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Aditya Ghosh Unveils His Vision for Akasa Air to Become the World’s Greenest Airline

Aditya Ghosh Unveils His Vision for Akasa Air to Become the World’s Greenest Airline

By Renu

Key highlights

  • Akasa Air’s co-founder shared his ambitious sustainability goals.
  • Addressing the sustainable aviation fuel challenges (SAF).
  • Steps to reduce fuel consumption.

The co-founder of Akasa Air, Aditya Ghosh, is making headlines. He has started a revolutionary campaign to make Akasa Air the cleanest airline on a global scale. During an Oxford India Forum session, Ghosh stated that this objective is more of an ambitious fantasy than a predetermined aim.

“Essentially, at Akasa, we’ve got this kind of ambition that we want to be the greenest airline in the world some day,” Ghosh shared his vision with a big media house. However, he is aware of the difficulties in making the switch to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), notably its expensive and scarce supply.

Goal by 2030

Ghosh aspires to align his vision with India’s goal of having 100 million passengers using 10% blended SAF by 2030, which would result in an increase in ticket costs of almost $340 million.

Despite the fact that there are over 1,000 aircraft on order and only approximately 600 in operation at the moment, he clarified that India’s aviation business is underdeveloped. In this scenario, he put forth the statement that even tripling the number of planes won’t substantially lower the cost of air travel and democratise it, despite the development of the country.

Steps to reduce fuel consumption

Addressing the challenge of the growing fuel crisis, Aditya conveyed his words: “Over the next ten to fifteen years, the number of aircraft in the nation will triple. However, he said that this won’t be sufficient to democratise and make air travel accessible to all.

According to Ghosh, Akasa Air is taking a number of steps to reduce fuel use. He remarked, “The engines we use burn 20% less fuel than comparable engines.” Their aircraft’s winglets increase lift efficiency for fuel conservation. Under Aditya’s stewardship, the airline also uses single-engine taxiing and straight routes.

Water conservation drive

In addition, Akasa has saved 360,000 litres of water by refraining from the customary water cannon salutes for new aircraft. Their flight attendant uniforms are created from recovered marine plastic debris. The airline’s environmentally conscious efforts are being applauded globally.

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