Aiming to Be Among Top 10 Staffing Companies in India

“In-Depth Understanding with Quality Service & Reputation Keeps Us Moving”

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” – Lawrence Bossidy

Yes, there is no doubt that it is all about people and it is good leaders who ensure the best fit for the job and then train the person so that s/he could achieve success. With the same belief, Nexx Consulting not only was started but also is moving ahead with the latest technologies. An intention to keep the employees motivated and satisfy the customers with the best possible quality services- this seems applicable as far as this company is concerned.

Let us learn some facts about Nexx Consulting-

With the perfect Mission and Vision, Nexx Consulting provides an array of the most-demanded services like Recruiting, Job Description Development Strategy, Applicant Screening, Reference and Background Check, Development and Coordination of Offer, and Integration of New Hire. IT, Finance, BPO, and Retail Industry is with what the company works. Their work style comprises of having an open and direct dialog with the customers.

In its words, the mission is “to forge an alliance with our customers through integrity, innovation, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that will establish our leadership in the industry.”

Vishal Vyas is among those who once dream do not sit back without fulfilling it. It was in his childhood that he had dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and here he is! To be where he is, he witnessed ups & downs, struggled, worked in another company to gain experience and a bit of expertise. Pursuing Management Studies and Human Resources, he joined a company called Indsoft Systems for 7 years where, as a Recruiter for seven years, gathered understanding, ethics, and other requisites necessary to run a company.

Starting his venture that is Nexx Consulting in 2010, the entrepreneur today feels proud and content in providing jobs to others.

Nexx Consulting boasts about a few of its strengths- We do have an in-depth understanding of Information Technology, Finance, and Insurance thus know the market well. An extensive candidate database is with us which helps us in pre-screening in a methodical manner.

Vishal finds himself fortunate enough to be in the IT sector. He voices his opinion, “It can be discouraging to witness how your business can continue normally. However, by changing the ways of operating, things can be a bit easier. During COVID -19, the IT Industry has played a big role. Most of the things are now happening over virtual mode, wherein all the meetings, conferences, and interviews take place too. We being in this service industry (especially in Staffing) seem to be in the positive outcome whereas there are so many negative impacts as well, many of the industries or small companies are temporarily closed or some are still in the recovery stage.”

He predicts, “The current trend in the field is moving towards Cloud, Artificial Intelligence/AI, Machine Learning/ML, and Data Science. These particular technologies will be the key factor in the Digital World.”


SERVICE & REPUTATION– These are two important factors that have kept Nexx Consulting sailing smoothly in the cutthroat competition. As far as Services are concerned, timelines, deliverables, quality, etc. are taken proper care of and Reputation is what takes place post-appropriate look after in all these. Moreover, Nexx Consulting never overcommits on deliveries.

Vishal elaborates, “Our ability to deliver demonstrated results to all the customers has resulted in our rapid growth as well as industry reputation. We consider people our greatest assets and therefore, our approach towards clients and candidates is of paramount importance. Being a team of young and dynamic recruitment and headhunting professionals with fast results is a core requirement for any industry. Customer Satisfaction is our motto.”

Vishal has also worked as a Channel Partner for top MNCs to see to their staffing demands. With his eyes on strategic hiring, he ensures that he is updated with the new trends. Also, inclusion and diversity are what he is focusing on these days. He does not forget to mention the names of the two of his mentors. Firstly, Mr. Govind Mohan and the second one is Mr. Handy Barot (Founder, SRX) whose guidance keeps igniting a fire within him always.

With more than 15 years of experience, the head of the Talent Department, Mohammad Hussain Salim Shaikh takes care of the Human Resources team and expands it.

Another brain behind the company is Sachin Manoj Jadhav who is the HR Partner. With more than 12 years of experience which includes work at Deceny Recruitments, renowned for staffing services, he leads Nexx Consulting’s regional people functions.

The Operations Head for Nexx is Neha Vishal Vyas. Having high skills in operation management, she enhances client value.

Vishal is aware of the fact that the team of any company is its backbone. Therefore, he honors the eligible ones with rewards from time to time. Parties, picnics, sports are what he organizes for them. Privilege leaves are given too.

‘Goal, Communication, Expectations, Reviews, and Rewards’ is what Vishal believes in.

The far-sighted mentions, “I want to find my company among the top 10 staffing ones in India. It was in 2010 that we began. It is high time now to look for this.”

The entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in Nexx, conveys to the budding entrepreneurs and readers of our magazine, “Focus more on smart work in comparison to hard work. If you do smart work, there are always high chances of a win. Your time will also be saved.”

He thanks his family comprising father, mother, wife, and son, and also his Nexx core team Mohd. Hussain, Sachin, Sunny, Sanika, Vicky, Bhoomika, and Rachit for their continuous support. On the 1st of April every year, Vishal and his team celebrate the foundation day of Nexx.

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