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AR Consultancy Services

AR Consultancy Services

Himank Tawar– Led Consulting Endvour, “Offering customised HR solutions to help clients meet their specific staffing needs”

The Most Promising Staffing and Recruiting Solutions Provider 2024

A prominent Indore-based recruitment solution provider, AR Consultancy Services is a dynamic recruitment and HR consulting firm founded in 2021. The firm specialises in providing customised HR solutions to help clients meet their staffing needs and offers a bouquet of recruitment services, including permanent staffing, contract staffing, payroll management, labour law consulting, statutory compliance audits, and EPF and ESIC services, among others.

AR Consultancy has carved out a distinct position while working on its mission to help businesses achieve their HR goals by providing them with the best HR solutions tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a seamless transition between the talent pool and recruiters.

With a team of 25+ professional recruiters from diverse backgrounds, AR Consultancy strives to provide top-notch talent acquisition services to businesses struggling to find the right people for their organisations. The team members have extensive knowledge and experience in HR and recruitment, and they use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure optimum service delivery.

The Tale of Inception

Having spent years in the industry, Mr Himank Tawar was well aware of the ins and outs of the HR domain. He has an MBA in International Business and Marketing from the prestigious Asia Pacific Institute of Management in New Delhi. His passion for empowering businesses to succeed through their human resources encouraged him to take the foundation of AR Consultancy.

Mr Himank incorporated his first entrepreneurial venture, an online vegetable shopping venture just after his studies. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, he suffered significant losses, and his initial capital was depleted. Next year, he had an opportunity in the recruitment realm.

With his background in HR, influenced by his father’s career, and his experience in the Placement Department Club, he had the skills to establish contacts with companies and manage candidate profiles effectively. It marked the beginning of a new journey in the recruitment field. To date, Mr Himank and his team have collaborated with over 200 IT companies and have grown the team to 25 members.

Turning Setbacks into Opportunities

“Our approach to prioritising quality above quantity resonated well with our customers and contributed to our growth,” the leading man stated.

Ever since the inception of AR Consultancy in 2021, Mr Himank and his team have faced numerous challenges that come with starting a new venture. In the initial days, the firm had only 1-2 clients and struggled to attract more due to their limited experience and small client base.

To overcome this, they introduced attractive deals for customers, which enabled them to gain an extensive client base, and the focus on efficiency and quality further solidified the company’s reputation. They continued to expand their client base through customer referrals and strategic plans from the marketing team.

Himank’s Distinctive Leadership: Expertise and In-depth Industry Knowledge

The leadership in the recruitment industry can get quite competitive, with so many players in the industry, including both large and small staffing and recruitment agencies. In the business and leadership spheres, Mr Himank stands out for his distinctive combination of strategic vision, extensive industry expertise, and a commitment to fostering genuine relationships. Here’s how he distinguished himself:

• Specialised Expertise: Extensive experience in IT hiring for precise matching.
• Client-Centric Approach: Adapting tactics to meet the specific requirements of every client.
• Innovative Techniques: Using AI and cutting-edge technologies to make hiring more effective.
• Diversity and Inclusion: Encouraging inclusive recruiting practices to create innovative teams.
• Talent Development: Investing in candidates’ growth through training and mentorship.
• Ethical Leadership: Leading with integrity and transparency to build trust.
• Agility: staying adaptable to industry changes and emerging trends.
• Thought leadership: Sharing insights through publications and speaking engagements.
• Employer branding: Enhancing clients’ attractiveness as top employers.
• Data-Driven Decisions: Making informed and efficient hiring strategies with the help of analytics.

What Makes AR Consultancy Stand Out

Having an exceptional team, fast turnaround time, and optimal service quality with personalised attention for each client makes AR Consultancy stand out among others. As a growing company, AR Consultancy assures services or candidates are provided promptly, meeting agreed-upon deadlines consistently.

They take pride in delivering highly qualified and well-suited candidates for the roles, ensuring they meet the specific needs and standards of the clients. In addition, the firm offers continuous assistance and support long after the applicant has been placed, ensuring long-term satisfaction and addressing any problems that may arise.

Balancing Technological Advancement and Growth

Being at the helm of a recruitment firm, innovation and technology hold a special place for Mr Himank. According to him, technology is set to profoundly shape the business in varied ways. Embracing these technologies would also help them become leaders in the industry and improve their operational efficiency and service quality. Some of the major technologies include:

• AI-Driven Sourcing and Matching: Advanced algorithms will streamline candidate sourcing and improve match quality, reducing time-to-hire.

• Enhanced Candidate Experience: Virtual interviews, automatic scheduling, and zchatbots will all contribute to more effective and engaging encounters.

• Data-Driven Decisions: Predictive analytics and big data can help uncover trends and inform improved recruiting practices.

• Support for Remote Work: Tools for remote interviews and onboarding will help them adapt to the growing remote work trend.

• Security and Compliance: Improved cybersecurity and blockchain technology will ensure data protection and regulatory compliance.

• Ongoing Learning: The team will stay updated on industry trends and best practices through virtual workshops and e-learning.

• Automation of Admin Tasks: Automating routine tasks will increase efficiency and allow the team to focus on strategic activities.

Emerging Horizons

AR Consultancy is experiencing growth in terms of new clients, recruitment models, and team size. It is focused on accomplishing a thorough development of its services across India.

By 2026, the team plans to support the recruitment needs of more than 400 IT companies, providing them with top-tier talent to drive their growth and innovation. Recognising the dire need for qualified workers in these domains, they emphasise the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries in addition to the IT sector.

In addition to their recruitment services, they are committed to advancing their HR services sector and offering a broad range of solutions, including talent management, employee development, and organisational strategy, to help businesses optimise their workforce. Furthermore, they are enhancing their IT contractual hiring services, enabling companies to efficiently and effectively find highly skilled employees for temporary and project-based roles.

AR Consultancy ultimately aims to establish itself as a leading provider of recruitment and HR services across diverse industries, ensuring clients have access to the best talent and support for their unique needs.

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