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“This year, I was nominated for the Top 10 Indian Leaders in Germany 2022 by CEO Insights and also featured in the top 100 innovators and entrepreneurs magazine, the 10 Most Influential Business Leaders to Follow in 2022. I could not ave imagined this 10 years ago.” -ASHOK DUDHAT, Founder & CEO

Ken Robinson has well asserted, “Human resources are like natural resources; they are often buried deep and you have to go looking for them. They are not just lying around in the circumstances where they show themselves.” Undoubtedly, the Human Resource and Recruitment industry is revamping the entire business world with its tremendous support and excellent people management solutions, and here we are going to support these lines with this interesting read.

Business Connect has a great history of bringing the untold stories of some leading business ventures and their inspiring leaders out there. And here again, we are back with our exclusive edition of the month, ‘CEO of the Year-2022’ comprising numerous stories of struggle to success. In this context, our editorial team had an interesting and joyful virtual session with the leadership panel of the Tech Jobs Fair.

The leadership panel of the company shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and the Founder & CEO, Mr. Ashok Dudhat shed some light on his overall entrepreneurial journey so far. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readership panel and will surely encourage the budding leaders out there to break the barriers and chase their dreams.


Giving a detailed introduction of the company, the Founder quips, “Tech Jobs Fair was launched as a platform to empower brands and bring talent under a single roof. We began the journey in 2017 from Berlin, where it held its first job fair for people in the IT industry. TJF operates with a core team in Berlin with event-based engagement with local professionals in various cities pertaining to job fairs.

The company is officially coordinated within 16 countries with 45+ thousand participants, 500+ organizations, 400+ partners, and 500+ thousand supporters, proof of its worldwide standing and global excellence within the industry. Just this year, 2022, TJF has launched another project that makes me really proud: the tech-focused reverse recruitment platform Hire Tech Talent, which allows companies to apply to individuals directly concerning a job, rather than the traditional application, which in effect often drains a person’s time throughout the application process.

Thus, people can accept or reject offers made by companies based on preferences and get hired quickly. Essentially, the idea is to have one profile that enables hundreds of opportunities with the addition of joining multiple TJF events in different countries.” My inspiration comes from the willingness to build something based on my vision to help people find jobs.

It sounds quite simple, but I guess many of us have already experienced the frustrations that sometimes come with it and, therefore, can relate to the struggle. What led me to the staffing and recruiting industry was my own experience. When I was studying in Germany, I had a limited visa period to find a job in the country. While I was busy looking for a job, there were other things to consider: keeping track of my expenses and reaching my professional goals in a limited time.

I didn’t want just any job, I wanted to start my career. So this idea came to me: Create a system where one can add their CV and automatically apply it to skill-matching jobs. This made the whole application process faster, and that’s how I built my first project, the portal Germany Startup Jobs. Step by step, and as I expanded my network in Germany, this idea ultimately evolved until I reached the Tech Jobs Fair concept and, later, the other two job platforms I created, Tech Job Wall and Hire Tech Talent, says Mr. Ashok.


Technology is, certainly, the finest element of success for a business venture, and being a tech professional expert, Tech Jobs Fair efficiently incorporates it in its daily business cycle. Recruiting, coordinating, and maintaining an enterprise is a massive difficulty that is checked out via way of means of the management. Recruiting specialists cannot discover a really perfect fit for his or her jobs, and activity seekers are steadily dropping self assurance in themselves.

This difficulty is visible via the means of the 2 sides. Job seekers cannot get a great line of work, and organizations are under strain to discover skilled personnel. There is a lifestyle hole withinside the way wherein the recruiters are seeking out personnel and the way wherein personnel are seeking out jobs. So, here’s a method to repair the prevailing hole among recruiters and activity seekers: HIRE TECH TALENT.

Individuals can create their one-time tech profile at the platform, which then is going through a verification process. Once their profile is established he/she receives the possibility to attain the pinnacle positions. Verified profiles are then seen to hiring organizations, making it simpler to discover the proper candidate from the industry.

Job seekers can observe for the positions with their one profile to numerous organizations without being concerned about the feedback. Individuals no longer need to waste time making use of special organizations on special platforms; instead, hiring organizations will attain candidates. Notifications could be dispatched to the activity seekers in the event that they had been decided on or now no longer.


• Best Technology & Digital Employment Opportunities & Networking Event 2020 by German Business Awards
• Tech Event of the Year Award 2021 by German Business Awards
• Best Tech Event of the Year Germany – 2022 by The Official Global 100
• Best Tech Event of the Year Germany – 2022 by Lawyer International – Legal 100
• Winner of the Tech Event of the Year Germany by Corporate Livewire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022
• World’s Emerging Best Brands – Category: Business Consulting by WCRC Leaders
• Startup City Spotlight 2022 by Silicon India
• 30 Fastest Growing Companies To Watch in 2022
• 50 Best Companies to Work 2022 by CIO Bulletin.


Before signing off, the leader shared a few words of wisdom for the budding entrepreneurs out there by quoting, “My message to aspiring business leaders would be: work hard towards your goals, be persistent, stay focused and keep your motivation on high levels. In the end, what you give will be what you get.”

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