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Arasha Technologies and Data Services

Arasha Technologies and Data Services

Yasser Arafat – An Ace Entrepreneur in the time of start up’s

“If there is a potential and urge to progress; nobody in the Universe can curb thou succeeding,” says Yasser.

The tycoon has shed droplets of perspiration; working immensely hard for the commencement of Arasha. With a creative mind and supreme flair; he set an example for the aspiring starters. To know more about this legend, let’s peregrinate through his work and achievements.

Insights of Arasha

Arasha Technologies and Data Services offer different types of customized database solutions for businesses, suiting pin code locations or online businesses like a database for colleges, students database, pin code wise database. The owner of an exemplary enterprise is Yasser Arafat.

In these competitive times, Arasha has distinguishable attributes than its rivals. Its web name is DataAsPerNeed.Com; Arasha has customized solutions for every business whether it is small coaching center or a stock exchange. It is flourishing; Yasser, with his team, wants to extend the frontiers and maximizes the reach of local businesses.

Opinion on Transformation for startups

According to an abundant experience and knowledge of business, Yasser’s view on transformation, happening for start up’s, is paramount. The changes are greater on negative fronts than on positive. For instance, “If somebody quits his job and there is no income, consequently lots of expenses will incur in the beginning, apparently, man loses all his hope and faith”, quotes Yasser

The trajectory of obstacles in the process of success

Lack of financial resource was always one of the biggest concerns for the tycoon, but still, he managed to take Arasha at the mountains of glorious triumph.

During an initial phase, he quitted and purchased land in the village to reduce the pressure of rental expenditure. There were a lot of apprehensions involved but he surpassed all of them and emerged as a warrior.

Now he smirks sharing the story of his struggles with Business Connect and says “There was no source of internet connectivity in the village; I used to drive 32 KM from one side to check my emails and reply back. Daily, I used to cover 64 km for accomplishing the required email activity.”

Potential clients of Arasha

Arasha’s monolithic clients are coaching centers, competitive exams institutes, online sellers, stock exchanges, local business, dealers, and manufacturers. The mind-boggling reach in a limited span of time makes it a potent enterprise in the business world.

An Empowering and strong trust of clients over the company

Amidst of multitude of obstacles and struggles; clients possess an unbreakable faith over Arasha. It ensures buyer’s rights, in terms of delivery, payments, and adjustments. There is no refund policy because they don’t sell incorrect offers or services.

They believe in stretching the boundaries and synchronize with the pace of changing market trends. Their paid accounts help them to reach new markets and new trends, this serves as an aid for improvements and acquiring new products as per their requirements.

To ensure the quality of products and services, for further expansion of business, Yasser takes out a qualitative time for Research and Development.

Mumfaliwala- An epitome of Inspiration

To strive hard and being self-motivated, Yasser follows a man from the grassroots, which in itself is awe-inspiring. A stupor of praise and motivation for the entrepreneur is Mumfaliwala, who can be found in small cities, not in the metropolitan. In the most severe situations, Mumfaliwalas sell mumfalis in wooden trays despite rain, fog, and scorching heat. Sometimes, if there is no business, they have enough food to feed their families. Persistence and perseverance are the prominent characteristics of their strong caliber.

Phenomenal Thought about society

Arasha is a developing organization; they are still in the struggling zone. Due to lack of money, they are restricted to make their vision real.  As soon as, they stand strong on the financial grounds, they would invest in the education of underprivileged kids.

Talking about his personal Interests and Life

Yasser is a workaholic; this is the reason for Arasha’s revolutionary contribution in the entrepreneurial world. He is a very simple man; in his leisure time, he loves to watch movies at Amazon and Youtube. He favors idyllic life and loves to live it in a simple way.

Exemplary Achievements of the Organization

The organization is located in a small town called Muzaffarpur from where they serve to BSE and NSE academies, and other top-notch brands.

 For the readers of Business Connect

It is commendable that though we are in the struggling phase, still Business Connect has approached us.  Uncountable efforts they are putting in covering a great number of stories of different business owners;   they are leaving the footprints of success in their endeavors.

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