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Atnest: Bringing the Most Ideal Co-living Space Filled Up with Premium Amenities

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the younger population’s demand for shared spaces. People are searching for more flexibility in their living style and more affordable housing due to the high rental prices of flats and the strict landlords that accompany them. Thanks to the concept of coliving, which provides spaces for people who want to live hassle-free in the privacy of their own home or with others who have similar interests.

Emerging as a symbol of quality and affordability in co-living, Atnest is a viable option for millennials and Gen Z looking for more flexibility in terms of their living culture and budget-friendly accommodation.

Atnest is a novel endeavour in the co-living space initiated by the visionary leader, Nehru Babu, CEO, with the motto to provide a cost-effective and healthy atmosphere for long and short stays to its patrons.

Situated in Hyderabad, one of the world’s largest hotspots for startups, Atnest offers a range of services to cater to the needs of its clients, including IT workers, students, and big corporations. Atnest’s team of highly driven and experienced leaders gives the brand an advantage in the rapidly expanding real estate industry thanks to their ability to improvise concepts and incorporate technology.

Overcoming several obstacles along the way, this innovative co-space company has accomplished remarkable success; it currently has over ten facilities with a combined capacity of about one thousand beds, located in Madhapur, Raidurgam, and Kokapet. Atnest is renowned for its fine accommodations, food, and friendly service in the Hyderabad IT corridor. Moving forward, Atnest has entered serviced apartments and budget hotels and is striving to make a mark in this segment.

The mission of the company is to establish and operate a minimum of 10 buildings in each of the metropolitan and Tier 2 cities in India. This goal demonstrates the company’s commitment to having an extensive presence and impact, as it aspires to offer its food and hospitality services throughout the diverse urban landscapes of the country. The mission clearly shows Atnest’s strategic objective of attaining substantial coverage and influence in major cities.

Atnest’s Innovative Journey: Marked by Growth and Adaptability

Since its inception in 2014, Atnest’s entrepreneurial journey in the business world has been marked by notable growth and adaptability. Beginning as a partnership firm, the company has had incredible success, turning into a professional corporate entity in 2019.

The year 2018 saw the company’s expansion with the operation of five facilities in Hyderabad, demonstrating its capacity to flourish and meet rising demand.However, the entrepreneurial resilience of Atnest truly came to the forefront throughout the difficult times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The corporation rapidly responded to the situation by turning its buildings into isolation centers, significantly enhancing the community’s quality of life while continuing operations. Atnest was instrumental in helping 3000 people receive care and assistance during the most crucial stage of the epidemic by working with key hospitals in the city.

Going ahead, the company continues its growth and expansion trajectory. Atnest aims to operate about 17 facilities in Hyderabad by the end of May 2024, illustrating consistent expansion and a significant market presence.

Atnest’s journey exemplifies not only business success and growth but also a dedication to social responsibility and flexibility in the face of adversity. fThanks to its community service and ability to successfully negotiate the demands of the business world, the company portrays itself as a dynamic and socially responsible entrepreneurial enterprise.

R&D – Driving Innovation and Learning

At Atnest, R&D is an essential, ongoing process that propels learning and innovation. By actively participating in research projects and remaining receptive to fresh perspectives, the team is dedicated to maintaining its leadership position in the field.

Their dedication to ongoing research is crucial to their long-term growth and development strategy since it allows the company to react to industry shifts and offer customers cutting-edge solutions.

Marketing and Advertising Tactics

As a bootstrapped startup, Atnest’s key advertising and marketing strategies revolve around staying closely connected to their audience and ensuring that the needs of the customers are consistently met. Their marketing efforts are primarily concentrated in the digital realm.

This includes online advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). They aspire to expand their audience and raise brand awareness by making strategic use of digital media. They strive to create loyalty among their audience through content marketing, social media participation, and other community-building efforts.

Leadership – An Art of Influencing People

Leadership at Atnest is perceived as the art of constructively influencing others. Their strategy is based on a strong belief in the company’s vision, and they go above and beyond to make sure that every employee is on the same page.

Their approach to leadership is based on creating an environment where all employees are encouraged to participate and work together. They create an atmosphere where anyone can reach the top management by encouraging open communication and making the leadership team available to all organizational levels.

Fostering Flexibility and Inclusivity at Workplace

Rooted in the principles of a family-like environment, Atnest fosters unity and collaboration in the team. They take pride in the diversity of the workforce, with 20% of the employees being senior citizens and an additional 20% representing the female workforce.

Their work culture places a strong emphasis on diversity and flexibility, which aligns with their belief in keeping a very lean organization. This indicates that they place a high value on candid communication, delegating tasks to team members, and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Their dedication to fostering a family-like environment aims to foster a collaborative, encouraging environment where each member feels respected and loved.

Notable Achievements and Milestones

Atnest has accomplished significant milestones and gained recognition thanks to its dedication to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. The company was recently honored with the Top 10 Co-living Operators award by a reputed publication. The company’s ability to draw in new capital highlights both its appeal to investors and its prospects for expansion.

These investments are instrumental in facilitating the planned expansion and further establishing Atnest as a prominent player in the co-living space. The company’s trajectory of growth and expansion indicates a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to market demands. By increasing both the number of facilities and available beds, Atnest is positioned to serve a larger clientele and enhance its market presence.

Future Outlook: At a Glance

Looking ahead to the future of the company, Atnest plans to expand the growth of the business venture, with an emphasis on sustainable growth as compared to exponential growth. With new investments, they will be expanding to 16 facilities with over 1800 beds by the end of May 2024.

Their initial expansion targets include the Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune markets. But before they fuel their expansion goals, they are giving top priority to the development of strong internal procedures, systems, and technology-related issues. This ensures that they are well-prepared and equipped to maintain the quality of the services as they grow.

Final Remarks from the Visionary

Nehru Babu wraps up the discussion with his key message to all the aspirants: “Recognize the value of mentorship in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Seek out mentors who can offer insightful insights, impart their wisdom, and help you navigate the opportunities and obstacles that life presents.

Building a strong advisory network can be a key differentiator in achieving sustainable growth and success in the dynamic business landscape. Stay focused and try to get a little better every day.”

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