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Offer Impeccable Facility Management and Staffing Services

Easing the lives around with flawless and stupendous Facility Management and Staffing services, ASTUTE OUTSOURCING SERVICES PVT. LTD. has carved a niche in the business world.

Astute Outsourcing Services Private Limited (AOSPL), part of the Chaque Jour Group, was established in 1998 by Capt. Shaji Kumar. AOSPL is one of India’s supernal integrated business services provider. Capt. Shaji Kumar incepted the company after his stint in Indian Armed Forces and gained an enriching experience of 20 years as an entrepreneur in the business world. His exemplary vision, strenuous efforts and persistence have helped the company earn a remarkable reputation in the industry.

There are collective efforts involved in taking the company to the pinnacle. Therefore, the entrepreneur is assisted by a highly proficient team, which consists of dedicated and committed professionals led by Tapasi Chakraborty, Director (Business Head) and an Executive Board Member of Indian Staffing Federation. AOSL offers world-class customer experience whilst continuously working towards creating better lives.

The service lines they offer include but are not limited to:

Facility Management – Corporate

Facility Management – Residential

Staffing / Manpower Outsourcing


They also offer integrated business solutions to Corporates and Residential.


The director, from the Armed Forces background, has a great experience and holds a proven track record as a serial entrepreneur. Additionally, the company masters in the systematic process-driven approach, Technology Solutions, and diligent Customer-Centric approach. These differentiators have enabled Astute to attain leadership position in the industry

Quality is another differentiating factor that sets them apart from others in the crowd. They believe in providing quality consistently: SLA Driven Approach Dedicated Customer Support Department, Monthly Dash Board, Toll Free Number for Associate Help Desk, Technology – Access on Zenith ERP to Clients, Quality Processes, Open House Activities, Compliance Adherence, FM Piece Rate Value Added Services (shared service concept) and Effective Reliever Management.

The services are not industry-specific.  The company has an excellent track record of Customer Retention, which they are extremely proud of.

“Market survey also helped us to understand the requirement and increased knowledge base accordingly. To understand our associates, we have conducted Employee Satisfaction Surveys to determine and analyze the gaps. We have regular interface in terms of Open House which is the Reach out Program.”~ Tapasi Chakraborty


Customer satisfaction matters to them the most, and it always hits their priority list. Deliver the customers what they want in a specified period of time and of course with the highest quality. The visionary, Capt. Shaji Kumar states, “We can never outgrow and will always have to keep ourselves rooted in the basics. This is the only formula to ensure unbreakable faith of clients in the Company. They should always continue to believe in us, in our intent.”


The new Modi government has set a target to make India a $5 Trillion economy, and the MSME Sector is going to play a major role in making this a reality. This sector contributes almost 23% of the GDP and the Minister for MSME has indicated that the Government wants to push the MSME to above 45% of GDP. This is possible with the will of the Government, and the recent announcements by the Finance Minister is a clear indicator of the intent.


In service-oriented Industry, employees are the vital organs of the organization. According to Capt. Shaji Kumar, they have the power to make or break the business. Henceforth, they ought to keep evolving and make all the possible and necessary HR interventions so as to ensure employees are wholeheartedly involved in the business. The ace company has taken a lot of measures, for example, their policy of participative management, employee stock options, Chaque Jour Assurance Plan, etc., which ensure that the motivation and involvement do not wane.


AOSL is accredited by the government of India as well as the industry. Here is the elongated list of them:

  • India SME 100 Award – recognition by the MSME, Govt. of India as one of the Top 100 companies in India.
  • Champions Of Facility Management, 2019, conferred by The Economic Times
  • Skoch-NSE award for MSME Excellence in 2019
  • Winning of 2 Govt. Tenders worth INR 560 million.
  • ISO Certification- For the company in FM business.
  • Winning of Govt. Tender funded by the World Bank worth INR 240 million
  • One of our Directors was elected as an Executive Board Member of ISF (Indian Staffing Federation).
  • Launch of a new business vertical catering to the On-Demand Residential Concierge Services.


The future of both Staffing Services & Facility Management is quite good. The overall prospect is for very healthy growth. The Indian facility management market accounts for 3.2% of the GDP of the country and is at present an INR 5 lakh crore market and is expected to grow at a rate of 20-25% annually. The market is highly fragmented with relatively few organized players. However, with the growing formalization of the economy, the proportion of organized players is steadily increasing.

At present, the organized FM services industry in India is valued at INR 50 thousand crores constituting 10% of the total market. This is expected to grow to INR 1.25 lakh crore by 2022. In India, FM services companies have only tapped 25% of the addressable market with 75% of this work still being undertaken in-house, a stark contrast to 49% at the global level.

  • India has emerged as the fifth largest country in Flexi staffing globally.
  • The Indian Flexi staffing is set to grow at 22.7% CAGR in 3 years and around 6.1 million people are expected to be in Flexi workforce by 2021 and 9 million by 2025.
  • 82% of total Flexi workforce in India is under the age of 30.
  • Persons with a general graduate degree (54%), higher secondary certificate (17%), and secondary certificate (9%) hold the largest share of flexible jobs.


The man behind the Company states, “What every young entrepreneur should understand is that they should be very clear in their mind as to WHY they want to get into the business. If this objective is vague then down the road they will lose the focus, especially when the business hits turbulence. And it is guaranteed that the road to success is definitely not going to be a bed of roses.

I have seen many who get into doing business just because they saw someone else succeeding. It is not like that at all. Like the movies we watch, no one deliberates on what effort went into the making of one. I don’t want to discourage anyone by this message, but success will definitely come for all those who persevere. Patience and courage are two qualities which are very much required for success, and of course the three C’s.”

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