bhardwaj’s unheard tale of triumph

Ideas and Aspirations are the first two steps towards Success: The CEO, Aashish Bhardwaj’s unheard tale of triumph

Time and tide wait for none. We cannot change the momentum we are going through or alter our circumstances but what’s in our hands is to change our perspective and move forward toward an optimistic goal. Some people are already given a classy lifestyle and crazy rich families yet they lack perception and brains. But some people make their own path towards an unattainable shining future.

We are talking about such a gem, Aashish Bhardwaj, who wasn’t given all things on a silver platter but made his own diamond dishes himself from scratch. The man who is worshiped in the influencer marketing industry, who has an aura of thoughtfulness and classy ideas to distribute; the man for whom the firm is standing still and acquiring heavenly success in the market; the man who has rejuvenated influence marketing; the man who is the secret door to enter the marketing industry; the man who has made everything simpler by his tricks, with whom clients are cat fighting to work with, is none other than Aashish Bhardwaj, the primary source of authenticity and innovation in the modern viral industry.

Aashish is the founder and CEO of the ever-leading social firm “Sociopool India Pvt Ltd” which is a revolutionary product in the marketing world and is endorsed by all. Aashish, who is again called the God of the viral industry, was the single man with numerous soul-catch ideas and efforts, and for whom, nowadays every human being is aware of influencer marketing.

Having hundreds of popular celebrities, Instagram influencers, and worthy content creators, Sociopool has become a brand that is operational since 2015. Which once was Aashish’s ambition, now is a prominent point of focus for 500 million social media users. As the name suggests the influencer and viral marketing company is literally the Pool of Social Media; managing and executing brandings and promotions on all social media platforms exclusively YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

The team of Sociopool helps the creators reach a million fanbase not with money, but rather than with inherent ideas and the audience’s requirements. The sole purpose of the company is to create regular high-quality contents that can go viral and have a huge quality audience, the agency also supervises “SocioHub”, the production house.

But this amazing endeavor didn’t come to Aashish handy overnight. This is the result of wishful dedication and nightlong toils. The success story we know, but the behind-the-scenes we don’t. Aashish talks about his obstacles and peer pressure of being able to excel at something everyone could only desire for.

His introduction in the marketing domain was a startup that couldn’t be in the limelight because of limited sources and common promoting techniques. But the journey started when he used his innovative ideas and quirky solutions to build and attract a bulk audience. His right sense at the right moment taught him to be the mediator between clients and creators.

He started promotions, campaigns, brandings, and creator management with zero investment and once he struck the point of appraisal from across the planet, it was a Eureka moment and there was no returning back. Aashish became a prodigy and Sociopool, his stellar instrument. His social appearance is so well maintained and has so much importance that almost every company wants a chance to get to work with Aashish.

The company has received several names and fame by providing extremely high-quality content and promoting movies and web series on popular OTT platforms. Netflix, Disney+, HotStar, Qtv, Manoranjan TV, and other brands are one of those examples of his milestones. There’s a maxim depicting, “Practice makes a man perfect.” And a perfect man goes a long way. Well, Aashish will be an accurate illustration of this assertion.

With almost fifteen years of experience and a decade of expertise in the domain, he has crossed all the barriers that a 30-year-old young man is supposed to. Along with an ocean of knowledge in the social media marketing industry, Aashish is an avid reader and likes to spend his time with family and close friends. The vision and limitless mind-bending tryouts to reach the maximum audience that too at an affordable price, is what makes Aashish the brightest star in the night sky.

His terrific ideas to naturally gain the love of the mass audience are applauded. The Mridul, Baklol Videos, Rachit, etc are some of the handles that reached 10 Million subscribers starting from null. And doubtlessly, Aashish’s hands were behind them all. Right now, Sociopool exclusively manages 100 creators and provides sponsorship campaigns to 2000 YouTubers.

Later, he confides in the youth of our nation to possess confidence and never give up on their dreams. Your path can be extremely long and stressful, it can also be pretty much different from the others. But this doesn’t define it’s mistaken. Aashish’s motivational viral video on earning at a great rate from YouTube, how he was able to start from Zero and currently managing a turnover of 40 crores, is available on Josh Talks, which can be highly beneficial for aspirers.

Engaging and energetic are the words that characterize Aashish, who has become the pinnacle for a plethora of beginners in the business. He is truly an inspiration whose words of wisdom we are eagerly waiting to hear and whose legendary success we are drowning to watch.

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