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Arti Singh

Arti Singh


“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm, it’s about doing more good”

Fashion Designing is the art of combining innovativeness, aesthetics, clothing construction and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. Fashion designers are responsible for creating looks for individual garments, involving shape, colour, fabric, trimming and more. Fashion Designers are well acquainted with what a person would like to wear for what occasion, which they reflect in the attire. They use a wide range of materials, colours, patterns and styles to ensure the apparel is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Their talent and efforts have a positive influence on how people present themselves.

Fashion designing has undergone significant transformations over time. Charles Frederick Worth, the legendary fashion designer, began stitching his labels onto the garments he created in the 19th century, paving the way for a widely credited transformation. From there on, both the national and global market has witnessed the advent of trailblazing fashion designers setting benchmarks in both couture and haute couture. Today, we are having with us a designer of such International repute Ms. Arti Singh the person behind the brand BooBoo. Her business acumen and out-of-the-box thinking in the world of Fashion Designing are the prominent highlights in this elegant read.

Arti built her forte as a designer working for renowned fashion brands. “I nurtured my fashion instincts with them and learned to design from the heart for myself and my users,” she says. In the following years, she designed apparel for celebrities and got to travel around the world. This helped in expanding her horizons and discover her passion for an eminent brand for premium clothes and accessories.This is how BooBoo came into being. Incorporated in 2018, the brand offers a good collection of B2C premium leather products under its propriety platform ‘BooBoo’.

Her main goal was to create a comprehensive fashion brand based on sustainability, ethical design, repurposing existing components, handcrafting designs, and custom-sized clothing. Arti shares a few lines on this e-Brand, “BooBoo believes in the philosophy of the “Yin and Yang”, the concept of dualism and interconnectivity. The black and white. Our planet depends on us to do the right, and BooBoo is connected to you to help us achieve it,”

With her innovative brand, Arti is not here to compete – neither in sales nor profit. her goal is to showcase how to handcraft a fashionable product and how to do it sustainably. “I wish to see everyone wear my designs and acknowledge me for my craftsmanship,” says Arti enthusiastically. BooBoo’s offerings are 100% Natural, Sustainable, EcoFriendly, manufactured with ethically sourced fair-trade leather, practices and recycled components.

Arti has always considered herself a product developer and brand creator. Her entire focus is on developing viable products, emphasizing quality and taking a global initiative of sustainability. She does not mass produce, nor does she carries too much inventory. She preserves all her precious sourced raw material and only handcraft on order. Arti makes more than enough sales to cover all her expenses and make a slight profit for herself.

In her field, forecasting and following fashion trends are very important. She prefers the non-mannequin look of wearing a branded uniform. She takes up the challenge of generating a unique distinct look. No one has the perfect wardrobe, and she always uses elements from the existing wardrobe while ensuring her designed  products are the centre of the ensemble. A look so unique and distinct that it can neither be replicated nor duplicated. She creates designs that are stylish, fashionable in colour and have the perfect fit.

The Fashion Industry relies heavily on R&D. It aids in understanding potential markets, customer perceptions of brands, fashion expenditure insights, and how marketing campaigns influence customer behaviour. Nonetheless, Arti takes inspiration from what she sees and translate them into a design and handcraft it to bring it to life. However, this is not easy as it seems in theory.

Her toughest challenge has been to use materials, which are either 100% or at least 80% recycled. For example, the lining fabrics she uses are all weaved from yarn derived from recycled plastic bottles. “The metal items I use are all recycled alloys. I do not wish to levy more dump on the planet and thus use by-products only,” she adjoins.

Parallelly, R&D on the fashion trends helps in innovating her business on many grounds. The digital world has been a boom for her brand. With everything online, she is able to reach consumers across 13 countries and further open paths to new geographical locations. Her analytical capabilities also help her learn from failure and challenges. She believes failure is more important than success. To enlighten further on this, she says, “Unless a person fails, the happiness of success cannot be enjoyed. In addition, failure teaches a person to learn and get up again. Thomas Elva Edison failed 1000 times before successfully inventing the Filament Bulb.”

While BooBoo has a strong presence across multiple nations, it has a small but highly dynamic team. “We are a league of motivated people,” affirms the Designer. And everyone plays an equal role in keeping the overall team engaged and enthusiastic. Even if one of her consumers appreciates what she and her team do, it is an achievement for the entire brand. The brand serves fashion-conscious men and women who love dressing without taking a mortgage for their wardrobe and home items and are conscious and care about the planet.

Arti’s ethical methods in fashion designing have established a strong presence for her brand in a short time. Her greatest achievement, she claims, is her moral principle in sourcing raw materials for inputs. Every raw material comes from ethical sources across the globe. “It was challenging at first, but once we started walking the road, avenues opened, and answers came from themselves,” says Arti.

She also intends to expand the business, serve as many customers as possible, manufacture fashionable products, and, in the end, do the right thing. She aspires to attain a celebrated position with her work in the next five years since someone had to take the initiative of complete sustainability, which she has done.

“Do the right thing! Save the Planet! Only buy when it’s required or broken. “Unlike other brands which implore the consumer to “Buy more & Use less so that, they can keep on manufacturing and choking the environment, we appeal to do the opposite – “Only buy when it’s required or broken”. Arti Singh

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