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Advance Bio Material Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Bio Material Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Bioplastics-An Alternate for Plastics supporting our Environment

By Sandhya Agrawal

Plastic is an organic polymer that has positive as well as poor environmental influences, and that’s why we have to find a viable alternative. Almost every day, nearly 1.27 billion people use and dispose of the plastics. The effect of the issue on the world is so high that nothing is changed by a simple ‘swing of the magic wand’. Luckily, new technologies and the growing need for environmentally-friendly goods have given us a safe remedy: Bioplastics.

Recent advances in biotechnology help us prepare and solve society’s most urgent problems. Bioplastics (also called organic plastics) are a form of plastics derived from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable oil, corn starch, pea starch or microbiota, and it is environmentally sustainable and non-petroleum-derived fossil-fuel plastics. In solving environmental concerns, the use of Bioplastics will helps a lot.

Advance Bio Material Co. Pvt. Ltd. (ABM) in this area is a visionary organization engaged in manufacturing of high-performance Bioplastics. The Company’s passion is to provide functional Biopolymers and materials to consumers that compete in their markets and meet the criteria of product value at reasonable prices and deliver excellent bio-credentials.

Advance Bio Material offers solutions to all plastic processors with the help of Bioplastics. They have the most comprehensive range of raw materials and economical combinations that meets the needs of every processor, machines and applications in India and Abroad. Furthermore, all their products come with “no question asked money-back guarantee.” Moreover, they also have the largest network of independent offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

The Business serves as a global customer base with design and technological assistance. Their Indian activities include India’s central industrial section and have offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Delhi. The Organization has nearly ten years plus experience in the manufacture of high-quality biotechnological materials. There is a range of polymer knowledge of the finely tuned team members. They are proud of their fundamental understanding of the technological and business functioning of their materials. Advance Bio Material has a wide range of customers from bag manufacturing firms to government exports houses to Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

To date, Advance Bio Material has maintained an exemplary track record for the highest satisfaction of its customers by delivering premium and unequalled quality products, and on-time services. They want to keep expanding and growing in the same arena.

To sustain the changing market trend, every entrepreneur and every company should pursue it on a long-term basis. Companies that have not embraced the changing market trends have drowned over time. At Advance Bio Material, therefore, they see evolving market trends as an opportunity to think and develop new products.

Any of the goods manufactured by Advance Bio Material scientists are proprietary and follow international quality requirements. The Company provides all necessary support to its customers, starting with its excellent product line, its research, transformation, packaging efficiency, usage, technology, and legal requirements.

Advance Bio Material’s (ABM) Director is Mr. Hitesh R. Sanghavi, and the company was incorporated on 29th May 2012. He says, “Business is an expedition, not a destination, and due to government policies and poor implementation and impact, his journey was a roller-coaster voyage.”

Mr. Rasiklal Sanghavi‘s (Father of Hitesh Sanghavi) has always been the model of the business world. The lessons learned over the years are: ‘Everyone can attain heights by being more ethical, truthful, and professional towards his customers.’

Mr. Sanghaví believes that without proper Research & Development, new products cannot be made, and the primary objective is to provide customers with products commercially viable, thereby ensuring their success.

He also thinks that passion, ability and risks in terms of the biotechnology industry will get someone ever further. In addition, he considers that the government must encourage entrepreneurs, launch incentive schemes or programmes, or support start-ups to keep developing this field. It must, however, be effectively introduced, and adjustments must be made to the present situation. Mr. Hitesh also enjoys spending his time reading, apart from work, books and news of interest.

The Director believes that the government is stating high while talking about government funding for the biotechnology industry. The execution, however, is slow and government policies are not explained. Furthermore, while the biotechnology industry tackles the question of plastic waste and is highly beneficial to the environment, many business growth hurdles exist in this industry and are still highly overlooked.

Mr. Hitesh seeks to create a globally recognised company for its ethical corporate practices and world-class products for the growth of its corporate.

He advises, ‘Be enthusiastic, don’t compromise on quality, imagine, because customers are, at the end of the day, smarter than the owner, and realise the value and preparedness of quality.’

Every year, many new firms enter Bioplastics, and many firms create innovative ideas. However, Advance Bio Material is unique in promoting new business people, promoting and enabling many start-ups to develop their businesses. Many indigenous goods were manufactured as far as the Company was concerned, and several grades were already patented. This business requires all processors to buy the goods locally instead of importing them. It also enables start-ups, including Advance Bio Material, to produce products 100% manufactured in India and which can be used both by all Indian manufacturers and foreign manufacturers.

The staffs at ABM are the backbone of the business and look after their team well. The Company claims here that employees are just like family members because they are essential and an inseparable element of the Organization.

In short, Advance Bio Material will focus on producing flexible packaging, where plastics are to replace Bioplastics in almost all applications. The Company has already developed numerous applications in this area for which, in India and abroad they work with major corporate giants.



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