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AtoZee Visas Pvt. Ltd.

AtoZee Visas Pvt. Ltd.

Easing the migration journey with trustworthy solutions

AtoZee Visas Pvt. Ltd. is an Outsourcing and Global Mobility Consultancy organization, which was started with a joint venture of Mr. Tarun Pareek (Managing Director) and Ms. Akshita Pareek (Founder & CEO). The organization was established in 2021 with a promising goal of providing transparent services to clients throughout their migration journey.

Commitment to Excellence

AtoZee Visas is gradually growing and strengthening its capabilities to provide the Best Outsourcing Services to the nation and assist society to have a better future ahead. The mission is to open the door to the greatest opportunities for candidates to accomplish their dream of living and working abroad.

Concerning providing the Best Immigration Services, we are associated with the members of RCIC for Canada and respective members of the law society for Immigration in different countries to assist in complex cases. The core competency of AtoZee Visas lies only in assisting and advising aspiring people through Immigration formalities with transparency.

Our Secret to Success:

Ms. Akshita and Mr. Tarun Pareek started their journey with experience of more than 10 years after working with different outsourcing companies. Working in the Immigration sector, they realized there is a lack of customer service and understanding in the migration process.

We established AtoZee Visas to bridge the gap created by the opaque procedure between the client and the service provider. The team of AtoZee Visas is experienced in counseling people in a dedicated and truthful manner. They are working effortlessly with a prior motive to provide transparent services to our clients.

Challenges on our road to Success

Immigration is a huge industry with the greatest competition among the big names. There is competition, there is marketing and anti–marketing as well, and the big blunder – competitive prices of the services.

AtoZee Visas have overcome all these with the only aim of providing client satisfaction and a transparent conversation of their migration process. “Transparency is the KEY to the LOCK of Faith.” And we have invested our time, our energy, our knowledge, and our whole focus to provide the best services transparently to our clients. Then, the table turned when AtoZee Visas were awarded the prestigious Award “The most renowned Immigration Consultant of the Year 2023” after 2 years of struggle and hard work.

“Success isn’t Always about Greatness. It’s about Consistency.” And, the consistent efforts made us one more step ahead in our success journey, we have established one more outsourcing consultant firm UniPlan Abroad specifically for the Study Visa.

Our Superior Services & Core Values

UniPlan Abroad and AtoZee Visas are successfully and openly providing excellent Consulting Services to Visa applicants from different countries, including Canada, Australia, Europe, The United Kingdom, The United States, Germany, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. We are constantly working and gradually growing our services for other significant countries.

All of your Immigration needs, including PR Visas, Study Visas, Business Visas, Travel Visas, and more, will be met with our help and endless support. We provide excellent service, both before and after you reach your intended destination.

AtoZee Visas – Complete Overseas Solutions will provide you with the solution for every obstacle that comes your way in Immigration. We provide IELTS Training, Global Job Assistance, Resume Writing, Documentation Assistance, and Post Landing Services, including SIM cards, housing assistance, etc., under one roof.

We help as a companion and ally to the individual hoping to get out of the boundaries and work or study as per their desire in a foreign land. Our focus is to allow the opportunity to help people with merit to grow without boundaries.

Mr. Tarun Pareek, Managing Director of AtoZee Visas

Mr. Tarun has great experience working in direct exposure of guiding and assisting people for their entire migration journey. He has experience of more than 10 years of working directly with clients. He has keenly observed the hurdles faced by an individual during their immigration process. He counsels the clients in the best way with his full knowledge and experience.

Ms. Akshita Pareek, Founder, and CEO of AtoZee Visas

Ms. Akshita has completed her LLM from The University of Edinburgh, UK. Also, she has been working in the Immigration industry for the last 10 years. She has personally experienced the process of migration and knows what an individual hassles with and how to tackle those obstacles. She is an expert in advising the best clients truthfully and transparently.

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